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Adjunct Professor and multi-subject tutor

I am here to help anybody who is looking for help with Psychology subject matter, application of theories, or even case study essays and other expository work within the field of Psychology. I have completed 3 years of study that have been focused on Psychology and I have already been accepted to a graduate program in Psychology. In addition to my experience in psychology, I have also had many experiences as a public speaker and as a public speaking coach/mentor. I have also done a great dea... [more]

American History



General Computer

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint



I am well-versed in the different writing formats (APA, MLA, Chicago Style, etc.) and have completed numerous writing assignments ranging from short essay responses to detailed research papers of more than 20,000 words.



Government & Politics



World History


I have participated in scores of peer review proofreading sessions and have reviewed undergraduate writing samples as both a tutor and as an assistant to the professor.


SAT Reading

I scored a 700 in the critical reading section of the SAT and have completed 3 degrees in Liberal Arts. I am currently a graduate student and am writing a comprehensive thesis. I have written scores of research papers, expository works, and creative writing samples.

SAT Writing


ACT Reading

ACT English

Study Skills

As a college counselor my duties include the introduction of study skills and habits to prospective students as part of their enrollment process. I am well-versed in time management skills as they pertain to managing academics and personal obligations. Additionally, I have been taught (and now teach) study skills that are intended to increase the effectiveness of your study time, thus reducing the amount of time you study while at the same time increasing your retention of the information. As part of my study skills experience I have also developed test taking techniques that have been proven to be effective. I personally use these test taking techniques in my studies and I have not been disappointed yet. As a tutor of study skills, you will experience a committed individual whose sole purpose is to increase your confidence in learning the material as well as reducing your test anxiety.


I have played trombone for 17 years and have given private lessons for 10 years. I am specifically versed in the styles of classical and jazz, but have played in several different styles as part of community, school, and privately formed bands.

College Counseling

I have extensive experience working with students on college applications, scholarship applications and requirements, financial aid paperwork, as well as academic document retrieval. I am currently working as a student advisor for a post-secondary school and it is my daily task to assist with the aforementioned paperwork. I also have a great deal of experience with military education benefits and the restrictions/requirements that are so common to their use. I have also personally spent the last 3 years applying for loans, grants, and scholarships. In addition to this experience, I have also developed a keen sense to determine the most effective and appropriate methods to submit academic paperwork. This has allowed me to help fellow classmates and friends correctly file documents within deadlines without fear of being late. Anxiety is the most crippling difficulty in the college application process and I can show you how to overcome it and become a pro!

Microsoft Windows

I have worked on Windows computers since their inception in the early 1990's. I have been previously certified in Windows 95 and Windows 2000 and am aware of the many intricacies that the different Windows versions contain. Aside from working on windows computers the last 20 years to present day, I have configured, troubleshot, and improved Windows machines in my personal time.


I have completed coursework in adolescent sociology, sociological statistics, and the technology of social behavior. Sociology has been a significant part of my program of study.


My speech experience includes being involved in mock trial both as a student and as a coach, being part of the Model United Nations both as a participant and as a judge, and I have several awards from the Academic Decathlon in the speech category. In addition to my experience as a public speaker and speaking coach, I have made several presentations (both my own material as well as presenting the material of others) in business settings. My experience has given me great tools to mitigate nervousness, address appropriate language for the speech setting, as well as proper attire for different public speaking venues and events. I have also been a master of ceremonies in the military which involved the presentation and delivery of the evenings notes, announcements, and introductions.

Social Studies

My college coursework has included classes in political theory, geographical societies, and international relations.