9 Zoology Tutors Found Near Eugene, OR

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Ali J.

Zoology Tutor

Portland, OR 97231

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$20 per hour.

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BS in Biology from Portland State University

I have completed several upper level college courses in zoology including comparative anatomy and physiology. I am incredibly interested in organismal biology and this subject was the focus of my bachelors degree. While in these courses in college I assisted my peers and guided my peer group to high grades in several zoology centered classes. I have taught biology at a college level as a student employee for Portland State University. I have also taught young students Japanese at a weekend language school. Generally I have provided support for fellow classmates over the course of my educationa [more]

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Nathan H.

Zoology Tutor

Bend, OR 97702

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Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

Zoology is one of the subjects within biology that I enjoy teaching and tutoring. As a college student I had many classes in zoology, and as a college instructor I have taught classes in zoology. This is one of the most fascinating topics in biology and includes invertebrate and vertebrate taxonomy, comparative form and function, and the evolution, behavior, and ecology of animals. I have over 20 years experience teaching college and high school level courses in life sciences, especially general biology and human anatomy & physiology, as well as experience in tutoring. I also have experience a [more]

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Benton C.

Zoology Tutor

Springfield, OR 97478

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Relatable, personable and a career educator!

Zoology is often touched upon in Biology. I have many live organisms in my classroom I reference and discuss and this is zoology at its finest. Real life examples. I teach a Zoology class at the high school level and cover many different phyla and taxonomies of the different species. Zoology is great for students interested in the real world around them or want to learn more and dig deeper! This is a passionate subject of mine!!! I am currently a high school science teacher. I have Biology and Physical Science classes, but I also am passionate about the world around us such as zoology and bota [more]

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Andrea B.

Zoology Tutor

Newport, OR 97365

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Andrea: Math and Biology

As a marine biologist, I have taken many courses that are directly or indirectly correlated to zoology, including two invertebrate zoology courses and marine mammal biology. One summer I worked at the National Zoo Invertebrate Exhibit, where I worked directly with the organisms and taught visitors about these organisms. I also conduct a lot of research projects that require I understand a lot of the life histories of the organisms I study. During my undergraduate studies, I tutored Biology 101 and 201 (college courses). I graduated in 2011 with my Bachelors in Biology with an emphasis in Marin [more]

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Rosalee E.

Zoology Tutor

Tualatin, OR 97062

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Personable, patient and dedicated to success

My experience in Zoology includes one full year of lab and lecture courses in zoology, a year of general biology including cladistics and phylogeny, courses in invertebrate zoology, and comparative vertebrate anatomy. Additionally, I have been a teaching assistant two years in the same cladistic-focused biology course. I have maintained a GPA in these courses about 3.8 and enjoy the topics, also. I have graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Field Biology. I have utilized these skills in both field and lab situations, specializing in the niche of [more]

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Shannon M.

Zoology Tutor

Vancouver, WA 98683

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Wildlife and Marine Sciences; Technical and Creative Writing

I believe I am qualified to tutor in the subject of zoology because of my educational and teaching experience in the field. I have taught zoological courses as a guest lecturer, TA for graduate level classes, and for a ship based educational program. I have numerous publications related to zoology. I feel fortunate to have grown up in an environment where education was prioritized in and out of the classroom. A love of learning and the tools to self teach are the foundation for success in any endeavor and I have truly enjoyed opportunities to share my passion for learning, particularly about t [more]

Photo: Laura M.

Laura M.

Zoology Tutor

Portland, OR 97214

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PhD in Ecology Who Loves Teaching

I have a PhD in Zoology. I have taken numerous courses in Zoology. I believe all students can succeed and meet their educational goals, and I love to help them in this process. Besides just focusing on the subject matter at hand, I aim to teach my students the process of how to learn and how to develop their own study methods so that they can improve their learning skills overall. I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Texas A&M University where I graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 and a PhD in Zoology from Oregon State University. I have worked ... [more]

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Laura F.

Zoology Tutor

Vancouver, WA 98660

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Hello! My name is Laura and I would love to be your tutor!

I have a bachelor's in zoology from Kent state University in Ohio. I graduated with cum laude standing at Kent State University, with a bachelor's degree in zoology and a minor in psychology. I am looking to be a tutor because of my intense passion for motivating, teaching, and helping students. I know that I will be extremely beneficial to any student that may need help or motivation in school. I gained teaching experience in a program called Teens n? Teaching, and sincerely loved every second of it. During this program, I worked with first, fifth, and ... [more]

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Meenakshi N.

Zoology Tutor

Beaverton, OR 97007

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Patient, highly qualified and fun tutor for Science (biochem, Chem...)

As a PhD in biochemistry, its mandatory for us to have zoology, chemistry, botany, genetics and anatomy and physiology as majors. In addition I am an MD in genetics. I am a Molecular and Medical Geneticist from OHSU, Portland, OR and have a doctorate in Biochemistry. I have done bench research and teaching in genetics, biochemistry and chemistry for about two decades now. I have taught these subjects to both undergrad and grad students at RIT (Rochester, NY) as adjunct faculty. I have published 20+ articles in peer-reviewed journals and I love to teach. My students have ranged from 8th grade t [more]