9 Study Skills Tutors Found Near Salem, OR

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Rebekah B.

Study Skills Tutor

Salem, OR 97305

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Patiently making sure you understand!

The very first college class I took was a Study Skills class. In it I learned some of the basic strategies I was already using: note-taking, reading for understanding using paragraph structure to determine the important points, mnemonic tricks for memorization, engaging multiple senses for greater retention, and more. Probably the best study skill I keep coming back to is frequent review of the material -- by keeping the subject active in my brain, letting my mind "perk" on it, it becomes more familiar and easier to recall. In my years of teaching I have used many of these tenets in pres [more]

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Margaret L.

Study Skills Tutor

Salem, OR 97301

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Certified ESL Instructor; Certified Writing Instructor

Taught GED class in reading, writing, and lab skills. My qualifications include: Master of Arts in English in TESL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) TESL Certificate Rhetoric and Composition Certificate (teaching writing) Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with Minor in Writing (grammar and composition) I am proficient in methods for teaching reading, writing, listening, speaking, conversation, pronunciation, grammar, and American culture and idioms. I use The Communicative Language Method of teaching, which balances accuracy and f... [more]

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Eric M.

Study Skills Tutor

Mcminnville, OR 97128

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Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Writing...take your pick!

My familiarity with how the mind works gives me a heads-up on study skills. For example, the typical attention span of a college freshman is about 20 minutes. Beyond that, performance sharply tails off. So in spending two hours studying, I would insist a student take a five-minute break every 20 minutes, to get up, move around, and take some deep breaths. It pays off. This is demonstrated by my tutoring sessions, where the hour includes ten minutes of break time. I have found that different subjects require different approaches. Math and physical sciences (chemistry and physics) are pro [more]

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Jill F.

Study Skills Tutor

Salem, OR 97317

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English made easy

I have taught three study skills classes. I also served on a committee that wrote a study skills manual that was used for the entire school where I taught. The manual was part of the school's focus on helping all students achieve their potentials in research and study skills. After more than 25 years of teaching, studying, writing and enjoying English, as a native speaker I can help you with grammar, writing skills, ESL, public speaking, reading or phonics. I love teaching and learning, and I have taught students from ages 2 through adult; students with special needs including accelerated lear [more]

Photo: Kathleen P.

Kathleen P.

Study Skills Tutor

Stayton, OR 97383

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Retired general ed and special ed teacher available

I have twenty years? teaching experience and extensive training in language acquisition, teaching writing, differentiating learning, and special education. I have taught general and special education in elementary and middle schools, in addition to teaching a community extension course at a junior college. I have also worked as an independent service provider for the Oregon Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, tutoring adults who were working toward their GED certificate. I am also a... [more]

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Laura W.

Study Skills Tutor

Monmouth, OR 97361

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teacher-multiple subjects, multiple ages

I have taught study skills to middle school and high school-aged students using school=adopted, modified, and teacher-made materials. I differentiate instruction to meet the needs of a diverse group of students, getting to know my students in order to meet their individual needs. I believe that all students can learn, given the right teaching method, materials, and modalities. I have high expectations for myself and my students, and give them the encouragement and tools to reach their learning goals. I give 110% to my teaching to ensure maximum student success. [more]

Photo: Alexander V.

Alexander V.

Study Skills Tutor

Salem, OR 97304

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Master's in Film and Television, Bachelor's in Drama, and Author

I have worked at the Master's Degree level as a course reader and also as a mentor for at-risk kids in Los Angeles Unified School District. I am ready and able to teach the basics of preparing for school and also more advanced skills for children who are beyond the basics. I can help your child to be ready and confident. I am a filmmaker and author who can teach Remedial and other students the art and craft of screenwriting and filmmaking. I have books I have written available as teaching assistance, and I look forward to seeing your project move. I also am approved for algebra II, algeb [more]

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Seth M.

Study Skills Tutor

Mcminnville, OR 97128

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I can help with Philosophy, Religion, Writing, Physics and Mathematics

I have training specifically in engaging and teaching others good study skills. This training included the following courses: Teaching Research Design (National Catholic Educational Association, 2014) Research and Design for Thesis Students (Holy Apostles College and Seminary, Master's Program, 2014) In assisting others in the development of their study skills, I emphasize establishing daily blocks of set study time, working in a quiet and clean space, eliminating distractions, focusing on the problem at hand, gathering and vetting relevant information, setting and working toward measurable [more]

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Foster L.

Study Skills Tutor

Salem, OR 97302

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An A+ Educator you can rely on for results

I have gained a lot of experience in gaining and applying study skills to various courses while earning my B.S. and M.A. degrees. In the past, I have helped students plan out their semesters and perform "maintenance" as necessary. This could include going to the right SI sessions, cutting back on extracurriculars, making a new plan for where, when and how to study, mnemonic tools for moving large amounts of information into the student's long-term memory, etc. I'm confident I can help you to master your courses and learn the skills that will help you through no matter what topic you may be stu [more]