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Julie W.


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Computer Programming/Web Design and General Computing

I enjoy the challenge of finding just the right way to communicate a concept to a student so they understand it. I've been working in the information technology field for over 25 years and continue to enjoy the ever changing industry. Although I have worked in virtually every aspect of IT, I most enjoy systems analysis and design, programming, database programming/management, and Web design. Sharing what I have learned with others is one of the many enjoyments of life. From one on one t... [more]

Microsoft Excel

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Web Design

I can help you with many aspects of Web programming. Whether you want to learn DHTML, CSS, XML, Ajax, Flash, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Java and JavaScript, I can help. I have created many Web sites and have taught many people the skills they need to create their site.


C was one of the first programming languages that I used at the start of my career. C++ followed shortly after that. C++ has been around for a long time (especially in computer years) and is still a strong programming language, used in many industries. I have designed the online C++ and Object-Oriented C++ classes for an online college and have taught those classes numerous times. In some years, I have taught 24 sections of the Object-Oriented C++ class.

Computer Programming

I used a number of programming languages in my business and have taught them at the college level. I am most fluent in C++, Java, Perl, HTML, and JavaScript. I also have experience as a Web designer.

Desktop Publishing

I used to use Adobe PageMaker and Quark Express. In a consulting business that I had at one time, I would help print shops learn how to use these products. I also taught high school students how to use PageMaker.


I learned DOS after learning Unix. I used to boot DOS based computers using 5.25" floppy disks. Originally using machines with only one floppy drive, then moving on to machines with two floppy drives (usually one to boot the machine and the other to read from and/or write to. I am also familiar with writing batch files and used to create/update config.sys and autoexec.bat files.


Linux is very similar to Unix, which was the first operating system that I learned. I learned Linux while supporting clients that I had. I have also taught Linux at the college level.

Microsoft Access

I have been using MS Access ever since it was created. I use MSA in my business and have taught it at the college level. I have also tutored people on the use of MSA.


Unix was the first operating system that I learned, even before learning DOS. I used to write device drivers for Fortune Systems - machines with a Unix OS on them. My first C++ program assignment was to delete an inode and retrieve it.