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Providing a Wide Array of Tutoring Services

My educational, employment and volunteer activities have provided me with a great deal of knowledge in a broad array of subject areas. Following nine years of active duty in the United States Navy, where I served in a training officer capacity for a couple commands, I started my civilian career as a legal word processor and notary public. Since then, I have been employed as a paralegal and case manager and as a North Carolina magistrate judge. Currently, I am President and CEO of a start-u... [more]


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

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General Computer

I began working with computers at the age of 12, when I received my first computer for Christmas. Being the curious child that I was, I disassembled the computer to figure out how it worked. Approximately one year later, I built my next computer from the ground up, including software. Since then, I have built a number of computer systems and software programs, including several databases that are still utilized by the United States Navy. Additionally, I served nine years in the United States Navy as an Electronic's Technician, earning a two year certification in Marine Electronic's Systems. Through this ongoing training I achieved a very intricate understanding of computers, networking and basic programming.


During elementary school, I was a participant in the phonics program. Since such time, I have continually used the techniques taught in this program. This program has enabled me to finish high school and numerous college degrees. The techniques are easily transferable to children, and will certainly help their grades and abilities to progress in learning any and all school topics.

College Counseling

Through attending a number of colleges and pursuing different career paths I have had a great deal of exposure into college prerequisites, requirements and methods for funding. Throughout my career, I have been required to take the vast majority of my post-secondary and graduate education while working 40 or more hours per week. However, for those that get an early start, there are many ways that college may be available prior to entering the workforce. Additionally, it is vital to stress the importance of internship utilization while obtaining a degree. Finally, it is important to perform all the necessary criteria prior to applying for college. These are areas in which I can provide vital information within very few sessions to the average college seeker.

Microsoft Access

While serving in the military I had a great deal of exposure to Microsoft Access. During my military career, I personally developed multiple intricate databases using Microsoft Access and SQL. Three of these programs were syndicated and are now used throughout the entire Pacific Submarine Fleet. Since my military career, I have developed several databases to organize and handle personal matters and information. Some developed Access databases were as simple as a single database, with the most intricate having 27 linked databases. There are a great deal of operations that can be performed with Microsoft Access, and I would love the opportunity to train others to use these abilities.

Microsoft Outlook

I have personally used every version of Microsoft Office since its inception, approximately 15 years. This program, in my opinion, is far superior to other email programs. There are a number of features in this program that will allow the user to automatically sort incoming email, have standardized templates for their emails, and perform a wide variety of other functions. Although the initial setup is sometimes a little tricky, the pros far outweigh the cons. This is a fairly easy program to teach to others, and I have personally taught a number of people how to navigate the tools available.

Microsoft Windows

I am affluent with all versions of Microsoft Windows (excluding the new Windows 10). I have been a user of Microsoft Windows since version 3.11. Further, I have taught a number of friends, relatives and co-workers how to use all of the applications within this program. Because Windows is very involved it depends on the users' base knowledge on how long it would take to teach this program. However, it is absolutely vital to learn how to use these programs in today's society.

Criminal Justice

With regard to education, I have obtained a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration with a 3.74 GPA. Additionally, I possess a B.S. in Paralegal Studies with an emphasis in Alternative Dispute Resolution for which I graduated Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA). Finally, I am currently pursuing my M.B.A. in Mediation & Dispute Resolution. With regard to my professional experience in the legal field, I have worked for two different law firms. At the first law firm, I served as a legal word processor and Notary Public. At the second law firm, I worked as a paralegal and case manager handling all aspects of up to 35 extensive cases simultaneously. Through an extensive amount education and experience I have learned the intricate ins and outs of both the criminal justice and legal systems.