Nancy N.

Nancy N.


Overland Park, KS 66213

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$27 per hour.

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Outstanding Elementary and Spanish Teacher working with grades K-12

Dear Students: My name is Nancy and I am originally from New Jersey. Currently, I live in the Overland Park area. I have a bachelor's in Spanish and a Master's in Education. I I have been a substitute teacher and a tutor in both NJ and here. I worked for the Olathe and Spring Hill Public School systems . I also worked for Agape Montessori school and I have been a tutor for both adults and children who are ESL students. I am currently a para-educator who works for Spring Hill Public Sc... [more]


Outstanding Certified Elementary and Spanish teacher is now able to tutor in biology. I have always loved biology and science and now I am looking forward to tutoring in a subject that I love. I hope to use my 11 years of tutoring skills and 14 years of substitute teaching skills to help those that need it.



Grammar skills are important to have because they increase your chances on finding a better job. People with better grammar skills usually have better writing skills. These skills are very important for children to learn at a young age and are carried with them through their adult lives.

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Experienced elementary school tutor now is certified in prealgebra. I have over 11 years experience as a tutor and have tutored in many subjects over the years. If you are looking for a tutor with a lot of experience and has even worked with children with special needs, please contact me through I look forward to meeting you soon.


As a successful reading teacher with over 11 years experience as a tutor, I will help you child learn to love reading. I identify how each child learns best and develop a specific program that meets the needs of the student. I also have developed these strategies that help both native speakers of English and non-native speakers of English improve their reading skills. If you are looking for someone who is experienced in teaching others reading, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Spanish. I have taught bilingual and ESL children mostly from Spanish speaking families. I have learned from my interactions with these families allot about the Hispanic culture. My interactions with these families has expanded on my ability to speak Spanish and increased my love for the language.


I am a certified Elementary teacher and tutor with many years of experience who has tutored students in both English, Elementary Education, Spanish and English as a 2nd language students. I have had many years experience successfully teaching others how to improve on the English and reading skills. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you.


I have 14 years experience as a substitute teacher and my native language is English. My English reading, writing, and speaking skills are excellent.



SAT Reading

I was an Avid tutor for the Olathe Public School district a few years ago and I had to tutor ESL students in reading, history, writing, and science for the ACT and SAT tests.

SAT Writing


I have an ESL background as and have tutored students in a wide variety of standardized tests including the TOEFL. I am also a para-educator who helps students with reading reading, grammar and writing who have an ESL background. I also tutored ESL students in high school for the AVID program which helps ESL students to succeed in taking honors courses and standardized tests.

ACT Reading

I was an Avid tutor and helped ESL students prepare for both the ACT and SAT tests.

Elementary (K-6th)

I am interested in tutoring in grades K-6,because I teach these children every day. Every day I am helping a child with reading, math , spelling or science at my other job. I take whatever problem it is and break it down and make it easy for them. For example, I helped a kindergardener learn about money. I demonstrated the value of the money through the use of crayons in which each crayon represented a penny. There have been many times where I have helped students untderstand their spelling, science, and reading homework. I truly love to work with this age group which is why I have a Master's degree in Elementary Education.

Study Skills

As a certified teacher in Elementary Education, I have learned a wide variety of note taking techniques, such as free writing, concept mapping, and standard note taking practices to help you become more proficient in your note taking. Also, I have learned how to organize notebooks and help students become organized. If you wish to become more organized and learn how to take notes better, feel free to contact me.

Special Needs

I have a wide variety of experiences working with special needs individuals. I have worked with students who have Emotional Disorder problems, learning disabilities, Tourettes, add/adhd and many other types of learning problems just to name a few. I worked with small groups of special needs kids for 3 years during the summer and I have many years of experiences working as a paraeducator or substitute teacher in special needs classes.


I have taught in ESL classes before and I even was a permanent substitute teacher in a bilingual education class. Because of my ability to speak Spanish and my English grammar skills, I believe that I would be able to help these students no matter what level of mastery they have obtained.

Social Studies

I have a passion for social studies and history. In fact, I almost had a double major in international affairs, which was a combination of both government and history courses. Since then, I have been a substitute teacher for 13 years and taught successfully in many social studies courses. In 2013, I was an Avid tutor and tutored ESL students in many subjects including social studies. I also have been a social studies tutor for other companies also.


I have been teaching students how to write in both English and Spanish. I usually use various techniques such has having the students trace their names and sentences and words depending upon the grade level. I also have children practice writing using shaving cream in an aluminium pan to allow the students to practice making their letters and strokes. I also have Montessori alphabet letters that will allow the students to form words on pan that looks like a lined piece of paper and then can copy it down on the paper. I work as a para-educator and I have many years of experience helping students write from Preschool to writing 12 grade essays.