10 Study Skills Tutors Found Near Vancouver, WA

Photo: Paula B.

Paula B.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97212

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$70 per hour.

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Math for Tweens. Homeschoolers Welcomed.

Study skills isn't an easy topic to define. There are high level ideas involved, but depending on the subject matter, there are different priorities. I see study skills as knowing yourself - strengths and weaknesses, knowing your time constraints, and understanding ways in which you best learn the subjects you're addressing. This is where I excel. In helping students understand these keys, we can construct and deconstruct material leading to a firm understanding. I also believe that memorization is an important tool. Study skills and learning require a variety of tools in the toolbox. [more]

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Brian F.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97217

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$75 per hour.

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Special Education Teacher Looking for Supplemental Tutoring

I am a special eduction teacher in San Francisco Unified School District and work individually and in small groups with students working on improving study skills so that they can become more successful in their learning. I also have over 10 years of tutoring experience working with students of all ages helping them with study skills. I am a special education teacher in Parkrose School District, where I work with students with a variety of disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, and ADHD. I have recently moved to Portland from San Franc [more]

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Celeste d.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97203

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$35 per hour.

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Ms. Celeste or, for smaller children, CeeCee.

I have tutored students through the Upward Bound program at PSU, as well as privately helped students who were more sports-oriented than academically-minded. If taking tests is very difficult for you, let me show you some strategies and try to boost your confidence. If writing an essay is always last on your to-do list, let me show you some ways to make it easier so you can get it checked off, and on to other things! You can do it!!! I love words, languages, music, dancing...and people! I would like to help elementary-high school aged kids maximize their potential (and even some college athlet [more]

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John P.

Study Skills Tutor

Vancouver, WA 98684

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$60 per hour.

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Tutor to Exceed your Needs

I am qualified to tutor in study skills for several reasons. First, I taught study skills as part of my regular curriculum for my fifth grade students. Second, I have taught study skills in a Chinese language academy. He students entrusted to my care not only succeeded in my class, but for years to come. These are the reasons why I am qualified to tutor in the area of study skills. Thank you. I spent 5 years teaching elementary school in Southern California and a half year in China and Thailand. I possess a Business Administration degree, with a major in Accounting and minor in Marketing M [more]

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Thea H.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97233

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$40 per hour.

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Teaching with Knowledge, Compassion and Persistence

Hello! I have a Standard Elementary Teaching License (4/1/12 - 3/31/17)Pre-primary through Grade 9, and a Grade 5-12 Basic Biology endorsement; I can provide my license number upon request. My 21 years (this June) teaching experience in public and private school includes yearly preparation for tests, study skills, vocabulary, note-taking and presentation preparations. I have designed activities and lessons to fit the needs of students with different needs and intelligence aspects (Bloom's). Students and parents who are looking for a thoughtful, ethical and individually responsive elementary t [more]

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Hannah F.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97213

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$50 per hour.

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Licensed Teacher with Years of Tutoring Experience

Hannah is a licensed teacher with a Master's degree in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College. Before graduate school, she worked as a private and volunteer tutor for two years in Chicago, IL with BEC Tutoring, specializing in test preparation and reading/writing support. She loves helping students navigate the challenges of academics by finding effective strategies, identifying student strengths, and bolstering her lessons with a sense of humor. Hannah is certified in teaching English as a s... [more]

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Heather S.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97232

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$50 per hour.

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Retired Gifted Teacher - Reading, Writing and Study Skills

The consistent use of effective study skills is essential to learning. Good study habits support the ability to produce quality work, earn excellent grades, higher test scores and incorporate new information and skills into further education and everyday life. Some of the study skills I have found to be helpful and that i suggest to my students are things like: taking notes while reading textbooks, creating question and answer cards for review, having a light snack before a homework or study session, planning and beginning work well before deadlines in order to produce the highest quality po [more]

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Catherine B.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97216

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$40 per hour.

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Graphic designer turned psychologist who can help tutor in both!

Hi! I?m here to help you with any design or psychology question! I have been a designer for major advertising firms. You can see my work in any newspaper or retailer. I have an eye for design and handy Photoshop tips to share. Bring your ideas and projects and I?ll work with you to turn them into a reality. I am also a psychologist, specializing in consumer behavior. I can help you understand Freud, Asch, Milgram, and more. If you?re curious about blending design and psychology I might l... [more]

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Kay M.

Study Skills Tutor

Vancouver, WA 98662

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$45 per hour.

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Elementary Ed. tutor/ESL pronunciation tutor

While attending college, I took a course called college-text reading and learned many useful study skills. Also, I have learned study skills by reading books on teaching English as a second language. Teaching students to paraphrase after reading a paragraph is just one study skill I have used. My focus in college was elementary education as well as sociology and linguistics. I have taught ESL pronunciation for six years on a part-time basis. I have an extensive background working with children in an orthodontics office, and I enjoy working with children who need academic tutoring or pronunciat [more]

Photo: Jessica C.

Jessica C.

Study Skills Tutor

Portland, OR 97213

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$70 per hour.

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Build Confidence and Skill in Tough Subjects taught by an Honors Grad

I have been trained by and tutored for Sylvan, whose program emphasizes inspiring great study habits. Many of my students have learned better how to organize their time, prepare for tests, and take effective notes. As a tutor for Santa Rosa Junior college I assisted students in reading for better understanding and using these methods and tips in other areas of life. Want to learn top study strategies from a summa cum laude (and Phi Beta Kappa) graduate? I'll show you the best ways to retain and understand difficult information (that will probably cut your study time in half). You'll learn h [more]