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Brian K.

Study Skills Tutor

Vancouver, WA 98686

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Professional Mathematics and Physics Tutor

I currently pursuing a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and focus in the area of thermal/fluid sciences. Through out my career as a tutor (~8 years) I have worked with many different types of students. However, when it comes to study skills, I find that most students don't learn great study skills by the time they can reap the benefits of it. Great study skills come down to two different process for the mathematics and physical sciences. Practice exams for pretest studying and focusing on understanding during homework reviews. These are the strategies I emphasize with my students a [more]

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Graham T.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97209

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Dedicated Tutor for Math, English, and Study Skills

Throughout my own education I have developed a strong understanding of how best to study. I make use of every resource, I work well within time constraints, I focus on the concepts and problems that are most important, I am disciplined, and I can help you do all these things too. My entire life I have enjoyed teaching and helping others. Throughout high school and college, friends came to me for help in all subject areas; my teachers even grouped me with struggling students so that I could help them through difficult concepts and class work. After high school I attended the University of Orego [more]

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Risa K.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97215

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Certified, Passionate Teacher To Inspire

My name is Risa, and I have been in education for 20 years. I am a certified teacher, have a Master's Degree in Elementary Education, and have taught a variety of grades--4th, 6th, 8th, and high school English. I initially went into teaching because I love watching that "light bulb" go on in my students. I quickly came to see that the light bulbs didn't always come easy for some students and those were the ones I was drawn to. I like working with students who "don't get it" so that they ca... [more]

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Katie S.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97216

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Experienced, Skilled, & Compassionate Online Math Tutor

I have worked with many students in study skills. I mentored 20 middle school students for 2 years assisting them in study skills including reading comprehension, organization, time management, and planning. I currently teach high school and work with students in developing their study skills. I have always enjoyed helping others learn. I attended the University of Notre Dame and graduated in 2011 with a 3.5 GPA and a double major in Mathematics and International Peace Studies. After graduation, I taught upper-level math courses at a high school in Central Florida. (My favorite was AP Calcul [more]

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Celeste d.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97203

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Ms. Celeste or, for smaller children, CeeCee.

I have tutored students through the Upward Bound program at PSU, as well as privately helped students who were more sports-oriented than academically-minded. If taking tests is very difficult for you, let me show you some strategies and try to boost your confidence. If writing an essay is always last on your to-do list, let me show you some ways to make it easier so you can get it checked off, and on to other things! You can do it!!! I love words, languages, music, dancing...and people! I would like to help elementary-high school aged kids maximize their potential (and even some college athlet [more]

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John D.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97211

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Humanities, Social Sciences and Language Tutor

My experiences as a student are indication of my own outstanding study skills, and my history of teaching at the college level has allowed me to help students understand the best approaches and techniques for studying, depending on their goals. Earning a BA with a 3.89 GPA,and an MA with a 3.85, are indicative of my abilities, and as an instructor I have learned how to coach students in their efforts to not only do well in classes, but to work toward long-term educational goals. The main things I emphasize in teaching study skills are identifying short-term and long-term goals, and practicing [more]

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Kathy B.

Study Skills Tutor

Vancouver, WA 98661

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Biomedical Scientist Tutoring Part-time for English/Misc.

I have studied both Pre-Law and Pre-Medical Sciences, achieved a BA&S for the former and a Ph.D. for the later. During my training, I joined with many other students to study and learned that there are so many very different ways that people learn, including myself. This allowed me to succeed myself and help others even if their style was differing from mine. I taught myself a number of other subjects including nutrition, science policy and environmental issues that are all interconnected and have the critical thinking skills and ability to "speak to my audience" at whatever level they ne [more]

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Nicole M.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97214

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Compassionate Reading and Writing Tutor

Tutoring Style: I believe the best way to help my students learn is through asking why. Why is their answer the right answer? Why is it perhaps wrong? Could there be more than one way to look at the problem? My goal is to build a safe environment where students can become critical thinkers and feel comfortable asking questions. Not only do I want my students to be able to get to the correct answer when they're with me, but I want them to learn the skills needed to solve problems when I am no... [more]

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Paula B.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97212

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Math for Tweens. Homeschoolers Welcomed.

Study skills isn't an easy topic to define. There are high level ideas involved, but depending on the subject matter, there are different priorities. I see study skills as knowing yourself - strengths and weaknesses, knowing your time constraints, and understanding ways in which you best learn the subjects you're addressing. This is where I excel. In helping students understand these keys, we can construct and deconstruct material leading to a firm understanding. I also believe that memorization is an important tool. Study skills and learning require a variety of tools in the toolbox. [more]

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Karen S.

Study Skills Tutor

Vancouver, WA 98664

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Developing good study skills is the answer to working smarter, not harder. When we utilize good study skills, we easily maximize our learning in the least amount of time. I had to develop good study stills in college, while working full time and taking a full collegiate load. I did not have time to waste, so I learned how to take advantage of the time I had. I have not only taken graduate classes in developing study skills, but have learned how to tweak them to fit my individual style. After college, I decided to go for additional education and licensing, except this time I was also start [more]