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Camelia B.


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I love teaching and especially private tutoring as it gives me the possibility to invest more and focus more on fewer students at a time. I have several years of experience in tutoring/teaching foreign languages (French, Spanish and ESL), English grammar and writing. Most of my tutoring/teaching has been done in Europe and Africa. I have taught in private, small groups; I've taught preschool, primary school, high school and I also taught at University, MA level. I have experience as well in t... [more]


I took 4 years of English and French grammar during my BA, 4 months of advanced general grammar during a specialized linguistic program and I have a MA in linguistics (from Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics). I worked almost 4 years as a missionary linguist with focus on grammar. I also helped put together and teach the firs linguistic course at Shalom Univ of Bunia, DR Congo as part of the MA in Bible Translation. I love grammar very much, I love to figure out how languages work and I even had the privilege of doing that in few tribal languages of DR Congo. Grammar seems hard but, in fact, it's not really that hard once you get a grip of it...and I would love to help you with that!


I've been a French teacher/tutor for over 10 years and I've enjoyed it very much. I've taught in different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and I've taught all levels and all ages, from pre-school to adults. Although my BA thesis was on French methodology, as a result of all those experiences I've developed new teaching methods that are proving to be very efficient. They involve audio, visual and tactile props. I usually work with students using their own preferred learning style in order to help them maximize their learning process. I have a BA with a major in teaching French language and literature and a MA in linguistics, with focus on grammar. So, I can teach anything from conversational language to strictly grammar, from school required learning to business purposes. French is a beautiful language and the culture behind it is as beautiful and interesting. It would be my honor to pass it on to you and help you understand it and love it too.


I worked as a proofreader and editor for a student magazine for almost 3 years. I enjoy proofreading as it has a lot to do with grammar which is my specialty. I have an MA in linguistics and I worked as a grammarian for a couple of years with local languages in D. R. Congo. I taught grammar at the MA level at Shalom University of Bunia, DRC. While I was doing the MA I used to grade papers and thus I got to know what professors are looking for in good papers. Besides, I had to write hundreds of papers myself. I love to help people polish their papers and teach them how to best put their ideas on paper.


Study Skills

I have a 3 years diploma in Biblical studies, a 2 years diploma in Cross-cultural studies, a BA in French and ESL and a MA in Biblical studies and linguistics. During these 11 years of post high school studies I worked hard and had to perfect my study skills in order to complete my degrees. I have learned how to best structure my studies and to keep them time efficient. The strategies I've learned and developed I love to pass on to others.


I have a BA in French and English Language and Literature done in Europe which actually means teaching English and French as a second language. I have a MA in linguistics (done in USA) having several courses in teaching/learning a second language. I have also a 2 years diploma in cross-cultural communication/teaching. I have worked as an ESL and French SL teacher for the last 15 years (excluded the years while studying) in Europe and Africa. I have taught children of most ages as well as adult and senior students. I use new and creative teaching methodologies but, most important, when I teach, I look at each individual and his/her specific needs and learning abilities and I focus on those and using those I bring out the best of each student.