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Science and Math Tutor

I am a parent with a background in medicine, dentistry and biology which gives me a wealth of knowledge I am ready to share with your student. I've helped kids learn by volunteering and tutoring from 3rd grade to 12th. The best way to teach is to listen first, to understand where the student is coming from, what he or she thinks and what the goals of both parent and child are. I have experience tutoring chemistry, SAT prep, biology, math through algebra 2 and nursing, basic reading and ma... [more]

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I have proofreading skills that relate to proficiency in the English language, including spelling, grammar and writing skills. I am already accredited in English through Wyzant. I work with students on many kinds of essays, including college applications and papers for classes, which includes proofreading. My education in psychology and biology also required me to write many papers. My education in grade and high school was mostly in traditional Catholic schools which provided a strong emphasis on grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. I'm happy to work in person or online or a combination of the two and am usually able to assist with last-minute needs.




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Elementary (K-6th)

I tutored grade school students in the Portland Public Schools as a volunteer for eight years. I think it is very important to understand the developmental level of the student and I studied human development for my psychology degree while working on pediatric wards and rotations. I also worked for several years in day care while in high school and college.

Study Skills

I have tutored many students and found that study skills were almost always a factor in their lack of academic success. Because of this, I took on the task of formally learning the subject of study skills. An example is how to approach a new chapter: the most effective approach is to skim the material, then read through once without note-taking, look at review questions and problems, and finally go carefully through the chapter, taking only necessary notes and answering both the provided questions and questions generated by the student himself or herself. Another area plaguing most students is organization. The time it takes to set up a system for organizing tasks, books, notes and supplies is completely worth it. Every minute not spent looking for lost study questions or partially done homework is a minute that can be devoted to actual learning. I don't have formal training in this area but I feel that a common sense approach combined with what I learned from reading books on the subject give me the ability to truly help the disorganized student succeed in creating a workable system where the student is in control. Often students are characterized as just being disorganized, with the assumption that it is a personality trait. I don't think so. Organization is a learned skill, just like grammar or algebra.

College Counseling

In the course of SAT, ACT and pre-professional test tutoring, I have also helped extensively with college coaching and counseling. I have read many books on the subject and also had the experience of writing my own essays, statements and put together successful applications for dental and medical schools, and applied to medical residencies. I have also attended seminars on all the major aspects of college counseling.


I have a BA in Biology and my study emphasis was on human development, disease and genetics. I completed both medical and dental school and practiced general dentistry until an injury forced me to stop practicing, after which I worked in research at OHSU in the Molecular and Medical Genetics Dept. on various gene studies of degenerative diseases. Recently, I took an online MIT biology course to update my knowledge, and the course had special emphasis on genetics. I like to help students understand cell biology and genetics with drawings and models as well as examples from ordinary life: mitochondria is like the furnace of the cell, probability can be understood with dice, DNA is kind of like two ribbons coiled together.


The math and science on the TEAS is covered by basic math, algebra 1 and geometry and the sciences are covered in first year biology and chemistry, all topics in which I am qualified and have tutored. I have also tutored the TEAS specifically several times, with good results. I am happy to help students learn the material in the TEAS!