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Frederick Tutor - Math Physics English SAT TOEFL GRE

I am an engineer by background. I hold an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University, NJ. I enjoy working with students (elementary, middle, and high school) and have helped a number of students become proficient and independent in many different subjects. The best part about tutoring for me is working with students one-on-one and knowing that I played a part in their academic success. I stress fundamentals and go the extra length to make sure that students really underst... [more]

Algebra 1

Linear and Quadratic equations Non-Linear Equations Substitution of Variables Functions (Trigonometric, Exponential, Logarithmic, Power, etc) Polynomials Graphs

Algebra 2

Theory of equations, System of linear equations, Matrix Inversion and solutions, Polynomials, Non-Linear Equations, Functions - Algebraic, Trigonometric, Exponential, Logarithms.


Limits, Derivative Formulas for various Functions (SIN, COS, TAN, LOG, Ln, X^^a, A^^x, etc...), Derivation of derivatives from fundamentals, Derivative of Product, Summation, Difference, and division of Functions, and Integral Calculus

Microsoft Excel

Setup the Spreadsheet Graphs, plotting, and curve fitting Use of Functions in Spreadsheet


Geometrical figures - circle, triangle, square, rectangle, cones, spheres, and their properties (area, volume, angles, periphery etc..). Pythagoras theorem.

Microsoft Word


Topics covered include: Mechanics (Friction, Forces, Torques, Linear/Angular Momentum, Newtons Laws of Motion (Linear/Rotational), Conservation of Energy and Momentum), Magnetism, and Electricity (Kirchoff's Law).

Microsoft PowerPoint



Functions, Limits Polynomials, Algebraic Functions (LOG, Exponential, SIN/COS,) Series



SINe, COSine, TANgent, COTangent, SECant, and COSECant of angles. Trigonometrical Identities. SIN/COS/TAN of summation/difference of angles. Trigonometrical Equations and solution Methods. SINe and COSine Series.



SAT Math

My focus is SAT Math Prep with the students using (Prep) books. I will provide help with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, and theory of equations.


I scored 99 Percentile (on Quantitative section) myself when I took GRE for Graduate School.

SAT Reading

I can help with SAT Reading, Vocabulary, Speed Reading, Test taking strategies.

SAT Writing

Physical Science


Preparation for TOEFL for Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing Sections. TOEFL Practice online and using the Official TOEFL Guide (to be purchased by student).


I work with the students in following areas: General Science (GS) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) Word Knowledge (WK) Paragraph Comprehension (PC) Mathematics Knowledge (MK) Electronics Information (EI) Automotive and Shop Information (AS) Mechanical Comprehension (MC) Assembling Objects (AO) Verbal Expression (VE) The result is an improved score.


I work with the students using the standard practice books for PSAT. Generally, show the students strategies to take the test, solve problems quickly, make intelligent estimates and/or help the student as needed (clarify concepts).

ACT English

ACT English Review with Standard Prep Books (Barron / Peterson etc..). Review new words, grammar, and punctuation with the student.

ACT Math

ACT Test - Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry using ACT Test Books. Test taking strategies will also be covered.

ACT Science

Elementary Math

Elementary Science



General Computer

Have worked with computers for last 20+ years. Have assembled my own computers. Familiar with various aspects of computers, software, hardware etc. Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite Software - Word, EXCEL, PowerPoint, Visio. Familiar with Operating Systems - Windows, Unix Programming languages - C, Fortran, Hardware Description language (MAST / VHDL)


I have lived in US since 1982 and am familiar with TOEFL and American Language Institute's Language Tests for English. Being originally from India, I believe, I have the insight and knowledge to help people whose mother tongue is not English. Additionally, being an engineer by background, I take a logical and methodical approach to learning English.

Discrete Math

I have done lots of math coupled with computer science which relies on binary algebra. In addition, I have studied Set Theory, K-Maps for binary algorithms and binary equations. Having worked for last 28 years, I believe I am well qualified to teach and help students in discrete math.

Differential Equations

I am a practicing engineer and I am used to solving differential equations in my day to day work. Understanding the fundamentals of differential equations is easy and it can be fun as well.


Having worked for last 30 years in different organizations, I have been exposed to deal and operate in different kinds of business environments. A broad experience of working in different fields in different businesses has given me a background and perspective that I can convey to students to deal with different kinds of day-to-day business issues, problems and challenges. I can teach various aspects of doing business, e.g. conceptual ideas (to start a business), market research, different channels, response evaluation, start-up proposals etc..

Computer Programming

I have 20+ years programming experience in Fortran, Visual Programming Environment, Unix style debugging, Algorithms, and Numerical Analysis.

Computer Science

I have used computers for a long time, both at work and home. I have taken and passed courses in OS Design, Database Theory, Programming Languages, Data Structures, and have a number of years of field experience. I possess experience in Fortran, C, Hardware Description Language, and EES and engineering equation solver.


I have been working on computers for ages ever since these started to appear in late 80's. Very familiar with DOS commands, and various utilities of operating system. I am familiar with DOS, Windows.


I have a solid 20+ years of programming experience in Fortran, Algorithms, Numerical Analysis. I am very Fluent in FORTRAN.


I am originally from India, and Hindi is my mother tongue. I can certainly help anyone trying to learn to read, write or speak Hindi.

Linear Algebra

I have a solid background in numerical methods, scalar and vector algebra, matrix inversion and operations, and Jacobian.

Mechanical Engineering

I hold a BS in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and a MS in Mech Engineering from Rutgers University, NJ. I have worked in the area of Mechanical Engineering for 25+ years. I specialize in Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Methods, Thermodynamics, and HVAC Applications.

Computer Engineering

I have a vast knowledge of computer engineering subject as applied of basic computer functions e.g. hardware design, gates logic, computer software, compilers, operating systems, hardware - software integration, programming languages. Have also experience in assembling computers (Windows machines).