Rosaria C.

Rosaria C.


Palmdale, CA 93551

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$50 per hour.

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I enjoy teaching young children, youth, and adults, simply because I enjoy teaching, period! I realize that each individual has specific needs, challenges, and gifts, and as such needs individualized tutoring. I am very patient and capable of breaking down things to the simplest form so that the subject matter can be understood. I find creative ways to teach, as I know that not all children learn in the same manner: some are more visual than auditory; some are more hands-on than abstract ... [more]




I did all my high school studies in both French and English, while I lived in Montreal, Canada. I also studied French in college and at the university level. I am fluent both in speaking and writing. I can help you!


With my background in languages and experience with teaching English for many years, I am able to assess reading levels and help students improve their reading. I am confident that I can help you or your child gain accuracy, speed, and comprehension.


I am fluent in Spanish, and am able to tutor this language, as well as all the other languages I speak. I hold an Associate's Arts Degree in Literature and Languages which features: Spanish, French, Italian, English and I am also fluent in American Sign Language. I can help with speaking, writing, and reading skills in all of the above-mentioned languages.


I taught Senior High School English for several years and am very familiar with essay writing and the different types of essay. I am also able to offer remediation and practical drills to improve writing skills.


I taught Senior High School English (grades 10, 11, and 12) for several years. I was an English major and Language Arts has always been one of my most favorite subjects to learn and teach.



I was born in Italy and moved to North America when I was 11 years old. I did all my elementary schooling in Italian and continued speaking Italian in my home. I kept up my Italian in college and have had several opportunities to teach it both one-on-one and in groups. I love my Italian heritage and I love to share my language with those who want to learn it!


Elementary (K-6th)

I currently hold a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential(Preliminary). I am also approved to do substitute teaching at several, different local school districts (K-8). I have worked as a substitute teacher for several years for Eastside, Westside, and Palmdale school districts, K-6 as well as Middle Schools. I relate very well to elementary school-children and enjoy teaching different subject matters, especially those I have mastered.


I have taught Senior High School English to American youth and to foreign students from South Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan for 2 years. I taught an ESL class for the foreign students who had not passed their TOEFL test and needed further instruction in English, in order for them to take a regular English class. I was a foreign student myself, as I had to learn English and French at the same time when I arrived from Italy to North America. I understand the struggles that come from learning a second language and being familiar with the common obstacles, I am very patient when teaching English.

Sign Language

Through the Canadian Hearing Society, I was able to get the American Sign Language Certificate Level IV. I was immersed in the deaf community and culture in Minneapolis, MN for two years. I have had the opportunity to teach basic ASL to children and have done one-on-one interpreting in different situations: doctor's visits, parent-teacher conferences. I have also been privileged to sing and sign and interpret worship services.

Hard of Hearing

In my American Sign Language course of study, I learned about the difference between deaf and hard of hearing, ASL and oral interpreting, and all the nuances that hearing impairment causes. I hold a certificate of ASL (Level IV) through the Canadian Hearing Society. I was immersed in deaf culture and all its nuances for 2 years, and I learned the psychology, sociology, and communication aspects of hearing impairment. I know that hard-of-hearing people do not always want to necessarily identify with the deaf population, and that some opt for oral interpretation, and some have been directed to learn lip-reading rather than ASL. I understand about CODA (children of deaf adults) and the dynamics involved in families where everyone is hearing and there is only one deaf person. Blindness separates one from things; deafness separates one from people. My own father was hearing impaired, so I have first-hand experience on how that affects a family.


I have taught High School Speech and Communication classes and I have been a judge several times at local and State High School Speech Competitions which have taken place at Vanguard University. In my course of studies, I have taken Communication Studies and Speech as part of my Bachelor of Arts degree program. I have had the opportunity to present many speeches: persuasive, informative, demonstrative, in many different settings and in most of the languages I speak.