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Achievement IS Possible- Public School Teacher Helps Kids Succeed

I have been a FL elementary school teacher since 1997 and have taught all elementary grade levels- kindergarten through fifth grade in various public schools and one charter school throughout the state. (I also taught Algebra 1B to high school students.) My expectations for all levels of learners in my classes are very high, and I bring an abundance of hands-on, real life learning into the lessons I teach. I have had a high success rate with all of the students I have taught, motivating t... [more]

Algebra 1






My degree is in English as well as elementary education. In addition to taking constant courses through my schools and districts, I'm constantly studying how elementary youngsters process and retain what they read. I look for ways to help them remember vital information. In addition to teaching the children how to make traditional graphic organizers, I teach the students how to create Foldables.


SAT Math


I have helped three people pass their GED exams. I am very strong in the different subtest areas. I completed a full English major, tutoring for all the courses. I have taught through high school Algebra 1b, and have tutored for all the math courses through College Algebra.

Elementary Math

I understand the math standards at the different grade levels from constant research as a teacher. I look to see what the student I am tutoring knows- and what s/he will need to do to not only compute problems , but explain HOW s/he will be able to use the answer. I have always loved math. At the college level, I tutored through the school's tutoring center through the College Algebra course. I've helped peers at schools study for (and pass) the math sections of their teacher certification exams. while teaching, I've been the math teacher on elementary grade level teams and taught high school algebra 1b. In math, especially, I have my students use manipulatives and journals/graphic organizers while learning and reviewing. I teach students skills they can use not only when testing, but through their lives. I'm the one, when working with people if any ages, who lets them realize that math IS so helpful and amazing!

Elementary (K-6th)

I have been an elementary school teacher since 1997 and have taught kindergarten through fifth grade students in traditional public schools and charter schools. (I simultaneously taught middle school learners, after school and on weekends, in private schools part-time for twelve years.) My certification allows me to teach students in elementary grades 1-6, and elementary students in grades K-6. I have my English for Speaker of Other Languages (ESOL) Endorsement meaning I took additional training to help non-native speakers. My expectations for the all level of learners in my classes are very high, and I bring an abundance of hands-on, real life learning into the lessons I teach. I have had a high success rate with my students I have taught, motivating them to achieve the rigorous standards of learning now required by the Sunshine State Standards and No Child Left Behind. I have taught in various counties (Pasco, Polk, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Marion, and St. Lucie Counties) throughout Florida. My career began with a combined fourth/fifth grade class. I then moved to second grade for years and one year in third grade. My next six years as an educator were spent teaching emergent learners in a kindergarten class. I then taught fourth grade in a departmentalized setting, where I a math teacher on the team. After teaching my homeroom class reading, I instructed math to three sections of fourth graders. During the next few years, I was a general fourth grade teacher, once again teaching all subject areas. I taught first grade, (then taught Algebra 1B to high school students for a bit). My most recent position was teaching third grade. My administrators have always placed special needs/ESE student, ESOL, students, students on 504 Plans, and other students requiring extra help in my classes. I have high expectations for all of my learners, and my learners prove that they CAN achieve. I listen carefully to my students, relating my lessons to my students' lives and interests. Using a lot of hands-on learning and many manipulatives--in all subjects, keeps student motivation high. I am careful to follow state and district standards. My kindergarten students through my sixth grade learners make great progress and retain their information! In addition to teaching at my various schools, I have always tutored. I have enjoyed tutoring through my schools, privately, and through different agencies.


Whatever grade level I am teaching, I strongly emphasize phonics with my students. Readers need to know the importance of the sounds each letter makes and how these sound, when put together, form words. Although each student's needs are specific to the individual learner, I frequently have beginning readers do a lot of work with individual letters, blends, and digraphs. As readers advance in their skills, I have the children learn about syllables, long and short vowel patterns, double consonants in words, different vowel patterns and more. I teach all grade levels of my students phonics through real examples of literature, songs, and poetry, stressing whatever skill the students need. I have the students cite examples of the phonics skill with their own word hunts. Teaching students the correct pronunciation of words in passages helps them in other areas of reading-- especially the area of fluency and comprehension.


