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RN 40 yrs, Experienced, Master's-prepared Professional Adult Educator

I'm an R.N. with a master's degree in higher and adult education from the University of Missouri and a B.S. in natural science (biology, anatomy, physiology, physics, chemistry, microbiology, botany, genetics, math, etc.). My paid professional teaching experience spans more than 40 years, and I have been with Wyzant since 2010. My clinical nursing specialty was critical care and I was certified as a critical care nurse (CCRN). Later in my career after earning my graduate degree in education... [more]

Algebra 1


I have an undergraduate degree in natural science, which included biology, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, botany, chemistry, physics, kinesiology, etc. I later took a class in genetics at the University of Houston. I taught biology and human anatomy at the community college level, and designed my own laboratory exercises as well as lectures and tests. Additionally I am registered nurse with much practical experience applying the principles of biology to my work.


I have a master's degree in higher and adult education, and have been writing professionally over the span of more than 40 years. I have always scored high on standardized tests of verbal ability. In nursing school as well as high school I studied Latin, so I know medical terminology quite well.


Microsoft Excel

I have used Microsoft Excel for at least 15 years on a regular basis in my work in healthcare as well as my current work as a professional dog trainer and business owner. I had formal training in Excel prior to using it regularly in my work, and I attended additional training sessions after that. Most of what I know I learned on the job, making spreadsheets and graphs. I would call myself an intermediate user.

Microsoft PowerPoint


I have a B.S. in natural science and a master's in higher and adult education. I took what was called math-science at the University of Findlay, courses which were closely correlated with what we were studying in chemistry and physics, and did very well in prealgebra.


I have always loved reading and love words. I am also a published author. I learned how to read using phonics. I had Latin and Spanish in high school and had to memorize Latin word roots and the Latin meaning of abbreviations in nursing school. I am not good at foreign languages, but I am very good at English and teaching. I am comfortable teaching anyone of any age how to read, even though I have had no formal education in reading instruction.


I am a professional, published writer. I have been writing since I was a teenager and wrote for the school paper and published poetry. As a professional nurse I have published innumerable articles on various topics, including some in peer-reviewed journals. Currently I write mostly on dog-related subjects. I have been a guest blogger and have written online articles, letters to the editor, columns, feature articles, newsletters, various business reports, advertisements, research papers, etc. I have reviewed two books, one on critical care and one on dogs for an Australian author and photographer.


I have always scored high on tests of verbal ability, and have been writing for more than 40 years. I have bylines in a variety of print and online publications, and have tutored students in writing, My expertise lies in nursing and dog training and behavior.


I am a licensed registered nurse and have taken a number of psychology and sociology classes, including at least one, physiological psychology, in graduate school. In graduate school I also worked in an animal learning lab where the professor was studying schedules of reinforcement in operant conditioning. Currently I apply the principles of classical and operant conditioning on a regular basis as a certified professional dog trainer. I do behavior consultations as well and have delved into behaviorism even more and attended various educational program on behavior modification and applied behavior analysis. I have a master's degree in higher and adult education, a field which overlaps with psychology.


I had a very early start studying anatomy and physiology. My parents bought me the "Invisible Man" and the "Invisible Woman" as well as a microscope at a young age, and I took anatomy and physiology in high school. My undergraduate degree in natural science included anatomy and physiology. I had 4 semesters of A & P as an undergraduate and studied the application of what I learned extensively in nursing school and in my practice as a registered nurse. I taught anatomy at a community college and co-taught a critical care certification prep class at the University of Missouri Hospital & Clinics. The core curriculum includes in depth information about applied anatomy and physiology.


Even before college and nursing school, I was studying anatomy with scientific toys my parents provided, specifically, the Invisible Man and Invisible Woman. I took anatomy and physiology in high school, college, and again in nursing school. I taught biology and human anatomy in college, and took a physiological psychology class in graduate school. I worked many years in critical care as a certified critical care nurse, and taught CCRN certification preparation classes.




I have been a licensed registered nurse since 1978 with a former specialty and certification in critical care. I have taught nursing as well as innumerable nursing - related topics in the healthcare setting, the college setting and in the community. I have been tutoring nursing students with Wyzant since 2010.


