19 Study Skills Tutors Found Near Saint Paul, MN

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Heidi L.

Study Skills Tutor

Saint Paul, MN 55102

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$60 per hour.

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Creative Tutor for All Students and Learning Styles

For the past five years I have included academic coaching among the services that I offer to tutoring students. Often this academic coaching begins with assisting students in time management, organization and study skills. Having completed the Franklin Covey course in time management, I have an excellent method with which to assist students in learning to plan and prioritize their study time. We review the subjects the student is taking that semester and prioritize those assignments/projects that must be completed daily and weekly, such as daily math homework or the history reading assignmen [more]

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Rachel E.

Study Skills Tutor

Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Experienced, professional tutor

I have taught ACT and SAT test prep for over five years, which includes teaching students to have successful study skills. I have also taught many subjects and the first point I work on is study skills such as a quiet environment, a plan, and no distractions. I am an experienced professional tutor who has been tutoring for over 15 years. In addition, I recently worked for five years for a private company that specialized in ACT and SAT tutoring. I have experience in-person and online; and teaching small groups, and 1-on-1. In addition to all portions of the GRE, GMAT, ACT and the SAT (incl [more]

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Jinjer M.

Study Skills Tutor

Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Math and Science Tutor for Active or Artistic Students

Because my goal as a tutor is to help my students become independent of me, I incorporate study skills instruction into every session. In order to acquire excellent study skills, students need to understand their strengths and weaknesses, build a repertoire of memorization, organization and comprehension techniques that work for them, and develop a tolerance for frustration. I have a variety of strategies to help my students acquire these skills. I help students develop self-awareness through direct instruction about learning styles and multiple intelligences, and frequent opportunities for s [more]

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Jessica M.

Study Skills Tutor

Saint Paul, MN 55105

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I have worked both in the fashion industry and higer education.

I have a bachelor's degree in Apparel Design from the University of Minnesota. I also supplemented my degree by spending a year at the London College of Fashion. I taught advanced pattern making and sewing at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN for 4 years and have designed and sewed for my own clothing business for over ten years. I currently do custom sewing for individual clients. I have a high level of experience in both sewing and teaching. My degree is in clothing design from the University of Minnesota, but after graduation I continued my studies at the London College of Fashion [more]

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Jana P.

Study Skills Tutor

Minneapolis, MN 55423

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$165 per hour.

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Friendly, Experienced Test Prep Tutor Gets Results!

Since you are interested in getting help with your study skills, you recognize that these skills are at the root of your academic success. Together we'll create a study plan that works for you -- a plan that includes designating a distraction-free study zone, using your planner effectively, getting the most from your textbooks, taking meaningful notes, and maximizing your study time. I've been enjoying tutoring students of all ages and abilities since 1997. Testimonials and referrals from satisfied clients and their parents can attest to my success with enhancing the study strategies and ac [more]

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Paul E.

Study Skills Tutor

Saint Paul, MN 55104

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Experience with students who find traditional schools challenging

I have many years of experience teaching and leading programs for students benefiting from alternatives to traditional school. The learning plans for almost all the students included developing good study skills. We helped the students with organizing materials, organizing their time, becoming goal-oriented, self-awareness of preferred learning styles, studying techniques, problem-solving, and becoming confident and self-forgiving learners. Everyone is a learner, and everyone can learn--even when it doesn?t seem possible. As a tutor, I help a student figure out what makes learning new thing [more]

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Kristin L.

Study Skills Tutor

Saint Paul, MN 55104

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Patient, Flexible and Caring Licensed Special Education Teacher

I am a special education teacher and hold the Academic and Behavioral Strategist (ABS) license. I have been a special education teacher for four years and have a great deal of experience teaching students with specific learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, and executive functioning difficulties. I specialize in modifying curriculum to promote student success, helping students organize their materials, their thought processes and priorities to promote success in school and... [more]

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Claire L.

Study Skills Tutor

Minneapolis, MN 55404

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Experienced, Friendly and Patient Spanish, Writing, Test Prep Tutor

I love tutoring because it?s all about connecting with students and supporting them in figuring out how they best work and learn. I spent three years working as a writing tutor at Macalester College while I was a student there myself. This position was a great way to gain experience with tutoring individuals from diverse backgrounds, and many students who were still in the process of learning English as a second, third, or even fourth language. College students are awesome, but so are student... [more]

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Davida M.

Study Skills Tutor

Saint Paul, MN 55117

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Published Author, Produced Playwright Wants to Tutor

I taught a course in pre-GED study skills for students with persistent mental illness at Fountain House in New York City. There I also taught a class on How to Study. I have tutored individuals on how to Study; and created a PowerPoint presentation on the same topic which I'm sure I could recreate if necessary. I love teaching and tutoring, seeing young minds expand as they are introduced to new subject matter. I have taught in the COMPAS Writers-in-the-Schools program, the SteppingStone Playwrights-in-the-Schools program, and the Center for Arts Criticism Critics-in-the-Schools program. My [more]

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Becca M.

Study Skills Tutor

Minneapolis, MN 55412

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I love making learning easier and more fun!

For the last five years, I have been teaching students study skills both at a learning center, and private tutoring. Students I have worked with have been able to improve their test scores and overall grades by as much as 35%. I use a combination of methods, including visualization, organization, time management, and a "checks and balances" system. I teach study skills that help students make significant gains while achieving independence. I am a passionate tutor with a lot of experience! I specialize in reading, reading comprehension, writing, and study skills. I truly believe learning can b [more]