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Adobe Creative Suite, Graphic Design, Art, Social Media Marketing

I am a friendly, patient experienced tutor and teacher. As a degreed and experienced designer and college professor, I'm always excited to share my knowledge with my students. I teach the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) Mac computer basics, concepts and principals of design, Microsoft Powerpoint and Word, and social media marketing. I am a social media consultant for a magazine and can help teach how to leverage social media for your business. My goal for stude... [more]

General Computer

I have been an active computer learner, applications teacher and user for many years. I have established a website, several business and personal blog sites and teach and tutor several computer applications. I am highly proficient with MAC and am proficient with PC's and the programs associated with both. I love to teach social networking, blogging and small business marketing via website optimization. From set up to use, I am a friendly and patient tutor-believing there is no question you cannot feel free to ask me!

Microsoft Word

I teach at a local college and use Powerpoint and MS Word for student work. I am a designer and use the Adobe Suite in my "professional life" and am a savvy social media user as well. So we can cover computer, Facebook, whatever you may have questions on.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is a vector graphics software application and is the design the tool of choice for digital artists. As an educator I have experience teaching all levels of Illustrator to adults and older youth. My experience is as a college professor, private teacher and graphic designer using Illustrator on a daily basis. I teach the basics of document set up, review each tool then tailor the tutoring lessons to the student's needs. There is a great deal to learn in Illustrator so learning the student's need is essential to their success. I also teach advanced Illustrator for those who understand the basics but want to advance further with their design and art projects.

Art Theory

Working in the arts is my occupation. I stay engaged in art through practice as well as reading and study. I loved and "aced" college coursework in art theory, art history and the history of visual communications and art philosophy. I have continued to study, research and discuss art theory in an effort to learn more and stay informed.

Study Skills

After receiving two degrees with a 4.0 and 3.5 GPA, I have mastered secrets to study skills for the high school and college age student. Using the basic principals of project management (I have PM coursework completed) and organization (former professional organizer) and experience as a successful student, I am skilled at helping students understand the importance of setting study goals, organizing and following through. Distractions, prep work, organization and motivation are covered in sessions, with each completely tailored to the individual student.

Web Design

All sites need a well designed layout, logical navigation and pertinent content to be successful. I will help you achieve those goals. I have a BFA and am a degreed and experienced artist and designer. I have successfully built simple websites using easy web-builder tools that require minimal coding experience and are ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals. II will teach you how to include metadata and other search engine optimization to help the site be successful. I can help you build your own Wordpress site too!

Adobe Photoshop

I teach Photoshop at the college level and use it in my work on a regular basis, so am an advanced user. Since I teach it, I understand the challenges for those new to learning and make the experience fun as you learn. Photoshop is a robust program and I work with students to understand what they want to do with it, so I teach to each student's individual interests and needs. Users can create effects, restore old or damaged photos, add text and even draw and export to other Adobe programs. I love using Photoshop and hope to help others learn to use and enjoy the fun of working with this powerful and versatile program! I also know and tutor Photoshop Elements. Elements is designed for the hobby photographer and includes an organizational database as well as a comprehensive editing module.

Adobe InDesign

Creating business cards, brochures, booklet and magazine layouts are just a few of the projects I have produced in InDesign, the ultimate professional layout program for graphic designers. A challenging program InDesign offers powerful features you can use to create professional documents for print. I have completed college courses in InDesign as well as produced professionally designed projects. If you have InDesign CS3 or above, I can help you master the basics then move on to advanced functionality. Need help with your college course in Adobe Design? Call me and earn the A you deserve!

Art History

What makes ordinary history compelling and fascinating? Study art in the context of it's culture. History and art come to life when studied together. I tutor as artist with solid art history education, I combine my passion for history and art to create compelling courses for you. I have studied both traditional art history as well as a history of visual communication through art. From the earliest cultures, Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek to today's post modern era, I have the knowledge and passion to tutor students of any age or knowledge level. All you need to learn is an interest in art history. With the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, we have a great "laboratory" in which to study, along with the many private and public galleries.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is now within reach of most anyone with a computer, but most don't know how to get started; I can help you. I have the experience and expertise to guide you through the basics of layout and design for your own desktop publishing projects, from a church or neighborhood newsletter, business cards, sales flyers to help you publish your business,...anything you want to create and print, I can help you learn to make it look amazing! I will teach you what makes the most compelling compositions-the basics of typography, photo editing and layout, plus the marketing principals for successful placement of elements on the page. If you want to learn how to improve any document you create my expertise and experience will teach you.


As a fervent Mac lover and user I will teach you the basics of using a Mac and the related Apple programs, iWork and iHome. Publish your own website via iWeb or create compelling presentations with Keynote...I can teach them all to you! My training is on both a PC and a Mac, but all my professional work is on a power Mac and iMac, both great machines. I will show you how easy and intuitive a Mac can be for any level user and the crucial differences between a PC and a Mac. Load software, perform maintenance, tale PhotoBooth pictures, set up passwords and system preferences easily with basic Mac training.


Learn the Principles of Marketing geared toward the small and new businesses, Etsy and other entrepreneurs and self-employed. I have over 20 years of marketing experience and two successful individual businesses. Learn the importance of market research (and how to do it), how to use target marketing, social media, branding, networking and other techniques to help grow your business and be more successful.

Microsoft Publisher

I worked with Microsoft Publisher for over 8 years in a corporate marketing office. Similar to Pagemaker and other consumer focused desktop design programs, Publisher is a robust tool that will help users create layouts for brochures, reports, business cards, greeting cards and a variety of projects that mix images with text.

Graphic Design

I am a working professional graphic designer with 15+ years experience working in design. I presently have my own company and teach graphic design at the college level. My expertise, experience and education all combine to offer students comprehensive tutorial expertise and support in graphic design, visual branding and marketing.