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Skilled English Tutor Specializing in Writing and Test Prep

Dear Prospective Student: I can help you achieve your academic or professional goals. I am a skilled editor. My clients need editing help - both with the content and mechanics - for graduate school, college, or high school level essays, projects or dissertations and any business-related writing: letters, resumes, presentations and the like. As well, I do Online SAT reading and writing test prep, including the rhetorical analysis, but I do no math. The Wyzant Online platform great for bo... [more]

American History


Reading is the running of school. In all sports, you need to run. If you cannot read easily, all school work suffers. It's the one skill that all students need to raise their grades across the board. With over 20 years of experience, I've taught many strategies successfully to help students at all grade levels maximize their time spent reading. All the reading, writing and test taking strategies I teach will help students every day in school, regardless of grade level.


High school or college essay? Admission essays and supplemental questions? Grad school seminar papers or projects? Dissertation? Professional letters, presentations, or projects? I do it all. I offer quality editing and revision, as well as input on content. With a PhD in English and years of experience, I am a quick study who can help you nail down those tricky assignments. Let me help you reach your full writing potential in school or business. Please review my student testimonials; then contact me.

Government & Politics


As an avid reader, teacher, and student of writing, I can discuss any genre of texts for its content (the school house literary elements) and as an formal "object of discourse" for university or dissertation work. With my teaching experience, I know how to find the right example for your level so as to break it down so you'll understand.

SAT Reading

Nothing replaces close reading across the SAT. My Reading Prep prepares a student for critical thinking - "chunking" the text, annotating for key words from the questions in the text, noting transition words, claims, and rhetorical strategies. This allows the student to unpack the passage at hand and score well.

SAT Writing

With over 10 years of test prep experience, my tutoring covers content, organization and mechanics: grammar help for mechanical errors, content for the critical thinking required for the rhetorical analysis and organization for a completely developed essay. The test grades your work as if it's a first draft, but my tutoring will help you compose a point winning essay.

ACT Reading

ACT English

Let me help you prepare for the reading and writing portions ONLY of the ACT. While the ACT is gaining in popularity over the SAT - make no mistake - in the final analysis, these are both reading comprehension tests. The better your read, the higher you'll score. The ACT is a bit different than the resembles a "standard" school test on content, while the SAT is a critical thinking test, meaning how can you work with material you've never seen before.


I have over 20 years experience in theatre as an actor, writer and director. I trained at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre by Richard Pinter. I studied Improvisation with Paul Sills among others. I have studied playwrighting with Edward Albee and Eduardo Machado. As well I have performed with noted theatre companies in Minneapolis, MN, and New York City. Additionally, I have taught "Introduction to Theatre" at the university level. As well, in my college composition classes, my students were required to read and attend the campus productions at the University of Houston in conjunction with my Rhetoric Class. Finally, I am well-versed in theatre as literature, especially the world of Shakespeare and modern 20th century American greats like O'Neill, Williams, Miller, and Mamet.

Career Development

Be a linchpin, the desired employee of the 21st century workforce who doesn't wait to be chosen but is motivated and prepared to lead. With my experience developing career skills, I will teach you to write well, organize and execute smart presentations, as well as sharpen your public speaking, interview skills, and finally revise your resume and cover letters when you want to advance yourself.

College Counseling

Colleges accept you based on your potential. I help both students and their parents understand how to frame the search process, organize their paperwork, pick a potential major, and prioritize their applications. Using my vast experience with students who are sometimes unsure about which are the crucial questions they need to ask themselves, I guide them at all levels of this quest. As well, I assist college students who want to transfer into another school or apply for graduate programs or profession (medical or law) schools, especially with application essays.