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College professor and medically trained tutor at your service!

"Living to Learn. Learning to Live." Hello Students! I am a full time faculty member at a local college, where I have extensive experience teaching anatomy, physiology, biology, and medical terminology. I love tutoring because I love interacting with people and was myself a beneficiary of tutors throughout my academic career. I am a teacher at heart, having taught in various venues, including summer camp, Sunday School, and one on one tutoring and mentoring sessions. I look forward to hel... [more]

American History


I am a college professor of biology and have tutored high school students in biology before.


European History





Anatomy is the study of how human beings are put together. An understanding of human anatomy is absolutely vital in excelling in any coursework related to medicine and health sciences. I have extensive experience tutoring nursing, medical, pharmacy students among others in Anatomy. My approach is clinically based, and tailor made to fit each student based on their learning style and ability. I make learning anatomy fun, using anecdotes, mnemonics, and other learning devices to reinforce learning.


I am a college professor with six years experience teaching anatomy and physiology, among other health science subjects.


World History




I am the child and spouse of immigrants. Whether is has been helping my parents fill out medical forms, job applications, or helping my wife with her ESL homework, I have been immersed in a culture of English as a Second Language for my entire life. This unique experience helps me to cater to the specific needs of a particular student, whether it is reading, writing, or conversational. Having studied English literature and grammar in depth on a collegiate level has helped me to learn and impart the flexibility, dexterity, and diversity of the English language. Learning to speak, read, and write English in the USA is the first major step for any individual to assimilate into American society in general, and specifically speaking, in order to properly and effectively advocate for oneself in American society and services. I look forward to helping you to achieve this most necessary goal.


I have extensive experience tutoring nurses. I am conversant with nursing school coursework (anatomy, physiology, clinical, medical/surgical nursing, etc.) as well as preparation for the NCLEX series of exams (NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN). Additionally, I have been able to help many nursing students retake the exam and do well. I can help the student to relate to the high yield material and internalize it, rather than merely memorize it for an exam.


As a trained doctor, I am thoroughly trained in theoretical and practical microbiology. I can help the student systematically understand microbial taxonomy, virology, mycology, and parasitology. There are special methods, devices and routines for studying, understanding, and internalizing the concepts of microbiology and I will help the student to comprehend these and gain an enhanced appreciation of the structure and complexity of the microbial world around us.


I can help the student to understand the principles and intricacies of pharmacology and to relate to the student's coursework and clinical experiences.


Being trained as a doctor, I am keenly aware of the importance of nurses in today's healthcare environment. In my tutoring career, I am privileged to have extensive experience tutoring Registered Nurses and LPN students both in their class materials well as board exam preparation. The beginning of a nurse's journey is with the TEAS. This Test of Essential Academic Skills assesses key skills needed by a nursing student, such as knowledge of science, math, reading, and language usage. I will help the student understand the key concepts for this test, as well as test taking strategies and ways to overcome test taking anxiety.