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Creative Tutor of English, Math, K-5, and Middle School Studies

The English language is my passion - grammar, punctuation, spelling, phonology, pronunciation, reading, writing, proofreading, and listening! As a certified teacher of English as a second language, I am creative with and understand different learning methods. For over 18 years I have tutored both adult and teen-age foreign-born students in the U.S. with excellent results. For several months in 2008, I also taught English to Arab speakers in Egypt. Anyone who has the desire and dedication... [more]

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Elementary Math

Experienced in all elementary and middle school math applications. During the past eight years, I have successfully tutored 12 elementary, 4 middle school, and 2 GED students.

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Elementary (K-6th)

For the past three years I have been tutoring elementary students (grades 1-6) on a one-on-one basis. Although I do not hold an elementary teaching certificate, I have been certified in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language, using many of the methods I learned with measured success. TESOL Certification includes pre-school through adults levels. Through WyzAnt I have tutored and am presently tutoring students in grades 1, 2, 3, and 5 Math, English, and Social Studies. These students have shown considerable improvements in comprehension of the subject matter, as well as in test scores. If requested, I am sure that these students' parents would provide testimonials. One must possess an abundance of patience and knowledge of numerous learning methods to teach elementary students, which I do. I have worked closely with my students' parents in suggesting processes and aids to help their children practice and learn on their own as well.

General Computer

For many more years than I want to admit I have been using computers for both professional and personal reasons. Among software word processing programs I have used are WordPerfect and MS Word, the latter being for the longest period of time and the most recent. I consider my skills advanced for all of the Microsoft suite of office products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. My corporate training background includes teaching classes and upgrading my own skills for these software programs. Additional skills include set-up and shortcuts, including Vista for Home Office use.

General Music

At age seven I began taking piano lessons, which eventually led to 15+ years of serious classical music studies. Learning to play the violin and playing in school and community orchestras gave me many hours of enjoyment throughout my school years. I accompanied choral groups as well, playing popular, jazz, religious and classical repertoire. Music theory and history have been predominant throughout my childhood and adult life. I attend concerts frequently, keeping myself updated on performers and new recordings. Understanding music from the composers' perspectives to current day reviews can be captivating with always something new to learn.


Phonics may seem to be a vague component of English, when in reality it is the building block to speaking, reading and writing that will remain with one forever. Phonics unlocks the mystery of how and why words are the way they are. Fortunately, I was taught phonics as a young child in school. Today, however, the science of phonics has been lost in teaching English, and children and adults alike have been cheated of a fascinating and integral part of learning English. As a certified TESOL (Teacher of English for Speakers of Other Languages) teacher, I use phonics in everyday spoken English. I teach and direct my students why phonics is so important to them, and how phonics improve reading, writing and speaking skills quickly. Whether you, or someone you know, is in an academic or business environment, you will benefit from being successful with phonics. I'm ready to show you the way!

Study Skills

Study skills can be easily learned and implemented quickly! Having good skills to study various subjects either simultaneously, or one-at-a-time, is related to being organized in your home and/or work place. It's a matter of disciplining your brain and thoughts. Some people are better at memorization; others may be more efficient in keeping lists to help them study. The proper study environment is important, whether it's in a library or a quiet room in your home. Setting aside a chunk of time on a regular basis is conducive to learning. Some people learn better while listening to their favorite music; others prefer a totally quiet background. I would introduce various options for you to try, as well as recommendations for how to study effectively.


All aspects of the English language have influenced how and what I read, write, and say. Through corporate training and platform skills, I know how important it is to be able speak succinctly and clearly. This is especially so when teaching and learning English as a second or as an additional language. As English has become a global language, I have found students in various areas of the world have learned American English, British English or Australian English. Because of these differences, I wanted to find out what they were, and how I could adapt them in my tutoring. In early 2008 I embarked on a 6-week program to become certified in teaching English to those wanting to learn it as a second or additional language. After receiving my TESOL certification in Alexandria, Egypt, I continued to teach there for the German Language Institute (many other languages were taught there, as well as German) and for TEFL International. The majority of my students were adults. Upon returning to the U.S. I've continued to tutor adults who are serious about learning English and its many components. Whether you want to learn English grammar, spelling, or punctuation that you never managed to learn in school, or you want to be able to communicate in English as your second language, I will make a difference for you!

Microsoft Outlook

Using Microsoft Outlook has been a part of my business workday for 15+ years, as well as a constant in my personal communications for over 12 years. As a training director for two travel companies, I designed and taught Outlook, Word and Excel to staff and management for a total of seven years. The curriculum included setting up files, archiving, signature lines, out-of-office messages, and general maintenance and time management for both incoming and outgoing emails. One particular favorite class which I taught was how to write business emails in a professional and brief manner. In January, 2011, I completed training for Windows 7 and Word 2010, and since then have tutored an attorney through WyzAnt for both.

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