9 Study Skills Tutors Found Near Madison, WI

Photo: Tracie R.

Tracie R.

Study Skills Tutor

Madison, WI 53718

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$35 per hour.

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Patient, Flexible, Knowledgeable about teaching!

I worked inside a juvenile correctional facility for over 16 years with students who, most often, did not have study skills. It was a large part of my teaching job to work with them on how to effectively study. The average student gained 1 to 3 grade levels within the average 6 month stay. Here to help! I was a teacher for over 16 years and specialized in Cross Categorical Special Education, History, GED, HSED, Basic Skills, Reading, Political Science, Social Studies, and Geography. I worked with a group of young women who were often victims of trauma and were many years behind their same- [more]

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Richard P.

Study Skills Tutor

Middleton, WI 53562

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I help students write papers, and I tutor in general studies!

I have taught study skills to 6th graders. Listed here are a few examples: Get a proper night's sleep, do the easy questions first, eat a proper breakfast, do not cram, ask the teacher questions if unsure, and when you freeze on a test, think of a happier place or state for a minute or two and try to refocus after that. Hello - I am a 55-year-old male with a Bachelor's Degree in English and History from Carroll University (WI) in 1983, and I obtained a Masters in School Counseling in 2005. I live in Middleton WI. I have worked with middle-school and/or high school youth groups in my church [more]

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Sean B.

Study Skills Tutor

Madison, WI 53703

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PhD Student and Certified Special Education teacher

When I was teaching, I had an advisory of 15 boys that I met with each day before and after school. We set up study schedules based on upcoming quizzes and tests, would discuss what strategies worked for them and modify strategies based on individual needs. Additionally, we worked on how to communicate with teachers so they could advocate for themselves when they were confused or needed additional help. I graduated from UW-Madison in 2013 with Special Education Teaching degree. I am certified K-12, so that means I am qualified to assist in all grades and subjects. After graduating, I spent one [more]

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Susana A.

Study Skills Tutor

Madison, WI 53705

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Bilingual Teacher for Madison Metropolitan School District.

I have been a teacher in Venezuela and the United States for over 20 years. I have taught in many different settings, different languages, ages, levels of proficiency. I have worked one on one, in small groups and in classrooms with 40 students. I am able to assess and scaffold my lessons according to my students levels and learning abilities, and I have been very successful doing so for over 20 years know. I love languages and cultures. I am fluent in Spanish and in English. I have been a teacher in Venezuela and in the United States for over 20 years. I am a published author. I graduated i [more]

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Quincy M.

Study Skills Tutor

Madison, WI 53704

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AP Literature teacher with ACT prep experience

As a high school teacher I worked with all students in my classroom without the assistance of a paraprofessional or any other support. I developed several methods for helping students identify their weaknesses in organization and then systems they could use to improve. A combination of recording necessary work in a consistent and prompt manner and a consistent style of note taking help are the main focus. These systems used in tandem with a consistent check-in process and gradual release of control (from daily checks to weekly, to pop checks) allow the student to internalize the methods and ad [more]

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Alexandria S.

Study Skills Tutor

Madison, WI 53706

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Available January '18: Energetic, knowledgeable math/SAT tutor

I am starting graduate school for mechanical engineering at UW starting in January 2018. I have my B.S. is a mechanical engineering field and spent the last year and a half as an engineer of Electric Boat (contractor for the US Navy Submarine program). While working as an engineer, I tutored various subjects. My favorite part of the job (though it never felt like a job) was seeing students understand something that they didn't before. I loved being part of that process. I know there were so... [more]

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Kristen B.

Study Skills Tutor

Middleton, WI 53562

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Certified Teacher to Tutor Grades 1 Through College & Test Prep

Organization, focus and clear goals are the key to successful study skills. There are many ways to practice, and some work better than others for different individuals. My approach as a teacher is to fit the study habits to the individual, so they become a part of life instead of an obligation. Learning and comprehension are always the intentions. I am available 7 days a week and will do my best to accommodate your schedule. We will find a meeting place that is convenient for you. I can tutor any age student, from 1st grade through college, in a variety of subjects. (Check out my approved sub [more]

Photo: Terry L.

Terry L.

Study Skills Tutor

Madison, WI 53705

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College Teacher, Instructional Designer, Test Writer/Consultant

First generation college student in my family. Started tutoring math since high school. Have a PhD in chemistry. Have taught in higher ed for over 10 years. While concept-oriented, math skill is also emphasized. Edited and published for well-known public tests. Continue to consult and review for these testing companies. Currently in the process of obtaining a Masters degree in instructional design and technology. I prefer student-centered approach over instructor-centered approach. Learning should be fun and personal. I love teaching. I started tutoring kids and teaching them origami during my [more]

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Jane E P.

Study Skills Tutor

Madison, WI 53705

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Professional / Individualized Lessons / Positive Experiences

I am a certified teacher with 20+ years of experience, including work with Milwaukee's Inner City Development Project where I led students in study skills using the SQ3R method. As a certified Special Education Teacher with a Master's degree, I consider myself a "Tutoring Specialist" for Reading, Math, Writing at levels K - 12 and GED-Preparation. I trust parents who observe some learning problems such as []"My child is slow to use phonics properly in his/her reading." or [] "My child needs help to use what he/she has read in order to complete an assignment or to pass a test" or [] "My ch [more]