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Dr. Sheryl N.

Study Skills Tutor

Monticello, IL 61856

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PhD. Reading/spelling/writing (certified Barton Reading)

I got my Ph.D. in psychology and taught psychology at the college level right after grad school. It was in that setting that I first began working with students on study skills. But the need for effective study skills begins long before college. When I homeschooled my own children, we worked on study skills, actually from a fairly young age on. But study skills become increasingly important as students move into middle and high school. A student's ability to do well in an academic setting is often more a function of his/her study skills than it is of some natural aptitude in a given subject. [more]

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Harvey C.

Study Skills Tutor

Edwardsville, IL 62025

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Enthusiastic, Experienced Teacher+interested student=SUCCESS

I was in charge of special education and have taught study skills and organization skills to students from elementary to university levels. I completely re-designed the study skills program for Southwestern Illinois College. I have just returned from the Philippines where I was the Headmaster of an international K-12 school with 170 students. It fulfilled my life long dream to lead an international school with a strong academic and fine arts program. As you can tell by my photo I am highly experienced as a teacher, father,and grandfather. My hobbies include travelling most recently to Toronto [more]

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Nathan S.

Study Skills Tutor

Morton, IL 61550

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Nathan (experience in Special Education, elementary Education)

It is vitally important for a student to have good study skills and as an aspiring student growing up, I had to learn good study skills to get me through school and college. Study skills are the meat and potatoes of learning in that if you do not have good study skills, you cannot learn in an efficient manner. I have experience in teaching study skills through working with students on a one on one basis who struggled with study skills because of special needs and challenges. I am a certified Special Education and Elementary Education teacher. For the last 6 years I have taught at Whittier Prim [more]

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Becky D.

Study Skills Tutor

Saint Peters, MO 63376

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Certified Teacher with over 32 Years of Tutoring Experience

"Study Skills" are often misunderstood. They include those skills required to study for tests. However, study skills also include learning skills. They include all skills necessary to improve learning. Skills that I teach include how to prepare for a homework/study session, organizational skills, how to participate in class, notetaking, pre-reading/reading/post-reading skills, how to read textbooks, and of course effective ways to study. These are just a few of the many skills that will improve a student's academic work. [more]

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Randall D.

Study Skills Tutor

Saint Charles, MO 63304

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WUSTL Graduate|English|Math|Study Skills|Tests|1st Grade---Adult

My SAT score and GPA were high enough to earn a full-tuition scholarship to Washington University in Saint Louis for four years. Courses and seminars taken during my career as a civil engineer project manager further improved my study skills. My recent training in the OASIS Inter-generational Tutoring Program is comprehensive. The State of Missouri approved my certification as a substitute teacher. I have been a private tutor of study skills, primarily to middle and high school students. I am a firm believer that effective study habits ensure a successful lifelong learning process. Many stud [more]

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Jane M.

Study Skills Tutor

Hazelwood, MO 63042

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As a 7-12 grade teacher for 25 years and a life-long learner, I gained insight and practice about study skills. In addition, I took several short courses in this area. I taught my students several methods of note taking, how to get the most out of reading the text, how to study for a test. Here are some study skills I enforced: 1) Keeping a daily schedule, writing down homework, due dates, test dates. 2) Take some kind of notes during class. This helps you stay awake and alert. 3) Use SQ3R?s (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, or write, Review) or another method to help you read the textbook. [more]

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Jennifer G.

Study Skills Tutor

Springfield, IL 62703

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Mandarin Chinese made easy, and ESL for all!

It's amazing what having the right study skills can do to improve grades and knowledge retention. Having a "plan of attack" before going to a lecture or reading a textbook chapter can help you stay organized and focused during learning. Study skills are also critical for practice and review of learned material. Some tried and true study methods I'm a fan of include knowing how to make efficient use of reference materials such as dictionaries, glossaries, bibliographies, and online sources; breaking down material into chunks or timelines by doing chapter outlines and bullet lists; making flashc [more]

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Megan T.

Study Skills Tutor

Normal, IL 61761

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Tutor who believes it takes a big heart to help shape little minds

Throughout my education, I have had many struggles with study skills. Growing up with severe anxiety in school and ADD made it very difficult for me at times to stay organized or manage my time wisely. Through this, I have learned the importance of having a study schedule and, depending on the student, mapping out the times and areas to study to reduce stress on the student and help them take their education in their own hands. I am currently going into my junior year at Illinois State University for an Elementary Education. Being one of the oldest of 9 siblings, being around children has been [more]

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Lauren S.

Study Skills Tutor

Macomb, IL 61455

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Creative Methods Teacher Helps You Learn: English, Psychology, etc.

As an elementary and junior high school teacher, I taught my students basic study skills applicable for high school. As a PhD student, I have developed a number of study skills that I now present in a study skills session. Spend time learning, not searching for information. I am a creative teacher who engages students through active learning (when applicable). I have taught elementary and Jr High full time. I authored a book on the subject. Annually, I lead a Constitution Test Prep program - 100% of students in all 4 years have passed this graduation requirement. I was a formerly license [more]

Photo: Erin K.

Erin K.

Study Skills Tutor

Saint Peters, MO 63376

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Aced It: Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College Tutoring

When helping students improve their study skills, I first go over and set goals with the student, and this often helps with motivation. I also go over scheduling and organization with the student in order to plan out a designated study time. One of the most important things I recommend is not cramming the night before an exam. I teach students to study two or three days before an exam and to take regular study breaks so to maintain optimum concentration and retention. I also urge students to not only look over their study material but to test themselves and work practice problems. The mos [more]