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Mary V.

Writing Tutor

Memphis, TN 38134

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Patient Tutor Specializing in Learning Differences, ESL/EFL, and Art

I took Accelerated Composition in college and currently still write poetry, short stories, and journal. I'll be happy to assist anyone struggling with writing. Each situation is unique just as each assignment is unique, so I am unable to delineate here exactly what a lesson would entail. I can say that I will try to make lessons fun, as well as useful. I love teaching. I have considerable experience tutoring adults, teens, and students with learning differences, as well as ESL/EFL, and art. The subjects I teach cover a broad range because my experience covers a broad range, and I enjoy it all. [more]

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Celia L.

Writing Tutor

Memphis, TN 38135

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ACT, SAT, English, Math, Biology Chemistry, Homeschooling

Extensive experience in writing peer reviewed published articles. I have a B.Sc in Microbiology & Biochemistry, Ph.D in Molecular Biology and over twenty years work experience in academic biomedical research. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with students of all levels. I am available to help the most junior students to those students who need extra help with college courses. As a parent, I also appreciate the academic needs of elementary school students and relate well to little ones who are struggling with basic skills. I am available during the daytime for ... [more]

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Erin L.

Writing Tutor

Memphis, TN 38125

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Elementary/Middle School Educator

Although I have primarily focused on teaching reading for the past 5 years of my career, I recognize the importance of good writing skills as well. The two areas should not be taught separately, but instead in tandum. Research has shown that tying reading and writing curriculums together is beneficial for students especially in the world of Common Core State Standards. I have found great joy in teaching students how to effectively write paragrphs and essays in response to literature based questions after reading and analyzing the texts. Placing emphasis on writing through reading is helping to [more]

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Jaine R.

Writing Tutor

Memphis, TN 38111

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Professional Writer/Voiceover/On-Air Talent

The ins and outs of writing speeches, advertising copy for print and broadcast, sales, training, tribute and promotional videos, presentations, award shows, audio materials, articles, lyrics and other special material. A working writer/voiceover talent for more than 40 years, this pro boasts a long list of credits in the corporate and advertising sectors. She also comes to the table with years of experience as a radio talk show personality, offering you a unique blend of credentials. Add to this a degree in Broadcasting from one of the top Communication Colleges in the country, with minors in [more]

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Steve B.

Writing Tutor

Cordova, TN 38018

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$30 per hour.

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The development of good writing skills requires a student's ability to distinguish and to use correctly all parts of speech, constructing complete sentences with subjects, verbs, and relevant modifying words and phrases, accurate capitalization and punctuation skills, and clearly written and organized thoughts expressed in the student's writing. Sentences are the building blocks for paragraphs when a main idea and supporting details are included that give the paragraph unity of thought. In addition to the grammar and diction mechanics, including correct spelling skills, a student who is learni [more]

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David K.

Writing Tutor

Memphis, TN 38122

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TOEFL, ESL, Academic Writing, Foreign Language

I am a licensed multilingual educator with over five years of teaching and tutoring experience. My Master's degree is in Applied Linguistics and I am currently pursuing a second Master in Instruction and Curriculum Leadership in conjunction with my teaching license. I specialize in ESL and TOEFL but am experienced (and enjoy!) teaching academic writing, French and Arabic. Lived in Morocco and France and speak both languages fluently. Master's degree in Applied Linguistics. Experience tuto... [more]

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Steven G.

Writing Tutor

Memphis, TN 38119

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Experienced Writer, Speaker, and Teacher

I have taught university courses for ten years, and I serve as a consultant for the Center for Writing and Communication at the University of Memphis. I have a master?s degree in communication and am pursuing a doctorate in communication. In addition to coursework in communication, my education has included 21 semester credit hours in English. My written words have appeared in an encyclopedia and several magazines, newspapers, and blogs. I served as an editor of an online magazine. Several... [more]

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Lynsee B.

Writing Tutor

Cordova, TN 38018

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Enthusiastic college senior with a friendly demeanor

I have participated in National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) for seven years in the running. I have finished and certified my 50k words on no less than three separate occasions. I've been writing stories since at least sixth grade English (my favorite piece to date is the twelve year old me rendition of "The Three Little Pigs"). I also, though this may be less important, hold a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. I am a recent college graduate with a strong love of languages. I have studied German since I was thirteen and I have a Bachelor's Degree in both English (Creative Writing) [more]

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Takeya M.

Writing Tutor

Memphis, TN 38116

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Great English Tutor

I have 15 plus years writing experience and have been an Adjunct professor. My name is Takeya and I have been helping students excel in writing for more than ten years. I currently work at the University of Phoenix as an adjunct instructor. I love to help a student conquer their fear of writing and consider myself a hard-working and self-motivated instructor who puts great effort into helping students to meet their full potential. I am a caring, patient, and sensitive teacher who works well with students of various backgrounds and learning capabilities. I am dedi... [more]

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Jake A.

Writing Tutor

Memphis, TN 38133

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Graduating Student at the University of Memphis

During the school year, I will typically write a minimum of 1 - 2 papers a week. Consequently, I'm well - versed in writing papers and making deadlines. I'm a 22 year old student at the University of Memphis. I graduated from High School in 2013, so I still remember what High school education is like and I have tips for a successful high school experience and/or insight into higher education (Community College/University). I have a handy stack of old (and recent) English papers with teacher feedback and suggestions. I've always had an appreciation and love of literature. I believe literature t [more]