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Effective Math, English, and Music Tutor

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but a lighting of a fire." -William Butler Yeats Kids naturally love to learn. It's in how they explore the world and how they discover. The challenge of education is to keep that love fresh and new when the learning gets more difficult and more detailed. I feel like the best way to find the balance is to encourage kids to ask as many questions as possible and to look for as many answers as possible on their own. Sometimes that can be as simple as lett... [more]

Algebra 1

I have been successfully tutoring algebra since 2010, including several occasions of "Oh, this isn't so bad after all!" coming from my students.

Algebra 2

I teach kids to not over-think their approach to algebra and to be methodical in their practices.

American History

American History is all about understanding connections between events. While memorizing when events took place can be cumbersome, the important stuff is actually the causes and effects of these events-especially in APUSH-and that can be the hardest part of the course. I help students understand these connections and why they're important.


Chemistry is most often just math in a different hat, and it can help to show students how to approach chemistry in that light. I show students as much how to study chemistry on their own as I answer their questions from class and about homework.



I worked on the school paper in middle school, high school, and college both as a writer and as a peer editor. I assisted in the writing lab for the psychology department of my university, as well. I have resources that make building solid essays easier and more efficient.

Microsoft Excel


I work with students to help them not overthink geometry and to see the simpler algebra that goes along with it.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint



Precalculus is often like algebra 3, with more in-depth manipulations of the rules that students have built and worked with since pre-algebra. Often, it can be hard for students to break that down in a classroom setting, so I take advantage of 1:1 time with students to help them learn in a way that makes sense to them.


Music Theory

I was a music major in college and Enjoyed my classes. I also scored high in the classes. I still frequent my books to keep material fresh because I enjoy retreading the material. I also sketch melodies and four-part music from time to time.



I worked for my college newspaper and the student writing center and since graduating worked with multiple students to improve their writing skills, especially when it comes to connecting to literature.



World History


Elementary (K-6th)

I took elementary education classes in college and spent a two semesters working with elementary age students in the classroom. I used music for one semester and was a teacher's assistant for the second semester.

Special Needs

I have education experience geared towards working with people with special needs, both from my music therapy classes and my psychology classes. I recently spent a year working full time in one-on-one help with individuals with special needs, and many of my students in the last three years have had ADD or school anxiety. I've learned how to help students deal with their own needs and learn how they learn best.

Career Development

I spent two years in a career counseling office, learning how to help people apply for jobs, schools, and internships. I'm excellent at resum?s and essays and teaching job hunters how to show their best qualities on paper.

College Counseling

I spent two years in a career counseling office, learning how to help students apply for jobs, schools, and internships. I'm excellent at resum?s and essays and teaching students how to show their best qualities on paper.


Almost all of my students in the last couple years have been ADD or ADHD. I've successfully helped them learn to study better and raise their grades. I prefer working with this particular population because these kids can come up with some of the brightest ideas when their focus strays from the assignment at hand. It's a fun challenge to guide the students into using those ideas in their assignments.

Physical Science