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Blenheim Tutoring

I am interested in helping students succeed. I think learning should be a pleasant experience, not a chore. Being able to enhance a student's reading and writing skills is very rewarding. I tutor students of all ages, from Pre-K to adult. I am ESL certified and have tutored numerous ESL students from countries all over the world. I have a Bachelor's Degree in English with two years' work towards a Master's. I also have a 2-year language certificate in Italian, and would welcome the opportun... [more]

American History



BA and MA in English from Oklahoma State University. Education courses in Early Childhood Development and Teaching Strategies for young students. I have been tutoring since college, and have tutored full time for the last 6 years. Tutored at-risk grade school students in Tulsa Public Schools.


Every student I have tutored in reading/reading comprehension has improved by at least 40% after our time together. Students preparing for the reading/grammar part of the ACT Test have improved as much as 65% on their scores, after taking the test a second time.

Music Theory




I have a BA and an MA in English, as well as a degree in Italian. I have taken numerous courses on childhood development, teaching techniques. and learning disorders. I have background clearance from OSBI and the FBI due to tutoring in Tulsa Public Schools. I am happy to supply references from current as well as former students, if you would like them.




SAT Reading

SAT Writing


I have worked with students from many countries: Russia, Greece, Turkey, India, South America, Taiwan and China, to name a few. I have tutored ESL full time for the past ten years, and we have worked on test preparation for the TOEFL exam.


ACT Reading

After we have identified specific areas where the student needs help, we break these down, starting with the most crucial areas first. If it is grammar, for example, we review the rules that are applicable, then I construct a list of "sample" questions for the student to practice on. We do this with each section of the test until the student feels confident that he/she knows the material. Then we proceed to do several versions of the ACT practice test, timed and untimed. If there are still problem areas we return to those sections for further review. So far I have not had one student who didn't raise his/her grade by at least 20%, and most raised their grades by considerably more than that.

ACT English

MA in English and 10 years experience tutoring ACT prep.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have tutored children ages 5 through 6th grade in subjects such as reading, phonics, spelling and grammar. To me this is the most important age for children learning to read. If they don't love reading by the time they reach middle school, it seems to be an uphill struggle from then on out. Instilling the love of reading is the most rewarding thing a teacher can do. Helping young students learn to spell and pronounce words takes away a lot of the fear and insecurity they sometimes develop if they haven't met the reading level of their peers.

General Music

I have studied music for over 20 years, piano in particular. I have a good basic understanding of music composition, can sight read music and have a good background with knowledge of composers, musical styles and trends, etc. I have taught piano to students ranging in age from 6 years to adult learners. I have a great deal of patience and try to make learning music an enjoyable and rewarding experience for students of all ages.


I have tutored pre-K as well as grade school students in phonics and pronunciation.


I have studied piano for over 15 years, and am proficient in reading music, playing classical as well as modern piano selections. I have taught children as well as adults how to read music and to play. Even if you have never had a lesson, it is possible to master the basics in a relatively short period of time. Playing the piano is a richly rewarding experience and engenders confidence at any age. I love music and enjoy helping others to learn to read and play it. I feel music helps keep the mind quick and active, allows the student to use his or her brain in a completely different way.

Study Skills

My approach to helping students with their study skills is two-fold. First, I help them organize their homework and assignments on a daily basis, by subject. Then I do an overview of the subjects in which they are weakest and strongest, ranking them. Depending on the age of the student, together we work on a plan to improve the weaker subjects thus spending more time on them, while maintaining the subjects in which the student is already doing well. We then decide on a plan of action for each subject, allotting a certain amount of time per day, to each subject. We organize materials according to subject: if a history exam is coming up, we organize the material covered by date, then by event and corresponding result or impact. We compile a sort of chart, so that the student can see the importance of each historical event and its subsequent impact on the country or the world, whichever it is the student is studying. For literature we do much the same thing--start with dates and authors, make a sort of chart and fit each writer into the broader movement and/or philosophy, so that the student can visualize the author's place in literature and identify the movement in which the author was a part. It's impossible for a student(I believe, anyway)to memorize facts and dates, works of literature, without having a context in which to place them. This applies obviously, to an older student. For younger students and depending on each student's need, I try to help them organize the important elements of spelling, reading and writing. I think it's important for young students to begin acquiring synonyms as quickly as possible, to build vocabulary at an early age. This is a hard topic to cover broadly, since it depends so much on the student, the student's age and the type of material he or she is currently studying.


I am ESL Certified and have tutored students in ESL for several years. My students have come from Colombia, India, Greece, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and India. I have had great success working with them on grammar, reading comprehension and speaking. I have worked with several on preparation for the TEOFL test, which they passed with flying colors. I have great patience and empathy for non-English speakers. and realize the difficulty of learning another language. I try to find the areas where they are weakest, and strengthen those. I also like to work on pronunciation, since learning a language is no good unless people can understand you when you speak it.

Art History

I minored in Art History in college and have always had a strong interest in art. I spent a lot of time in Europe in museums and studying with various groups--my main interest areas are Italian Renaissance Art-- especially Piero della Francesco, Giotto, and Florentine artists, as well as modern abstract art and collage. During my time in Paris I was fortunate enough to get to know several gallery owners whose collections were of particular interest. I've done research papers on various art movements as well as specific artists.


I have over 20 years experience in classical ballet. I have studied with Ballet Russe dancers, New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre dancers and am equipped to teach the fundamentals of proper ballet placement and alignment. I studied with Moscelyn Larkin and Roman Jasinski, who founded Tulsa Ballet, as well as with their son, Roman L. Jasinski. I follow the guidelines for ballet class as taught by the schools for the companies listed above. I also help students who need instruction outside the classroom, in order to enable them to improve their range of motion, body alignment and strength.


Worked as marketing research director in a large ad agency. Was responsible for secondary research for the company, as well as gathering materials to evaluate current campaigns. Composed reports based on data gathered from outside sources relevant to current advertising campaigns.


I was a sociology major for two years before changing my major to English. I keep current by reading numerous books and journals on Sociology, as well as attending meetings with other sociology teachers.