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Having steadily tutored MATH/CHEMISTRY (ESPECIALLY TOGETHER) over the last 20 years (to have included under a STEM grant while a DCCCD CHEMISTRY instructor at Mountain View College), why not consider capitalizing upon my session preparedness, patience, presentation of many relevant examples, and step-by-step problem solving approaches geared toward various learning styles? Then get set to watch your (or your student's) confidence skyrocket! All this has typically created two-way trust and re... [more]

Algebra 1

I easily deal with the following topics routinely covered in a regular or advanced middle or high school Algebra 1 course: handling equations (particularly in word problems), solving inequalities, explaining a variety of functions (including graphical interpretation), solving systems of linear equations and linear inequalities, handling exponents and polynomials, factoring polynomials, handling exponential and radical functions, and dealing with rational functions and equations. As an additional resource I also possess an Algebra 1 "Teacher's Edition" text.

Algebra 2

Particularly at either the HONORS or PRE-AP levels, ALGEBRA 2 and CHEMISTRY are one of my favorite pairings of subjects with which to concurrently tutor students. I easily handle most topics in ALGEBRA 2 and College ALGEBRA and am especially strong in word problems, exponents, solving both logarithmic and radical equations, factoring polynomials, simplifying expressions involving both radicals and complex numbers, and describing the behavior (domain, range, zeroes, presence of asymptotes) of a variety of functions to include quadratic, absolute value, rational, inverse, logarithmic, exponential and transformed. Conic sections is also a familiar area of expertise. I am particular knowledgeable with the ALGEBRA 2 curricula taught in both the Plano and Richardson school districts and have had great success working with these districts' students from JJ Pearce, Richardson Arts/Science Magnet, Williams, Shepton and Jasper high schools and Plano West SHS, and also Independence and Liberty high schools in FISD. As readily available resources I have an ALGEBRA 2 "Teacher's Edition" text and many supplemental assignments on a number of topics to hand out to students for additional skill fortification. I will also be glad to work with any student who desires to fulfill his/her ALGEBRA 2 requirement by doing CBE.


As a MATH minor and a CHEMISTRY major holding a doctorate in ORGANIC CHEMISTRY from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and with extensive CHEMISTRY experience from both the DCCCD/University and private sectors, I use abundant resources to very effectively communicate and illustrate both lecture and laboratory concepts to students who are involved with either TRADITIONAL or ONLINE modes of instruction. All this is in connection with HIGH SCHOOL regular, HONORS/PRE-AP, AP, and IB (both SL and HL levels taught at several outstanding Dallas suburban high schools) CHEMISTRY and COLLEGE-LEVEL INTRO and GENERAL CHEMISTRY. No matter whether it's High School or College-level, I use a step-wise approach accompanied by presentation of relevant visual aids to help clarify difficult-to-understand concepts and increase proficiency with problem-solving. These methods have greatly helped students both complete their written assignments and also effectively prepare for quizzes and exams. Additional practice problems are furnished during sessions and also to work on independently between meetings.


I easily handle any topic (including numerous types of applications problems) covered in a Regular or Advanced Geometry course and am excellent in both inductive and deductive reasoning, the various methods for proving polygons both congruent and similar, areas of both regular and irregular shapes, and the interplay between Algebra and Geometry in word problem situations. I also provide readily available supplemental assignments for my students and am familiar with the curricula taught in several Dallas northern suburban school districts. I will also be glad to work with any student who desires to complete his/her Geometry requirement by doing CBE.


Prealgebra is that critical point between the student's prior math experiences and the more challenging upcoming courses in Algebra and Geometry. With my skill set in the basic handling of numbers and the symbolic representation of numbers and ideas, I will build up the confidence level of the student through patience and encouragement. This will establish a strong foundation for future studies. Performance exceeding 90% was achieved on the Texas State Educator's Gr. 4-8 Math Exam.


With Precalculus I am proficient with general functions and graphs, polynomial, rational, radical, absolute value, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions and their various transformations, fundamental trigonometric concepts, including the Laws of Sines and Cosines in applications problems, the cosine and sine of angle sum and difference formulas, handling trigonometric identities and polar coordinates and solving trigonometric equations, solving systems of equations in 2 or 3 variables, parametric equations, vectors and their applications, and graphing conic sections.


I can handle virtually all topics in TRIGONOMETRY and am especially strong in application-type problems, converting between degrees and radian measure and polar and rectangular coordinates, solving trigonometric equations, simplifying trigonometric expressions and identities, graphing trigonometric functions and their transformations, and applying the Laws of Sines and Cosines to practical problems.


Vast knowledge of General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and 21st century macronutrient/micronutrient-balanced Human Nutrition enables me to explain many Biochemistry concepts that do not delve too deeply into cell biology. I have an assortment of very effective visual resources to help the student master many of the concepts connected with proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleotides/nucleic acids, the functions of DNA and RNA in protein synthesis, and glycolysis and the Citric Acid Cycle as related to energy production. I have also taught multiple times for Allied Health Sciences students a College-level General Chemistry-Organic Chemistry-Biochemistry hybrid course of one semester duration.

