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Dear potential student, In addition to four years as a teacher, both at the collegiate and K-12 levels, I have extensive experience in mathematics and the sciences. My B.S. is in physics and mathematics (3.82 GPA at New Mexico Tech), and I have a M.S. in physics (4.00 GPA at New Mexico Tech). Moreover, I have approximately eighty quarter credit-hours of Ph.D. work in the field of Biophysics (3.92 GPA at The Ohio State University), with research experience in enzyme biochemistry, cardiac el... [more]

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Discrete Math

As an undergraduate, I majored in physics and mathematics with highest honors. As part of the mathematics requirements, we had to take an introductory course in Discrete Mathematics as well as an additional course in Combinatorics. In both of these classes, I received an "A" grade, as I excelled in each of them. Moreover, many of the topics visited in these classes are revisited in higher-level physics and math classes, when statistical physics emerges as a fundamental science and the differential equation solutions have solutions generated by recurrence relations. Thus, I feel that I am well-prepared to be an excellent tutor for the area of Discrete Mathematics. Transcripts are available upon request regarding the statements above.

Differential Equations

As an undergraduate, I obtained a B.S. with highest honors with majors in physics and mathematics. As part of the mathematics major, we were required to take a senior sequence in a number of subject areas. The sequence I chose was Differential Equations. Thus, as an undergraduate, I took and passed four differential equations classes with nothing less than an "A" in each one. Moreover, this does not include the countless number of differential equations that I solved in other math and physics classes such as Quantum Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Mechanics, Statistical Physics, and others. All of this was further reinforced during my masters degree training, where I received a M.S. in physics. Thus, I am fully qualified to tutor in differential equations, as they happen to be my specialty when it comes to upper-level mathematics. Transcripts that confirm the above statements are available upon request.

Linear Algebra

As an undergraduate physics and mathematics major who graduated with highest honors, Linear Algebra becomes the bread-and-butter material for higher-level subjects such as Quantum Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism. Working in Hermitian space with a complete set of orthogonal functions becomes commonplace after a while. With my additional Master's degree in physics, I believe that I am more than capable of being a tutor for the concepts of Linear Algebra. Transcripts are available upon request for the statements made above.


With my undergraduate majors of physics and mathematics, I had to be trained in elementary probability theory. Formally, I took one junior-level mathematics course in Probability and its applications, and I received a strong "A" in the course. However, my two years of training in quantum mechanics has also strengthened my knowledge and use of the field, and thus I think I would be an excellent tutor for this subject area. Transcripts are available for any of the statements listed above. Thank you.


Currently, I teach chemistry and physics at Worthington Christian High School in Columbus, Ohio. As such, most of my students are junior-level students, the age group that typically takes the PSAT. In fact, many of them will be taking the PSAT this coming week. As a certified tutor for all of the SAT areas as well as the ACT, in addition to teaching the age group of students for which the PSAT has been constructed, I believe that I would make an excellent tutor for this particular subject area.

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I have tutored many students for ACT Math through WyzAnt.

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