10 Trigonometry Tutors Found Near St. Louis, MO

Photo: Kevin B.

Kevin B.

Trigonometry Tutor

Saint Louis, MO 63130

Will travel 10 miles

$96 per hour.

4.93 919 ratings

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One-on-one lessons in math, engineering, and technology

Hi! My name is Kevin, and I've been tutoring students of all ages and abilities for over nine years. My primary focus is STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), but I also help students succeed in computer programming and in test prep (ACT/SAT/GRE). I believe that, with the right support and attitude, anyone can learn to do anything! My students validate this belief every day. I began tutoring when I was getting my degree in mechanical engineering at Rose-Hulman (Terre Haute, IN),... [more]

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Kevin K.

Trigonometry Tutor

Saint Louis, MO 63126

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$50 per hour.

4.9 283 ratings

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One stop shop for math, science and test prep!

I am very familiar with the concepts of trigonometry such as the the unit circle, applications of trigonometric functions and graphs of trig functions. I have years of experience tutoring math and know how to explain concepts in several different ways to help the student understand. My name is Kevin, and I grew up and live in St. Louis. I have a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as well as a Master's degree in aerospace engineering from St. Louis University. My education helped develop my passion and knowledge for math and scienc [more]

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Aziz T.

Trigonometry Tutor

Saint Louis, MO 63132

Will travel 10 miles

$40 per hour.

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VT grad with a passion for tutoring Math, physics and french

People learn differently: some need practical examples, some need visual representations, some feel comfortable from following step by step instructions, simply verbal, physical and etc. I think for students to learn effectively we need to introduce different teaching techniques to keep them engaged. As a tutor, I believe keeping students engaged in what I teach is the foundation of learning. The use of real world problems can be very helpful in finding ways to keep students interested and en... [more]

Photo: Andre W.

Andre W.

Trigonometry Tutor

Saint Louis, MO 63119

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$45 per hour.

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Organic Chemistry Tutoring for orgo I&II

Hi my name is Andre and I have tutored organic chemistry for Dr. Vidyullata Waghulde and Dr. Reni Joseph for a total of a year and a half. I am well versed in both organic chemistry I&II. I am fun and outgoing as well as a visual teacher with my students. I invest a lot into my students ultimate success in these classes. I take a personal joy in seeing a students success as well as anguish when a student of mine struggles. I look forward to meeting and conversing with every new student and I ... [more]

Photo: Elizabeth G.

Elizabeth G.

Trigonometry Tutor

Saint Louis, MO 63117

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$55 per hour.

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Experienced Math Tutor

I have taught and tutored Trigonometry for over 30 years. I have also trained teachers on the skills necessary to teach Trigonometry. Because this information is so critical to Physics and Calculus, I make sure that students have a true understanding of these concepts before moving on. I am very knowledgeable in this subject and have good strategies to pass on. I am an experienced tutor in many subjects, but prefer math as it is my favorite subject. I have been teaching and tutoring since 1986! Tutoring brings an extra level of satisfaction because students really grasp the concepts and feel m [more]

Photo: Melissa D.

Melissa D.

Trigonometry Tutor

Saint Louis, MO 63128

Will travel 30 miles

$60 per hour.

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Mathematics Graduate Student and Spanish Tutor

I was a middle and high school Spanish and Mathematics teacher for five years in the Lindbergh district. I am a graduate mathematics student who has taken several engineering undergraduate courses. I also have a minor in Spanish. I am confident in my ability to tutor Physics and any middle school or elementary school course. Additionally, I taught homebound students for a year, travelling to their houses to provide individualized lessons for students.... [more]

Photo: Zachary G.

Zachary G.

Trigonometry Tutor

Saint Louis, MO 63118

Will travel 25 miles

$30 per hour.

4.88 17 ratings

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BU Med Graduate Specializing in STEM Education

My passion for teaching comes from a long-standing commitment to helping kids and young adults. After deciding to pursue a career in pediatric medicine, I found that teaching was a great way for me to interact more with kids and develop my communication skills with them and their parents. I am currently studying to take the MCAT and will later apply to schools this spring, but in the meantime I want to continue to work with kids and young adults to help them succeed and remind myself of why I... [more]

Photo: Mikhail T.

Mikhail T.

Trigonometry Tutor

Saint Louis, MO 63124

Will travel 15 miles

$50 per hour.

4.96 46 ratings

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Knowledgeable and Patient Math and Science Tutor

I successfully taught Trigonometry to HS students for 15+ years. I used variety of techniques (European and American) to improve my students' understanding. I have consistently earned positive reviews. I also tutored this subject to students through WyzAnt and have positive review which is available here. I am a MO, IL and NY states certified HS Math, Physics and Chemistry, and MS Math and Science teacher who has a proven knowledge in all levels of Math from basics to the highest ones and profound knowledge in Physics and Chemistry as well. I have always been able to improve students' knowledg [more]

Photo: James C.

James C.

Trigonometry Tutor

Saint Louis, MO 63128

Will travel 20 miles

$50 per hour.

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Experienced High School and College Math Teacher

I am a teacher of over twenty years' experience, certified to teach middle school and high school mathematics, and as such, I have taught mathematics from pre-algebra to advanced algebra in grades 7-12. I also have extensive experience teaching college mathematics; the courses I have taught to adults include arithmetic, basic, intermediate, and college algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus, and mathematics for elementary teachers. In addition, my experience includes seven years of online... [more]

Photo: Channing H.

Channing H.

Trigonometry Tutor

Saint Louis, MO 63130

Will travel 2 miles

$30 per hour.

4.89 46 ratings

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WUSTL Grad for STEM and Test Prep

I got an A in trig, taking it 7th grade year. I am also majoring in Mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis. I also currently tutor a student in trig. Hello, my name is Channing; I am a graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor's in Statistics and working on a Masters in Environmental, Energy and Chemical Engineering. I have tutored students form kindergarten to adults privately for approximately 5 years in subjects such as chemistry, physics, math, ACT, SAT ASVAB, and numerous other areas. My goal is to ensure your student is confident in his/her abili [more]