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Math Tutor for the Completely Frustrated to the Multi-Talented

On October 7, 2013, I completed my PhD in Mathematics and Science Education. My accomplishment demonstrates that it is possible to overcome life's obstacles. As a teenager, I hated math and struggled with it during my middle and high school years. My father, on the other hand, being a great mathematician, motivated me to learn the subject. I have been where you are. I understand the frustration and confusion. It would be my privilege to help you become a stronger math student. I have worked ... [more]

Algebra 1

Do you realize that you have been doing algebra since first grade? Algebra involves adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers. What makes algebra intimidating to some people is the introduction of variables, or letters, used to represent numbers. For example, x + y = z could stand for 2 + 9 = 11. Using variables makes for a more powerful "punch" when creating Excel spreadsheets, computer programming, etc. Come on, give it a try!

Algebra 2

Algebra II, perhaps the most frustrating of all high school math courses. I will show you how to combine traditional teaching and learning methods with new, technology based methods to make you a more confident math student.

American History


"Derive carefully, dangerous curves ahead!" is often posted on the walls of classrooms or in calculus textbooks. Yes, many of the curves do appear dangerous, but most of the time they just need to be understood, not judged. I am a visual learner, and when I teach calculus I draw pictures to enable the student to actually "see" what is taking place, thus encoding the information for better understanding.




"I think, therefore I am." Rene DesCartes Thank Mr. DesCartes for showing us how to convert algebra into pictures. Geometry is often feared and loathed by students regardless of their love (or hate) of mathematics. "I hate proofs!" If I had a dollar for every time I heard that statement! Proofs can be a challenge at times. But the rigor and thinking involved, even if you fail to get the proof solved correctly, strengthens your understanding of a wonderful subject.


I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics, a master's degree in mathematics education, and a PhD in Mathematics and Science Education. I have taught at the high school, college, and university levels. I've also been a tutor for almost 25 years.


I have a PhD in mathematics education and have taught at the high school and university levels.


My favorite subject to teach! Use the "right angle" and contact me today to get those grades boosted!



Statistics is a challenge, but it is vastly becoming the most applied branch of mathematics, thanks to the information age. Online students are welcome!

SAT Math




ACT Math

Discrete Math

I have taught college level business mathematics, which deals with introductions to systems of equations, vectors, graph modeling, probability models, and business models that are limited to the real number system.

Linear Algebra

I have never taught linear algebra. I do, however, have extensive experience in algebra, matrices, and vectors. I am also a student of linear algebra. I am currently studies vector spaces, projections, linear transformations, and other related concepts (just for fun!).


Experienced with truth tables, logical operators, and algebraic models dealing with logic. I have also independently studied Aristotelian logic to some extent. I would certainly be able to assist undergraduate math students in any algebra, geometry, statistics, or beginning logic course.