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Mr. Anthony Professional English,Business Admin. and Arts

I am a graduate of Binghamton University (SUNY Binghamton) with honors. I also attended Cornell University in Ithaca to receive my certification in Human Ecology. I also have an extensive background in psychology, counseling individuals with mental health issues. My educational background includes studies: early childhood development, nursing home administration, management, and advocacy for mental health consumers. I have several hours of professional training in organizational skills, ma... [more]

American History


I took biology in high school and also at Broome Community College and received an A in the course. I enjoy the study of animals, plants and subjects relating to out planet.



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Art Theory

Study Skills

While attending Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York, I took a pre-course in the use of how to utilize the many skills of how to study. When I taught Business English at The Elmira Business Institute located in Vestal, NY, I taught my students during the first week, a variety of methods that would help them learn better, how to take notes, which I learned at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. using the study skills of (Concept Mapping. The use of memorization through associating new ideas to something the student already knew. Also I taught how to use a concept in note taking rather than try to write everything I said during a class. The majority of the women in the class had a B or A average at the end of the semester. I also use the same skill myself when researching information for writing children's literature.


During my years as a student at Binghamton University at Binghamton, NY and graduating in 1989 making on the Dean's List, I took courses in business. In addition I have a certification in Human ecology from Cornell University. My experience in the business arena includes serving as the CEO of a large 363 adult care facility, Renaissance Plaza, and Broome County Recipient Affairs Office, an advocacy agency for the mentally ill has helped me gain very valuable experiences in business. My responsibilities at Renaissance Plaza included the supervision and training of nine department heads at this senior adult care home. The nine department directors then supervised the nine departments. I also oversaw almost a two million dollar budget, and advocated for many of the residents, placed there by the local Broome County Department of Social Services. The agency had a total number of one-hundred twenty employees. Following the Adult Care Facility, I accepted a position by the Board of Directors, as a CEO of a smaller agency BCRAO, (the name fore- mentioned above), I managed the not-for profit agency's budget of approximately five hundred plus dollars, interfaced with community mental health, psychologist, psychiatrist and leaders, organizations in the human services and Broome County Agencies. In addition I attended several seminars in Executive Management. I believe that twenty plus years in the private sector, Adult Care Facility and then a Not-For Profit agency, a NY State Funded Agency through the NY Office of Mental Health (OMH) dealing with the mentally impaired, has given me a variety of work experiences and with a psychology background, has provided me with an acute understanding thus helped me utilize my business and people skills. I retired from the human services arena in 2004 but still keep active in assisting senior citizens with needed services.


I have a PhD. in Psychology and have had experience with children with ADD/ADHD. I taught an eight week class during the summer of 2009 that consisted of 6 boys ages 8 - 10 years of age. Based on the knowledge of ADD/ADHD I acquired at the university, I was able to apply the behavior modification methods to assist the boys in completing the eight week, one night per week, course. In addition, my grandson Dawson, now 14 years old has ADD/ADHD and I have been able to help my daughter with him to focus more and he is doing very well in his ninth grade class.

Microsoft Windows

I recently took a course offered at the local, community college in Microsoft 7 and 8. I am currently teaching an elderly man how to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office. How to maneuver around in the Microsoft programs. I recently also taught a woman who never used a computer how to use the computer to do research on the internet. I have been using a computer since 1994 and have been able to help senior citizens, of which I am one, learn how valuable the computer programs are and am proud of those, at least 7 folks; that they all are utilizing the on the Microsoft programs.


In my twenty years in the mental health system, I learned about many psychotropic and psychotic medication. Many of the patients at our local psychiatric hospital were on some type of drug. To name a few; Lithium, Prozac, Haldol, Paxil, Zoloft, Wellbutrin and many more. In order to become a psychologist I was required to learn about them since I would interface with the local psychiatrist in the area. Although I am retired, I still keep up on many of the newer drugs that the many Pharmaceutical Companies introduce to the medical field. If needed I can provide you with documentation from mental health care providers in the mental health field that can attest to my knowledge when I was the facilitator of therapy groups for those individuals that had Bipolar and Schizophrenia.


During my second year at Binghamton University or SUNY Binghamton, I took two semesters of sociology. While the subject matter was diverse, ranging from crime to religion, functional and dysfunctional families the divisions of race and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture, this information and firsthand experience working with children in a large residential children's home in Hillcrest, a suburb of Binghamton, NY, provided me with an opportunity to utilize the education I received. Over the past twenty years working in the mental health field, I have counseled children, young adults, middle aged adults and am currently assisting seniors from the ages of 60 up through the nineties with issues of depression, self esteem, family problems with their children and other social situations. I also am currently interfacing with the local mental health wings of our local hospitals and Broome County, NY Office for the Aging. When attending Cornell University, NY, I received my certificate in Human Ecology (1989). I strongly believe my background based on a large amount of textbook information, the CEO of two organizations, a 316 bed adult facility home, and a Mental Health Agency serving recipients of mental health services, (Broome County Recipient Affairs Office), (RAO), I am well qualified for approval in the field of sociology.

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