Ayesha B.

Ayesha B.


Aurora, CO 80012

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$45 per hour.

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Tutor for Competitive Tests, Math, Science and Computer Science

What I bring to this position are skills in computer science, an experience of 6 years of teaching Math, programming languages C++, JAVA and VB6 to students in middle school, high school, undergraduate, and graduate schools, and 3 years of professional experience of developing software. In Summer 2014, I taught Math to gifted middle-school students for Duke TIP. I took them on field trips, like ?The Tower of America? and encouraged them to apply the trigonometric concepts to calculate the hei... [more]

Algebra 1

I have a Master's in Computer Science with Math Minor. I have taught Math to students of all ages and all levels. I would encourage you to inquire more about my experiences and I will talk in detail about them.

Algebra 2

Masters in Computer with Math minor.


Taught University Level Calculus






I have taught University-level trigonometry


I have taught JAVA at the University level and have also developed commercial Software in JAVA!


SAT Math


ACT Math

Discrete Math

I have taken Graduate-level courses in Discrete Math and have also been the Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Discrete Math in a state-level University. I know the various areas in which the students struggle. Feel free to contact me and inquire more about my knowledge in Discrete Math.


I have Software Development experience in C++ in a highly competitive Corporate World and so I know what skill-sets in C++ are desirable!

Computer Programming

I have taught Computer Science and Computer Programming for 8 years at University of Alabama, Huntsville.

Linear Algebra

I have taken Graduate-level courses in Linear Algebra and have also applied the Linear Algebra in my research in UAHuntsville and Syracuse University. I was a Computer Science research scholar at Syracuse University with a focus in Neural Networks and Machine Learning.

Visual Basic

I have taught Visual Basic to University students as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and have used Visual Basic in my workplace as a Software Engineer.


I have C# Programming Certificate from the University of California, San Diego and have developed commercial software in C# .NET environments.


Until recently, I was a Computer Science research scholar at Syracuse University. I have a few years of experience of developing commercial software in Python.


I have taught Javascript to University students as well as have completed projects that use the User Interface as Javascript.


I have an Engineering Degree in Computer Science, and over 2 years of experience in developing Commercial Software Development skills in R script.