I have been an RN for 39 years. I have a strong clinical background with a primary specialty and certification in critical care (CCRN). I worked in quality improvement for 5 years, which includes infection prevention and control. On the NLN achievement exam in nursing school, I scored in the 97th percentile on the microbiology exam, and made an A in the course at the University of Toledo.


I have always done well in spelling and writing. I have a pretty good vocabulary and an active interest in words and their meaning. I have the advantage of having taken Latin and Spanish in high school, which even though these subjects were not my favorites, provided me with additional background in words. Later in nursing school I had to study Latin again with regard to medical terminology. I am a published writer and am in the habit of looking up words that I am not absolutely sure of the meaning or spelling. The dictionary is a close friend of mine.

Elementary Math

I have a B.S. in natural science and a master's in higher and adult education. My master's program included 5 courses in statistics.

Elementary Science


General Music

I have had experience playing several different instruments including piano, organ, guitar, trombone and harmonica. I have played in high school and college band, participated in high school musicals and sang in choirs in high school. Later in life I sang in a Sweet Adeline's (Sweet Adeline's International) chorus. I have taken private vocal lessons and have sung a few solos at various events. I took music theory classes at the University of Missouri and organ classes at the University of Findlay. Additionally, I have had years of dance training, in college as well as at private studios.

Study Skills

With more than 10 years of higher education, including a bachelor's degree in science with a major in science, a Master of Arts degree in higher and adult education, and a diploma in professional nursing, I have had plenty of experience to master the art of studying and successfully passing exams. In my graduate program in education, I studied learning theory and the principles of adult education. I have successfully tutored nursing and other health science students via Wyzant for the past 7 years. In

Special Needs

As an RN and as a certified professional dog trainer working with service dogs and their partners I have experience with individuals with various disabilities, including intellectual, developmental, physical and mental disabilities. I have worked with individuals with autism as a substitute teacher in the public school system, as a college instructor and as a tutor.


I have been a registered nurse for 40 years, and passed the state board exam in 1978 the first time around without any preparation a few days after graduation from nursing school. I have been tutoring with Wyzant for the past 8 years, and have a master's in higher and adult education with a professional teaching career that spans more than 40 years. I received an "Award for Academic Excellence" in nursing school and scored very high on all NLN achievement tests. I have an extensive clinical background, mostly in critical care, and have worked in some of the top medical centers in the country. When working in critical care, I was certified as a CCRN. I was also licensed as a paramedic when working as a flight nurse in Texas. In addition to critical care, I have experience in emergency nursing, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, oncology, pediatrics, home health, ambulatory care and managed care.

Computer Science

I have been using computers since I took my first computer class on microcomputers at the University of Findlay in 1975. In graduate school at the University of Missouri I used various statistical software programs, took additional computer classes including Introduction to Microcomputers in 1991 and Utility Software for Computers in 1992, and took a number of non-credit classes in MS applications. I have been using various computer applications daily for at least the past 15 years, and have experience as an EMR trainer at the Mayo Clinic Health System. I use Microsoft Office applications on a daily basis, and have used numerous software programs in the past from statistical software to electronic medical records and more.

Microsoft Windows

I use the computer daily in my work as a small business owner and am well versed in Microsoft Windows. I have used the various Microsoft applications extensively in my work in administrative roles in healthcare over the past 15 or so years and have used the various operating systems since the 90's when I was in graduate school.


I have been a registered nurse for 40 years, previously certified in critical care. I have worked in some of the top medical centers in the United States and participated in tens of hundreds of hours of continuing education related to various topics, including pharmacology. I have years of practical experience administering countless drugs as a registered professional nurse.


I have a master's degree in adult education, a B.S. in science, and am an RN. In addition to taking several sociology and psychology classes in college and graduate school, I have been a registered nurse for almost 40 years. Nursing education, and the practice of nursing incorporates principles of social science.


I am a registered nurse and was required to take normal nutrition and therapeutic nutrition as part of my nursing program. I have also taken and passed a course in pet nutrition through Colorado State University. I received high marks in all of these courses. I have a BS in (Natural) Science and master's degree in Higher and Adult Education so have the requisite educational preparation to research and evaluate current literature on nutrition.


I have an undergraduate degree in science and took 5 courses in statistics in graduate school, including multivariate analysis. I have had about 15 years work experience applying the principles and techniques of statistics in my work in quality and performance improvement.