19 World History Tutors Found Near Allegheny, PA

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James H.

World History Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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$45 per hour.

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21 years of teaching experience in AP Psychology and U.S. History

I have been a high school teacher for 21 years. I was nominated for Pennsylvania teacher of the year. I have taught World History, United States History, Psychology, and AP Psychology. I have considerable experience helping students prepare and improve their performance on the AP Psychology test. I have extensive experience tutoring students in neuroscience and other complex psychological topics. I was a Psychology teacher for 19 years and an AP Psychology teacher for 6 years. I w... [more]

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Fidelia R.

World History Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15221

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$40 per hour.

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Hipster Writing Tutor + SAT/PSAT/ACT Writing/Reading Test Prep

I have a bachelor's degree in History from Wheaton College, IL. I have taken classes such as British History, the History of the Modern Middle East, the Politics of International Relations, the Politics of Human Trafficking, Third World Issues, Transforming Poverty in the Global South, and Ancient Archaeology. A few things about me: Hi! I am an artistic, analytical, adventure-loving person. I love to travel (11 countries and counting!), and I love to spend quality time with long-term friends. Christmas is my favorite season (it's more than a day). And I love mountain sports (skiing, hiking, r [more]

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Thomas J.

World History Tutor

Allison Park, PA 15101

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$25 per hour.

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Creative and Knowledgeable Literacy Educator

I am a state-licensed educator who currently has teaching endorsements in PK-12 Reading and English and Social Studies grades 7-12. I have taught that last subject full time for eight years. I began teaching in 1992, and the bulk of my teaching experience has been with at-risk student populations in Title One schools, Special Education or alternative classroom settings. I recently completed my MA Reading Specialist degree and am currently enrolled in a University MA Learning, Design, and Tech... [more]

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Lydia P.

World History Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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$30 per hour.

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History, Critical Reading/Writing, Literature

Social studies and history have fascinated me for as long as I can remember and over the years have developed into a passion that I now strive to share with others at every opportunity. As a history major in college I gained not only a greater knowledge of the facts, but also developed my critical thinking and honed my writing skills. I also took education classes and got certified in secondary social studies and English. My professor told me I would make a great teacher because I was easily ... [more]

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Daniel M.

World History Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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$40 per hour.

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College writing teacher with a background in the Humanities

I have earned an undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida and have read widely since that time in the areas of intellectual history, Middle East History and globalization. I am an experienced college English Composition and career development instructor. I have experience with non-traditional educational students. Most of my students have been individuals who struggled through High School and were pursuing a vocational certificate. My responsibility was to make things clear and comprehensible to students at any level. Typically, I work best in small groups or one on one, hel [more]

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Tracey B.

World History Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15208

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Tracey-Lifelong Learning Advocate

I have my masters degree in education, which I obtained in 2006. One of the qualifications for study at Union Institute and University was the proper amount of credits in history. In addition to my undergraduate courses in Political Science, I took additional courses in World and in US History. My masters degree was in Curriculum and Instruction specializing in Social Studies grades 6-12. Hello, As a student my favorite subjects in school had anything to do with reading and history. I have always been an avid reader and as a child one of my favorite places to be was the public library. I en [more]

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Jeff J.

World History Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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$40 per hour.

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Social Studies Teacher In All Areas

I am an experience teacher who has taught both English and Social Studies at schools around the world. I spent 5 years in Taiwan teaching English to Chinese-speaking students. I only returned to the US to complete my Master's degree in education from Drexel University. I love being able to help students succeed in their classes, but more importantly, I love the look and feeling of accomplishment that a student gets when something finally "clicks" for the first time and all of the pieces fa... [more]

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Colin N.

World History Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15202

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$35 per hour.

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English Tutor- Reading, Writing, Grammar

I am available to tutor any subject in the K-8 level, and I am particularly capable in English and ELA related subjects. I studied literature, grammar, creative writing, and education on my way to earning a Bachelor's degree in English. My literature studies focused mainly on American literature and its cultural impact. I have continued my interest in reading and writing since earning the English degree. My own creative writing focuses mainly on children's stories, specifically involving ... [more]

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Jacquelle B.

World History Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15209

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$45 per hour.

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Tutor with coursework experience in Education

My passion for learning has encouraged me, throughout my life, to vigorously pursue activities that inspire growth in literacy, in myself and others. Whether that activity is reading, writing, selecting a piece of literature (whether it be a book, a magazine, a newspaper, or a flyer), or engaging in a visually stimulating activity that will promote reading proficiency, any effort that I may make towards my ability to learn has strengthened my understanding of myself and the world around me. ... [more]

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Bruce E.

World History Tutor

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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World History, Religion, English Composition, Leadership tutor

I have 20 years of independent research and study in pre-history, ancient history, world history, Church history. I have taught World Religion I and II at University of Phoenix in Dallas for over 6 years. I am a seasoned professional educator with over 25 years of classroom teaching and tutoring experience. I am ready to help you master your educational subject. I am an encouraging and positive tutor who places great emphasis on helping students learn how to learn by teaching a love for research and learning. I also add value to all the subjects I tutor by giving the student the larger cont [more]