SAT Math

I have multiple SAT resources which can be used from the very onset to diagnose students' particular strengths and weaknesses in geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. Skill building strategies can then be modeled and implemented to bring students to higher levels of achievement on simulated tests. I will also help more than adequately prepare those students who are planning to take the SAT Chemistry subject test.


I have very keen insight into general Mathematical, Algebraic, and Geometric concepts such that effective problem-solving strategies of the types emphasized on the GRE can be modeled for the student.


I will assist clients with the verbal, mathematics and science sections of the ASVAB test. Particular strengths are in deciphering unfamiliar word meanings deduced from context clues and in mathematics problems requiring both reading comprehension and correct algebraic representations and setups.


I have PSAT resources that can be used from the very onset to diagnose a student's particular strengths and weakness in basic Math, Algebra and Geometry concepts. Skill building strategies can then be implemented in order to help the student improve in weak areas.

ACT Math

I have ACT math resources which can be used from the very onset to diagnose students' particular strengths and weaknesses. Skill building strategies in GEOMETRY AND ALGEBRA can then be modeled and implemented to bring students to higher levels of achievement.

Elementary Math

Students at the elementary level, particularly in grades 5 and 6, have been successfully tutored in Math. With patience I break down problems (particularly word applications) into parts that are simple for students to understand and ultimately master. My approaches are also adaptable to different learning styles.


I have particular expertise in the most important quantitative and qualitative aspects of GENERAL, ORGANIC and BIOCHEMISTRY that are covered on the MCAT and have successfully tutored students who have taken both the DAT and PCAT, as well. Because of this, I can also provide additional assistance with ALGEBRA, GEOMETRY, TRIGONOMETRY AND PRECALCULUS.


As assets for handling ISEE test preparation I have a very broad background in Math to include the middle grades PreAlgebra and Algebra 1 and high school Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry and Precalculus. Along with this, I have helped many individuals prepare for the Math sections of the PSAT, SAT and the ACT. As such, my background is also very applications-oriented. The ISEE test preparation (which I began with a student during the summer of 2016) draws on a student's ability to handle, among other areas, many word applications problems involving algebraic representations and also application of newly-defined symbolism. These are situations that I'm very well-equipped to deal with given my prior Math experiences. Note: I DO NOT deal with the VERBAL section of the ISEE.

Linear Algebra

I have particular expertise in constructing linear relationships between variables(x and y) and extending this proficiency to the solutions of word problems.

Organic Chemistry

I have a PhD in ORGANIC Chemistry from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and have gained much practical experience having utilized ORGANIC Chemistry in the private sector, having taught ORGANIC Chemistry concepts within both community colleges and universities, as well as having tutored private clients in both first semester (2323 at UTD, 3371 at SMU, and 2423 within the DCCCD and Collin Colleges) and second semester (2325 at UTD, 3372 at SMU, and 2425 within the DCCCD and Collin Colleges) ORGANIC Chemistry. During Fall, Spring and Summer sessions I will assist both ORGANIC 1 and 2 students with homework assignments and in preparation for unit exams. I accomplish these goals by focusing on core GENERAL CHEMISTRY principles and visualization techniques in order to train my students how to think conceptually so that they will be able to substantially cut down on unneeded memorization. Students have typically benefitted from my clear explanations with regard to such areas as STEREOCHEMISTRY, CHIRALITY, CONFORMATIONAL ANALYSIS, REACTION MECHANISMS associated with a variety of functional group transformations, and structural determination via IR, NMR AND MASS SPECTRAL analysis. And lastly, I will work with you over the Summer if you desire to get a jump-start with the subject matter in advance of taking either ORGANIC 1 OR 2 in the Fall. When your GENERAL CHEMISTRY deficiencies are also fortified during this introduction, you will confidently proceed into your course and not feel that you have just been thrown into the deep end without having had any previous swimming lessons and can also nix the idea that ORGANIC has to end up becoming the so-called "deal breaker" course.


I am exceptionally knowledgeable in the principles of 21st century macronutrient-/micronutrient-balanced Human Nutrition and have used them, in conjunction with my strong Organic Chemistry background, to create an international food pyramid after having conducted extensive research on the most micronutrient-rich worldwide eating patterns. Regular adherence to these practices has provided me with consistently high energy and focusing ability, both of which have been major contributors to my success as a tutor. Based upon sharing the aforementioned knowledge and in addition to my ability to foster development of heightened critical-thinking abilities during tutoring sessions involving either General or Organic Chemistry, I am a particularly valued asset to those students who aspire to become doctors, dentists, pharmacists, physicians' assistants, and psychiatrists. My fact sheets, "The Maximum Mental Health Diet," are designed around the core principles embodied in my food pyramid and are offered to any client upon request at the first or subsequent tutoring session.