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Francis D.


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Special and Regular Educator Specializing in Patience and Success

My name is Mr.D and I hold three degrees from Accredited Colleges. One degree is a B.S. in Sociology, the second is in Elementary Education, for which I have just renewed my Advanced Professional Certificate good through June, 2014, and lastly is my Master's degree for curriculum and instruction in the Elementary School. My certificate authorizes me to teach first through eighth grade. My undergraduate degrees were from Towson University and My Masters was from Coppin State University. My ex... [more]

American History

I have experience teaching American History. I am kind of a history buff, so a lot of the information comes second hand for me. Also my testimonials about my reliability and ability to help my students achieve their full potential is without question my strongest suit.


I teach during the school year and my students possess a vocabulary copybook that they add at least one word to everyday. I also have a word wall that pertains to what we are studying that week.


Reading is by far the most important subject among all the subjects taught. Math requires reading, especially word problems. That takes care of Math as being more important. And the others just trail behind because reading is required in all the other subjects.


I've been teaching for 20 years and at least for 15 of the twenty years I've taught reading, language arts, and writing and I've tied all three together as if they should be taught together. Writing is intertwined with reading because all the special reading skills required writing that helps with comprehending the various nuances that a story brings to the reader. Thank you Sincerely, Mr. Francis


I have taught grades 2 through 9 and have a concentration in English for the 6Th grade. When I did teach 9th it was a special education class. I am both certified in Special Education and regular education. I believe a student should have a strong command of the English language because speaking to someone in proper English is usually their first impression of you. Please consider me when deciding to tutor your child. Thank you. Sincerely, Francis



Currently I have the GED approval from Wyzant and passed the test with an 80%.


ASVAB is about applications to everyday math problems that you would use in practical ways. The problems consist of word problems, all 4 operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The objective is to pull the knowledge you have obtained over the years and condense it so you can be proficient enough to do well at this test.

Elementary Math

For most of my teaching career(17 years)I have been teaching elementary school. I enjoy it and I am most proficient in this area. Math is an exact subject that leaves no room for error. 2+2 =4. There's no getting around it. It will always be that until some genius proves otherwise. Math is also practical and is used for everyday needs. Counting, weighing, knowing shapes, money, and a host of other mathematical terminology that will be needed in your daughter's everyday life. I can make it fun because Math doesn't have to be boring. There are all kinds of Math games that can teach you and you won't even know they're teaching concepts from math that you'll need for the test. Mr. D

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

Dear Students, I am a highly qualified teacher in all subject areas for grades one through eight. In my sixteen year career of teaching I've taught second through eighth grade. Keep in mind though my Advanced Professional Certificate allows me to teach first grade too. I have kept up on all the successful methods of teaching our future, you, the leaders of tomorrow. I don't lecture and spoon feed you information. I'll be counting on you to explain to me what you may be having problems with and then we can tackle them together. I have a simple philosophy. If you can put your mind to something for a certain length of time and never give up, you can accomplish anything. I think tutoring is an area of education that is needed. I chose to do this because the class sizes are too large for all the students to get the attention they need. Our children need to experience education that enables them to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required for lifelong learning and becoming productive citizens in an ever-changing global society. I have the time and knowledge to lend to students what I have taught, but on a much smaller scale that I feel will meet with a much higher return of success. Just remember this one thing when picking a tutor. When I come through the door, whether it was at the library or at another neutral place did you feel I cared about you and your education or something else? If you picked that it seemed like I cared then that is the single most important quality a person can have as a motivation to teach you. If you don't have that feeling then please try someone else who you think will care. Thank You. Francis


Phonics is the basic pronunciation of words using the sounds of blends, consonants, and vowels. I currently work with a program called Hooked on Phonics and the program has had wonderful results. Currently I am a 6th grade Special Educator, who can teach in the regular education class. Thank you. Mr. D.

Study Skills

Study Skills are part of the curriculum used at the school at which I work. I go over technically how to take notes through a program called "Study Island". The students see a presentation on how to take notes and the importance of taking good notes so that when you go back to them later you understand them and retain them. Study skills are as important as knowing the core subjects.

Special Needs

I've been a special educator for little over 3 years. Dyslexia is included with the umbrella of special education. There is a test to see if the child is dyslexic or to see if it's letter reversal. In any case it would have to be rectified for the student to be successful.


I majored in Sociology in college and received a degree in the subject at Towson University. The subject covered a wide range of social issues including but not limited to Research, to criminology, behavioral statistics, and Social Work.

Social Studies

Currently I teach Social Studies to 6, 7, and 8th graders. Over my 19 year teaching career I have taught Social Studies on many different grade levels. Therefore it has been from World Civilization to American History at all grade levels. It has been from 2nd grade to 9th grade. I am also degreed in Sociology which covers many different cultures in many different parts of the world.


I am very familiar with lacrosse. It's been 35 years since I first picked up my first lacrosse stick. I fell in love and haven't looked back since. After playing in High School and College, I went on to play in clubs until I turned 50. Meanwhile I coached at every level of lacrosse and also started a youth league so our High School could become competitive with the stronger scholar athletes in the area schools. I am currently the head coach of a middle school team in Northwest Baltimore. In our third year we reached the championship game. In addition to this, I attend lacrosse conferences and keep the attitude that if you teach the students well they will enrich your life ten fold. That is what has happened to me. The scholar athletes appreciate after awhile the discipline, and hard work that goes into building a championship lacrosse program. It takes hard work and dedication.


I am a Special Educator who has experience with ADD/ADHD students and I can attest to the patience it takes to help these students succeed. I have worked hard to get a reputation as a person who brings kindness, patience, and the skills to manage all types of students. If we don't help the students who are we going to count on in the future?