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Effective Math Tutor with an Engineering background

I've been successfully tutoring Math in Clark County for the last 10 years, and hold a B.S. in Engineering from Oakland University (Previously a branch of Michigan State). In my 21 years as an Engineer, I've worked for Apple Computer, Toshiba America, and Lucent Technologies. My background has allowed me to become certified in the subjects I specialize in which are: Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Test Prep for the Math Proficiency exam, ASVAB, and GED. When it comes to m... [more]

Algebra 1

I have taught Algebra 1 at the high school level for the last 10 years, and have helped countless students pass the Math Proficiency Exam, as well as raising their letter grade 2 levels, on average. I create lessons custom designed for each student, and have a system that works.

Algebra 2

I have taught Algebra 2 for the last 10 years, and have helped many students pass the Nevada High School Math Proficiency Exam. I also tutored on the subject when I was in high school, and took higher level math courses in college, up to Calculus 2. I customize lessons for each student based on their specific needs.

Microsoft Excel

I've been using Excel for over 25 years now, and know everything there is to know about how to navigate through the product and create basic spreadsheets and graphs.


I have successfully taught math over the last 10 years, including geometry.

Microsoft Word


I have taught prealgebra at the middle school level for the last 10 years, and have helped many students improve their letter grades dramatically. I create lessons that are customized to each student.

SAT Math


I have been successfully tutoring the math portion of the GED for the last 4 years and have an extensive background in math and engineering.


I have taught ASVAB prep for the last 3 years, and the math portion for the last 10 years. Dedicated students who put in the time and effort have gone on to receive great job offers in the military, including jobs in the area of Cyber Security, and other lucrative positions. The father of one of my students called me an ASVAB expert. I can help you pass the ASVAB, especially if you need help in Math. My Engineering background can also help you to pass the Electrical, and Mechanical portions of the test.

General Computer

I started out using computers in 1982, when I started working as an Engineer at Apple Computer. It was interesting, that year, Apple replaced all the typewriters, eliminated all the secretaries, (and even the term "secretary"), and put an Apple III on every employee's desk. It's a good thing I knew how to type already! Many of the Engineers felt that Apple turned them into Secretaries, but soon, everyone in the company was happy to do their own typing. In 1984, I switched to the Macintosh for both home and work. I continued using the Mac until I left the company in 1987. At that point, I switched to the "PC" (actually, what we call PC's are actually IBM PC clones!) because the Mac didn't have any stock charting applications at the time. I've used the PC both at work and at home, since 1987. So, that's 27 years of Mac and PC experience, altogether. In that time, I have created hundreds of Excel and Word documents, and have had tons of experience on the Internet, and many other applications, including many for stock charting and trading. I know how hard it is at first for people to use a computer, as there is a fear factor that exists with most people. With today's computers, they're a lot easier to learn than they were in the "old days", but of course they can do a lot more too, so the complexity is probably still about the same when you consider all of that. I really enjoy helping students lose there fears, and get comfortable with the computer as soon as possible. When someone sees how easy it is to connect a printer, use a mouse, boot up a system successfully, or create a Word or Excel document that does what they want it to do, it's very satisfying to them, and to me, when they have that "Ah Ha!" moment! I also like to help students learn how to easily fix some common problems like computer freeze-ups, slow systems, or virus related issues. There's a sense of empowerment people feel when they're able to overcome their fears, and realize the possibilities that lie ahead, once they've mastered some basic computer skills! I really enjoy being an integral part of that process, and hope to be adding some students soon!


ISEE stands for Independent School Entrance Exam. It's used to assess a student?s abilities in order to gain admittance into another school, or to show competence for home schooled children who need to be admitted to a particular school when home schooling is no longer desired or possible. The ISEE is the most advanced admission testing available for independent schools. Schools requiring the test look at a range of other items when qualifying a student to attend, but use the ISEE as a single common point of reference in order to compare the various students who apply for admittance to that school. The ISEE is designed to measure the verbal and quantitative reasoning and achievement of students in grades 4-11 seeking admission to grades 5-12 in independent schools. Students in grades 4-5 seeking admission to grades 5 and 6 take the Lower Level; students in grades 6-7 seeking admission to grades 7-8 take the Middle Level; and students in grades 8-11 seeking admission to grades 9-12 take the Upper Level. The higher the level, the harder the questions, however the tests are exactly the same in terms of the number and types of sections, although they do vary some, with the number of questions and time limits. There are 5 components of the test. They are as follows: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Achievement, and Essay Writing. There are samples of some actual ISEE tests online. So, I took some of them, and found that I had no problem getting over 95% of them correct on the Lower and Middle, and over 85% on the Upper. The following is a breakdown of what?s involved in each part of the test, and why I think I?m qualified to teach them: Verbal Reasoning ? The student is tested on the understanding of synonyms, through multiple choice questions, and also has sentences presented with 1 or 2 blanks, and the student is asked to fill in the blanks through multiple choice answers, based on their ability to deduce the correct answer, given the sentence shown. In order to answer the questions, the student must be able to use verbal reasoning effectively. I feel I?m qualified to teach this because I scored over 95% when taking a sample test online, and also have a Bachelor?s Degree in Electrical Engineering, which requires this kind of reasoning when writing Engineering reports, and other kinds of communication within the technical world. I also have 23 years of work experience in engineering, which contributes greatly to my knowledge base in this area. I have also been tutoring part time for over the last 4 years with WyzAnt, and independently. Most of my tutoring was in Math, much of which used story problems, which required some verbal reasoning in order to solve the problems. Quantitative Reasoning ? Tests the student?s ability to reason mathematically, using little or no mathematical computations, but using some estimating skills. Other parts of this section include basic Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis, in the form of story or word problems. These are again things that were included in my Engineering Degree and Work Experience, as well as in the classes that I?ve tutored in the past. Reading Comprehension ? I?m pretty good at writing and understanding what I read. I have never formally taught a class in this, but have helped people I know to understand things they read in the news and such. I also have a lot of work experience reading and writing engineering and other types of documents and reports, both formally, and through emails. Mathematics Achievement ? As mentioned earlier, I have tutored mostly Math over the last 3 years, and have an extensive math background from my engineering degree and work experience. I think I?m well qualified for this section. Essay Writing - I?ve never formally taught essay writing, but have written many essay?s in my lifetime, and feel confident I could teach it.


Over the last 10 years I've tutored many students in the accuplacer test for math. These students were looking to improve their math knowledge so that they could place into the highest math class possible, thereby potentially skipping some of the lower level classes in order to get to the one they really needed for their degree. All of these students succeeded in placing into a higher math class level than they otherwise would have.