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PreK - 1st Grade Tutor

I am creative and passionate. I provide appropriate learning materials to foster development in children. I'm eager to apply different strategies to promote success in children. My goal as a teacher is to ensure the success of each one of my students. The identification of a student?s learning style ensures success and empowers a student whether it is auditory, visual, both, or if certain motivators need to be utilized. Identification on just how a student learns material will unlock the d... [more]


I was a reading initiative teacher for a year in Maryland for 1st graders. At this time, I went to several reading trainings. In addition, when I took courses to maintain my certification, the courses pertained to reading. Also, I was a resource teacher for children who were intellectual challenged.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have a masters degree in early childhood/special education. In order to be more aware of typical developmental progress, I took classes in the progression of reading, writing,and math when it came time for certification renewal. Also, I worked as a reading initiative teacher and resource teacher in the public school system.


I graduated from VCU in 1996 with a masters degree in Early Childhood/Special Education. Although I'm not certified in phonics, I went to many workshops related to reading acquisition for a young child. I was a a reading initiative teacher at one time. During this time, I was trained how to administer the Woodcock-Johnson. In addition, each time I renewed my teacher license, I took reading courses. One was the titled Process and Acquisition of Reading and the other course was titled Materials for Teaching Reading. The first course dealt with different ways to teach a child reading. The second one was a more hands-on approach, and I received different materials/ techniques used by teachers to enhance reading skills in the young learner.

Special Needs

I got a Masters Degree at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1996. My area of expertise was Early Childhood/Special Education. At this time , I took a variety of course work. I learned that each individual child had a different learning style. I studied different techniques and strategies to help them become successful learners.Also in my work experience, I have been taught a variety of children that had special needs.


I received a masters degree at Virginia Commonwealth University in Early Childhood/Special Education in 1996. At this time, we discussed children that had ADD/ADHD characteristics and how to enhance their education. This past summer(2010) I took a course pertaining to Teaching Strategies for children that have ADHD to get my Va. teaching license renewed.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I got a Masters Degree at Virginia Commonwealth University in Early Childhood/Special Education in 1996. At this time ,we discussed autism characteristics and how to teach children that had these specific characteristics. At my last job, I experienced children with autism and the uniquely different set of skills that each one of them had. Some of the topics that were discussed at trainings were how to use positive talking, 3 step compliance and verbal manding.


I got a Masters Degree at Virginia Commonwealth University in Early Childhood/Special Education in 1996. Prior to receiving my Masters, I received a B.A. in General Special Education.One of the courses that I took pertained to children with Learning Disabilities. At this time, I had the fortunate opportunity to complete internships at schools that focused on children that had learning disabilities. After completing college, I taught children that had learning challenges.