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Anne B.

Study Skills Tutor

Bonita, CA 91902

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Elementary and Middle School Tutor

My educational background includes years of teaching first through fifth grade students in the regular classroom and also of tutoring students in the elementary and middle school grades through eighth grade. I taught/tutored students in every academic subject. I have experience tutoring students, and teaching students in the classroom how to study for various subjects. I taught them how to study for tests in spelling, language arts, math, science, and social studies. We practiced different ways to memorize math facts, spelling words, and facts for other subjects, and included fun hands-on [more]

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William A.

Study Skills Tutor

San Diego, CA 92121

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Professional Science, Math & Test Prep

I was a teaching assistant at University of Calif., San Diego from 2000-2003 for the Department of Chemistry. There I taught recitation, laboratory and study sections. I was a volunteer mentor and tutor at the Preuss School, UCSD from 2004 to 2008 for grades 6-12. Altogether I have 8 years+ experience teaching study skills to grammar school and undergraduate students. As a Ph.D. in chemistry and biology I specialize in helping students get ahead, and stay ahead in advanced Science and Math courses. Whether you're reviewing for A.P. Biology and Chemistry, or looking for improvement in Organic [more]

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Tracy S.

Study Skills Tutor

San Diego, CA 92107

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Can-Do MathTutor - elementary to college and beyond

One of the biggest reasons that I was able to graduate from UCSD with a GPA of 3.5 at the age of 46 years old is that I developed outstanding study skills. English is not my first language, so the challenge was not easy. I took a class, College Success Skills, at Palomar College before I attended UCSD. This class helped me to learn many study skills and to devise a plan for achieving success in college. For example, before enrolling in a class I would interview the instructor to gain a clear understanding of the requirements needed for success. I previewed the course material before taki [more]

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Dale P.

Study Skills Tutor

San Diego, CA 92122

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Experienced Math and English Tutor

I have taught at top schools and tutored individuals and groups of students for over 30 years. During this time I have instructed students in various methods of study, employing study skills. I have the ability to hone students' ability to utilize and remember what they have been taught, both at school and during tutoring classes. I taught at schools and tutored for over 30 years and I derive immense satisfaction when my students begin to understand new concepts. I specialize in teaching Math and English. I communicate well with students, and they enjoy my lighthearted approach as they begin [more]

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Jennifer T.

Study Skills Tutor

La Mesa, CA 91942

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Special Needs Expert MEd, MSci Specializing in Reading and Writing

I have just completed my credential in Special Education with an emphasis on mild/moderate disabilities. At the heart of my curriculum is teaching students with various disabilities study skills so that they can be successful. This encompasses techniques such as taking notes to learning how to highlight information, to creating index cards with key concepts and information. I also teach students how to "chunk" information into smaller units and teach them mnemonic strategies to remember a great deal of information that is useful when they need to recall large amounts of information. [more]

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Roxie H.

Study Skills Tutor

San Diego, CA 92104

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Engaging, Light-hearted Teacher/Coach

I am a process-oriented teacher. Using effective study skills to retain information is complemented with the ability to think a concept through find its meaning and application. I am a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming-NLP practitioner and am able to help students understand how they perceive, process and retain information through their preferred modality and how to use that personal insight more effectively to enhance their study time. Dear Student, My credentials are many, my experience extensive, my passion for teaching and helping others to cultivate their best effort is my purpose [more]

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Eric C.

Study Skills Tutor

San Diego, CA 92104

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I have been in Education since 1997.

I have covered many AVID, College Prep, College Success, Study Skills courses. Hello. I am a tutor for virtually any student in grades K-12, ASVAB, SAT, and GED. I work to help any High School, Middle School or Elementary student who either needs extra assistance or desires private tutoring in order to get ahead. I am able to teach almost any subject, depending upon the grade level. Helping other people has always been a major passion of mine, and I am very pleased that I have the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and skills to others! I earned my Bachelor?s degree i... [more]

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Khadijah B.

Study Skills Tutor

San Diego, CA 92126

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Doctoral Level Tutor for Writing and Proofreading

I am an adjunct professor at CSULB. I create exams and lecture material, so I have a different perspective on learning information. I am currently working on my PsyD, and just passed my qualifying exam with a 93%. The passing score was 75%. I have an organizational and note taking system that facilitates consolidation of working memory. I received a 4.2 in high school and graduated salutatorian. I received my B.A. in psychology and political science at UCSD. I received my M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am currently a doctoral candidate, Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). My expected completi [more]

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Alexandra W.

Study Skills Tutor

San Diego, CA 92111

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Driven Tutor for K-12 students

In my opinion, the most valuable asset any student can have is study skills. Over my years as a student, I have developed many effective methods of effective studying. I work with each and every one of my students to find the way that they personally retain information best; for some that's flashcards or reading or for others studying needs to be more creative. I have the ability to help students design and implement personalized study schedules, methods, and plans to achieve the best results they can. My students not only do exceptionally well on exams, but also truly learn the information an [more]

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Barbara P.

Study Skills Tutor

San Diego, CA 92120

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Diligent, responsible, organized, and nurturing tutor

Every student learns differently but there are age-appropriate strategies to help students learn the foundation of study skills for elementary and later years, as well as in adult life. Strategies like organizing their papers, organizing their space in their desks, book bag, locker, organizing their time, when to use study skills i.e. when learning to read, learning to take notes, learning new vocabulary, and developing work habits that will improve their grades, their retention, their self-esteem. I have used these and other skills to assist my students in improving their studying habits. [more]