Jeffrey W.

Jeffrey W.


Creedmoor, NC 27522

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Math, Science, Computer, and Drum tutor

My name is Jeff. I am 35 years old and have been teaching since 1999 (mostly music). My main interest are in physics, math, computer science, and music( percussion/bass). I started teaching private drum lessons when I was seventeen and continued until December of 2007 when I decided to take a small sabbatical to gain some other work experience. I have completed 87 credits at Frostburg State University and an Associates of Science from Allegany College of Maryland in Applied Technical Studies.... [more]

Algebra 1

I studied Physics, Math, and Computer Science at Frostburg State University and Tutored through the Student Success Center at Allegany College of Maryland. I also have ten+ years of experience as a private percussion instructor giving me insights and the ability to convey complex ideas in a multitude of ways for students to begin to comprehend theories and then implement them in their lives. I have an Associates degree in Applied Technical Studies fro Allegany College of Maryland and years of experience as an IT Technician and many other technical fields so I can help bring real life examples of study topics to the table to further help understanding.

Microsoft Excel

I have been using excel since I was 14 and have used it for data analysis for my college physics courses. I also took an advanced software computer science course that focused on the intricacies of Microsoft office and it's interconnectedness. I have also used spreadsheets at most of my jobs either as proprietary or personal organization. I didn't play video games in high school, I played Microsoft office.

General Computer

I have an AS in Applied Technical Studies from Allegany College of MD where I also worked in their IT department for four years and tutored through their Student Success Center for a semester. I also have studied at Frostburg State University working towards a bachelors degree with a physics major and a math and computer science minor.

Microsoft Word


I majored in physics, math, and computer science at Frostburg State University and have an AS degree from Allegany College of Maryland in Applied Technical Studies. I tutored at Allegany College as well.

Microsoft PowerPoint



Networking (Computer)

I have experience, both professionally and academically, with computer networking. My professional experience includes working at Allegany College of Maryland as an IT Technician for four years, and I have also worked as call center based technical support for a company hosting web based POS systems. I also studied networking while working towards my associates degree.


When I was 20, in 2002, I was thinking about joining the Army Reserves. I had not taken my ASVAB test and went to take the test in Pittsburgh at the federal building. The highest score possible is a 97; I took the test on a whim and received a 94. I believe that I could have performed better if the computer screens were of better quality at the time of the test. The test covered many aspects of general knowledge including: Math, Science, Auto Mechanics, Cognitive Ability, and Electronics. My test taking strategy plus my past experience from work, life, and school were the key factors in me receiving the score that I did.

Computer Science

My associates degree in Applied Technical Studies has a computer science component included. In addition, I have completed many of the requirements for a computer science minor while working towards a B.S. in physics at Frostburg State University. I also worked as an IT Technician at Allegany College for four years and developed and taught a class titled Digital Jujitsu for continuing education credits.