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Latin, Vocabulary, History and Literature Tutor

I have been a Latin teacher since 1970. I have a B.A. in Latin from Southern Illoinois University and an M.A. in Classics from the University of Washington. I taught high school Latin for 15 years. I have been very successful as a Latin tutor, teaching methods for translation that work. I am prepared to teach grammar, translation, vocabulary building, Roman culture and history. My teaching methods make Latin not only palatable but enjoyable. My goal is that the student will feel and enj... [more]



European History


I have a BA in Latin and MA in Classics. I have taught middle school and high school Latin in two public schools and one private school. I have tutored Latin students in my home. I taught vocabulary development using Latin roots and affixes to adults for thirteen years. With students I practice organizing information in a manner that facilitates translation, especially as passages grow more difficult. I emphasize the Latin basis of our own English vocabulary, especially the abstract. I also include plenty of history and culture as it explains who we our today in Western society.



I have taught composition to 10th graders and American Literature to 11th graders in the public school system. I emphasized composition, creative writing, essay, and literary criticism. I have worked with adults taking online classes that require lots of writing. We practice a format, and work on introduction, conclusion, main points and developing main points I read classic literature and often use it as inspiration for helping a student achieve good writing. As a graduate student I wrote extensively about literature, art, and history.



I taught English Composition and Grammar to 10th graders, American Literature to 11th graders, and vocabulary development to 9th through 12th graders in two public high schools for fifteen years. I have tutored many students in the verbal sections of the ASVAB, GRE, PSAT, ACT, and SAT tests. I've used many approaches to English, practice in grammar, grammar in context, talk/writing a composition, small groups doing different classic novels, students writing plays based on their reading, poster projects, and lots of other ideas and techniques that English teachers' organizations talk about and share.

Government & Politics


World History


SAT Reading

SAT Writing


In the fifteen years I taught high-schoolers I worked with many 11th and 12th grade boys on the Word Knowledge and Reading Comprehension sections of the ASVAB test. We also worked on the 1000+ word list and the Latin and Greek roots and prefixes sections of the ASVAB test. As the vocabulary requirements are extensive, the students I tutor these days do spend a lot of time on strategy for word recognition and recall as we practice the words in context.

ACT English

Elementary (K-6th)

In the mid 90's I was tutored by a specialist in the teaching of phonics; particularly those children with learning disabilities. In the 90's I tutored K-6 students in my home for math and reading. We've worked on math using a number of strategies, such as flashcards and math games. We also have worked on word recognition appropriate to the particular student's grade level. We have worked on phonics with practice in all the vowel and syllable sounds and on various reading strategies. We read stories that are both entertaining and educational.

Study Skills

Tutoring STUDY SKILLS involves practice at taking note of the first sentence of each paragraph and turning it into a question. It involves highlighting main points. It involves puzzling, out loud, through a math word problem. I have worked one-on-one with students doing these and additional activities since the mid-seventies, in the high school classroom and in my home as a private tutor.