I have the state approved endorsement for teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) on my Florida teaching certificate. My ESOL endorsement is visible when one views "Teacher Certification" on the Florida Department of Education website. Beginning in college, I tutored many students from other countries. Now, as a professional teacher, a large majority of my students are raised in households where English is their second language. I use many illustrations, repeat important words and phrases, and teach my student to use graphic organizers to help my ESL/ESOL students gain pertinent information. My knowledge of the foreign languages I speak also is a benefit when working with very new English-Speakers.


I have taken and passed the "basic skills tests" in many subject areas, visible on this site and am certified to tutor in a large amount of subjects-- including those with special tests. In order to be certified as an elementary school teacher, I had to prove I was proficient in math, reading, and language skills. Since my college degree is from New York, I also had to take an additional basic language competency test, to prove my abilities were at least similar to teachers who were educated in Florida. I am very strong in math and language skills, and have been tutoring people formally and informally in various math and language skills for more than twenty years. Through not the ASVAB, I have helped people prepare for their GED, SAT, FCAT, and different parts of the Florida Teacher certification examinations. My strengths as a teacher combined with my strong knowledge of subject material have helped others, and will help you, too.


I am a professionally certified elementary school school teacher. I have been teaching since 1997. I understand that ADD/ADHD students have different learning needs. I use a variety of these following strategies to help my ADD/ADHD students learn and more easily remain focused. I work with each student to see how he/or she can use (or work with the various strategies). Unless it's standardized testing time (since that has other, additional rules where the child needs to be authorized in advanced by a team of adults such as an IEP or 504 Plan), once accommodations are in place, they remain, so the students will be successful. Many ADD/ADHD students need to move around more-- or more often than average students. I often have my ADD/ADHD sit on the sides/in the back of the seating arrangement so they can stand up to work or alternate between standing and sitting. Other ADD/ADHD don't need to move their entire bodies; they can more easily remain focused by just moving one (or both hands. I give some of these children small "squeeze" balls with instructions that the balls are not to be to be tossed. Similarly, I also give some students silent hand puzzles, so those children are able to keep moving. (The students are given expectations that the puzzles are not allowed to distract their peers.) ADD/ADHD students, even more than than their general education peers, need to know that what they were doing was correct. I love using Positive Behavior Support (PBS) in my classroom- (and when I am tutoring) for and with all my learners. My ADD/ADHD learners need the positive support much more frequently. Many ADD/ADHD learners need to hear and see the praise. Along with behavior expectations, these learners are the ones who especially need consistency and structure.

Microsoft Outlook

I use Outlook throughout the day sending and receiving emails. Depending on what I am doing and to whom I am writing, I change my font. I know how to "undo" messages if my recipient has not read his/her message, yet. As a FL teacher, I have actually taken and passed the FL Inventory of Teacher Technology Skills (ITTS) Levels I & II, in 2011. Though these tests covered all types of technology, a lot of the content was based on Outlook questions regarding basic email. If needed, I can show my certificate. I have helped my mom and many of her neighbors become situated with Outlook, too.


I would do very well tutoring you or your child for the PSAT. Although I am a certified elementary school teacher, I have taken the test and passed the test through this site allowing me to also tutor GED, ACT, and SAT. I have tutored students formally since I was in college. I now tutor students after school and now help adults prepare for tests in their fields of study. My success rate in high with the students in my classes and with individuals.

Microsoft Publisher

I am one of the crazy people who actually went out to purchase Office 2007 for myself because it had the Publisher program on it. Since I got my first computer many years ago, I have loved desktop publishing features. I'm extremely creative and I'm a teacher. Put the two together, and I rely on the Publisher component to make many of my materials for my classroom. (Actually, I bounce between Publisher and Print Shop, depending on what I need to make and use.) Though I frequently use Word, I reserve my Publisher projects for documents I will save as PDF files or as actual .pub files. I also use Publisher when I create fliers and newsletters for the various clubs to which I belong. As a FL teacher, I have actually taken and passed the FL Inventory of Teacher Technology Skills (ITTS) Levels I & II, in 2011. Though these tests covered all types of technology, some of the content was based on Microsoft Publisher questions regarding creating basic cards and/or "posters." If needed, I can show my certificate for passing these tests.

ACT Reading

ACT English

ACT Math

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