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Internationally Published SAT Expert With Seven Years of Experience

Note: The reason that I don't have many hours with Wyzant is that I am just returning from six years of teaching SAT overseas, and I did not use this website during that time. For seven years, I have helped students achieve dramatic results on standardized tests. My journey began when I studied for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Developing my own strategies to augment the traditional approaches to test prep, I earned a score in the 98th percentile for the GRE Verbal. The experience of devel... [more]

Algebra 1

If you need help in math, I know what you are going through. I once hated math and struggled in it. Using a variety of study strategies, however, I transformed myself from someone who struggled with math into someone who was strong enough in the subject that my college algebra teacher relied on me for tutoring assistance with her students, who often fought with each other over who would get to spend the most time getting help from me. The methods that helped me can be tailored to your (or your child's) needs and learning style.

American History

American history has long been a passion of mine. Often, schools want students to demonstrate, through tests and essays, not only that they can remember facts, but that they understand the concepts and why they are important. I can help you or your child with both. I can invent clever mnemonic devices that help you memorize a lot of information in a short amount of time. Furthermore, I can use real life examples that are relevant to you or your child's interests to illustrate historical concepts in an understandable and (hopefully) enjoyable way.


European History


Having once been a student who struggled in math, and later received 4.0's in college level math classes, I learned to overcome my limitations with the subject. This is why I can help you or your child. I can adapt the strategies and techniques that helped me to fit your needs and learning style. In one college level math class, students would argue with each other over who got to spend the most time getting help from me - find out what I can do for you!




Government & Politics

World History


SAT Reading

Many tutors work with SAT and test prep as one small part of their job as a tutor. I, however, am an SAT and test prep specialist. My mission is to learn every facet of the test from the best way to take notes to what snacks are most helpful for students on test day. As an SAT expert, Aaron has been featured in several magazine articles (available upon request). I am willing to guarantee results for students who follow the program. If students complete 80% of the homework assignments, consistently use the strategies that they have learned, and regularly attend class, their SAT scores will increase from their initial mock exam. If not, I will gladly offer a full refund. Increased students' SAT scores an average of 237 points for the Reading/Writing portions of the SAT.

SAT Writing



At the age of fourteen, I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Before I learned and developed strategies for coping with ADD, everyday activities such as finishing a homework assignment, reading through a boring textbook passage, and keeping up with my fellow students all became a daily struggle. However, my experience also taught me that ADD/ADHD is something that can be overcome. When I finally learned how to overcome my challenges, I was able to become what I always knew I could be: a straight A student. You can achieve the same. I can tailor the study skills and motivational strategies that helped me achieve in a way that matches your strengths, weaknesses, and unique learning style.