10 Study Skills Tutors Found Near Springfield, MO

Photo: Karen K.

Karen K.

Study Skills Tutor

Rogers, AR 72758

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$28 per hour.

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K-12 Tutor and ESL Instructor

Currently I teach a Successful First Year Student Class at a community college that includes teaching the students how to improve their study skills, listening ability, note taking and test taking skills. In this class, I also show the students how to find their Multiple Intelligences and their VARK strength (Visual, Aural, Read/Write, Kinesthetic) to study effectively. Teaching students to manage their time effective is another component in developing effective study skills. The activities and lessons I have created for this class would work well in a tutoring situation for students of all [more]

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Ruby R.

Study Skills Tutor

Dixon, MO 65459

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$35 per hour.

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Would You Like To Learn

I Tutor students after school in 1-6 grade. I frequently deal with struggling students in math and daily homework. I also help them study their spelling to prepare them for their spelling test. First these students, I focus on how to manage time, how to manage the material, note taking and how to prepare for learning and how to prepare for a test. I have also tutored in adult education. The ones that needed help passing their GED. I helped them to read and to understand what they read. I taught them why it was important to learn to read and why we repeated over and over. [more]

Photo: Kelley B.

Kelley B.

Study Skills Tutor

Springdale, AR 72762

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$50 per hour.

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Elementary Expert

I have been a classroom teacher for 14 years and a literacy specialist for the last 6 years. I have helped many students learn how to become organized and learn how to know what types of techniques best help with studying. I am very familiar with the standards of all elementary grade levels and have worked with grades K-5. My current position as a literacy specialist allows me to train teachers on the latest strategies to best help their students, so I am always attending professional development and learning new things. [more]

Photo: Jan N.

Jan N.

Study Skills Tutor

Harrison, AR 72601

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$60 per hour.

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cert. teacher with 8 yrs exp. -retired- love to teach

I have an Arkansas teaching license for grades k-6, and I have studied for college classes as well as repeatedly studying "Where There's a Will There's an A". This is a fantastic tape for learning study skills. Study skills are a variety of tools that a student uses to aid in learning how to study. There are many tools to choose from and all do not work with each student. They include seeing it, speaking it, writing it, and tactile learning are the primary tools used. The more senses used the more likely the learning will be incorporated and remembered. Each student learns in different ways. [more]

Photo: Michael Bear S.

Michael Bear S.

Study Skills Tutor

Springfield, MO 65803

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From Music to Math to English and Science and back again

As both teacher and student, I have had to demonstrate and employ solid study habits to achieve superior results. As a teacher, I have seen what works well for my students and that which does not. Each student has strengths and weaknesses to overcome. As such, it is my responsibility to find the methods that work best for each student. As a student, I know what has worked for me. I will share those strategies with my students. Again, everyone is different. So, while these study skills may have worked well for me, they may not always work well for others. But, it does give one a starting poin [more]

Photo: Linda W.

Linda W.

Study Skills Tutor

Springfield, MO 65807

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CERTIFIED English, Spanish teacher experienced also in test prep.

When I taught English in California, I also taught study skills to my students. Included in those were spelling, the reading method PSQ3R, preparation to study, outlining, researching and writing essays. Your writing improves when you follow my instruction. (I was a writing major.) So does your Spanish. (I was also a Spanish major.) I can help you pass the reading and the writing portions on any test, help you graduate high school, as well as graduate college. I have had students whom I have tutored who didn't think they would pass tests, or graduate. But they did, thanks to my instructi [more]

Photo: Kendall M.

Kendall M.

Study Skills Tutor

Springfield, MO 65804

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I have a passion for English and teaching!

I work as an Undergraduate Learning Assistant for the Missouri State University Psychology Department. One of my main responsibilities is leading study sessions for my students and teaching valuable study skills in order to promote reaching and exceeding education goals. Through my years of schooling I have honed the necessary skills for achieving a deeper level of processing and increased memory potential. I have a true passion for English and teaching. When I was first learning to read it didn't come easy, but there's nothing more freeing than being able to disappear into another world throu [more]

Photo: Lucinda L.

Lucinda L.

Study Skills Tutor

Waynesville, MO 65583

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RN 40 yrs, Experienced, Master's-prepared Professional Adult Educator

With more than 10 years of higher education, including a bachelor's degree in science with a major in science, a Master of Arts degree in higher and adult education, and a diploma in professional nursing, I have had plenty of experience to master the art of studying and successfully passing exams. In my graduate program in education, I studied learning theory and the principles of adult education. I have successfully tutored nursing and other health science students via Wyzant for the past 7 years. In [more]

Photo: Lori P.

Lori P.

Study Skills Tutor

Springfield, MO 65804

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$40 per hour.

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Lori - Confidence in Learning

Hands-On is the best way to learn any computer program, and finding confidence is the key to public speaking. Patience and understanding aid in the education process. People of all ages learn better when a clear understanding of the subject and the need to learn the subject are made clear. I started a master's in communications but family responsibilities prevented its completion. My communications degree is specifically in speech and television. I was a US Army Paralegal (AFQT on origina... [more]

Photo: Sherry B.

Sherry B.

Study Skills Tutor

Fayetteville, AR 72703

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ANYONE of average intelligence CAN LEARN MATH

When I went to college, I realized right away that my study skills were not sufficient for the next few years. The very first semester, I took a course in "Study Skills" which was magnificent! Everything I learned in that course was put to use during my tenure at the University of Arkansas. Each student is special to me. Therefore, I will not give up until "they get it"! Each of us learns in "our own way" so I will find the best way for you, and yours, to learn. That is, if students don't already know how they learn best, I'll figure it out! Teaching is my life! I've been doing it all my lif [more]