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Tom C. Math, Computer Programming, History, Accounting

I am an experienced and certified teacher in mathematics 7-12 and am in between teaching contracts and available for tutoring again. I have years of experience in training and tutoring. Second in my high school class in Helena-West Helena, my cumulative GPA in 200 semester hours of college work is 3.81. My passion is mathematics, and I have professional experience as a Mandarin Chinese translator and a degree in French. I have also worked as an accountant and GRE/GMAT test preparation ... [more]

Algebra 1

I have extensive recent experience tutoring algebra. My lifetime GPA in math is 4.0.

Algebra 2

I have a great deal of experience helping students in the study of quadratic and polynomial equations and trigonometry. My lifetime GPA in math is 4.0.

American History

I'm knowledgeable about the political, military, scientific, economic, and social developments throughout American history. I can help you with application, problem-solving, and higher-order thinking skills. I am especially adept in the use and application of maps and other graphic evidence of historical events.


Calculus is my favorite college mathematics class. It is challenging, but with a little assistance you can do well. Let me be the help you need.



European History


Geometry is my favorite high school math class. I did not just accept what the textbook said, but worked through the proofs to understand completely. I can help you with your geometry. I am comfortable explaining points, lines, planes, angles, triangles, polygons, and Cartesian geography.



I have helped several students succeed in math classes preparing them for the study of algebra. My lifetime GPA in math is 4.0.


I studied precalculus in high school and calculus in college, and have tutored students in the topics of precalculus: functions and graphs, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometry, systems of equalities and inequalities, matrices and determinants, sequences, series, and probability, and analytic geometry.




Geography includes physical geography--understanding the relationship of humans to their physical environment. I can help you or your teenager understand it as well as human geography--how humans have adapted the earth. My career of government service has given me a good perspective on the various ways that humans have civilized and developed cultures throughout the world.

Government & Politics

SAT Math


World History



ACT Math

I am experienced in tutoring all of the course covered on the ACT Math test: pre-algebra and elementary algebra, intermediate algebra and coordinate geometry, and plane geometry and trigonometry. I can help your teenager excel on the ACT.

Study Skills

I have worked nearly 500 hours as a substitute teacher in grades K-12, helping many students improve their study skills. My tutoring experience of nearly 200 hours with students from 10 to 40 years old has allowed me to develop an understanding of how to help students improve their study skills.


I completed the one-year full-time Mandarin Chinese language course at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. Our training included reading and writing (Chinese characters and Roman-ized pinyin alphabet), conversation and listening to audio tapes. In my 21 year military career I did translation and supervised the preparation of Chinese language training material. I have all my textbooks and many audio tapes to aid in learning the language. I would love to share this beautiful language with students.


In addition to learning three foreign languages, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese, I have helped speakers of Chinese and Spanish to improve their ability to read, write, and converse in English. My experience in learning languages helps me to understand the difficulties others have in learning English as a second language.

Discrete Math

I have done professional work in computer programming and cryptography and am familiar with the fields of discrete math including theoretical computer science, information theory, logic, set theory, combinatorics, graph theory, probability, number theory, algebra, game theory, decision theory, and utility theory.


I have successfully passed the ASVAB twice; once in high school and once after college. During my 21 years in the military, I saw how the ASVAB is used in helping to determine what job specialty a Soldier is trained and employed in. I am familiar with all parts of the ASVAB and my vast military experience allows me to decipher the complex requirements of a particular specialty a young person is interested in. I can help them strengthen their weak areas and polish their strong points and get the score they need for the job they want.

Computer Programming

I have been a programmer for thirty years with experience in BASIC, Pascal, C, C++, and Visual Basic. College course work with grades of A has been in C, Bourne (UNIX) Shell, C++, and Visual Basic.NET.


In addition to the classical study of logic in Greece, I have excelled in many courses in mathematics and computer programming. I have programmed in Pascal the solution to a logic problem - thus demonstrating grasp of all the steps required in logic.


I have experience taking and tutoring the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT). I have successfully passed the Praxis I (Reading, Writing, Math) test and two Praxis II subject exams.


In addition to several courses in speech in high school and college, I have completed a twenty-one year career of public service. Speeches delivered included informative and persuasive speeches. Audiences ranged from one or two informal listeners to groups of 100+ international representatives.

Tax Accounting

I have four years professional tax preparation experience and am registered with the IRS. I have interviewed clients and prepared individual (Form 1040), corporate (Form 1120), and partnership (Form 1065) income tax returns including Schedules A (Itemized Deductions), C (Profit or Loss from Business), D (Capital Gains and Losses), E (Supplemental Income and Loss), F (Profit or Loss from Farming), M (Making Work Pay), and SE (Self-Employment).


I have a liberal arts degree (Bachelor of Arts with Honors) from Hendrix College. I also have ten years of experience teaching classics. I have a broad knowledge of classical period and the sub-disciplines of philology, archaeology, art history, philosophy, civilization and history.