Laura D.

Laura D.


Clearfield, UT 84015

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Patient, Passionate, Polite K-6 Tutor and 7-12 Study Skills Tutor

I have been a tutor with WyzAnt now for over 6 years, and would like to continue in order to help students succeed. I love working with children using fun, entertaining techniques which keep a student interested as well as challenged. As a current substitute teacher of elementary classes having taught for the past 7 years, I am very familiar with curriculum, allowing me to know what kids are learning in school. I have more than 20 years of teaching experience, which includes 4 years of piano ... [more]



I have helped children with their reading skills for many years and also as a mother having raised 5 sons. I have been a substitute teacher for elementary classes for 2 years and am very comfortable working closely with children. My desire is to assist the student to feel success and achievement rather than be too critical, but still expect good performance.

Music Theory



Elementary Math

I feel confident and capable of tutoring Elementary Math skills. I have been substitute teaching for two years where math has been a part of the daily school work. I am familiar with most of the elementary grade math curriculum and work very well with children. I encourage learning and understanding basic math because it is a way to teach children how to think, use self discipline and problem solve.

Ear Training

At an early age, I began singing in a church choir, took piano lessons and could read music singing correct notes quite easily. In 4th grade, I learned how to play the violin which required very careful listening, ear training skill in order to play accurately. Throughout my life, I have played the piano, or been singing in a choir or performing group. As a result, I have the ability to teach and help others learn and develop good ear training skills.

Elementary (K-6th)

With over 20+ years of teaching experience, I work well with children and have the capability of tutoring basic elementary subjects. I have been a successful tutor of elementary students for 8yr using strategies that are effective and create positive results. The students I have worked with have liked me as have their parents. Education is my passion and tutoring allows me the privilege of making a difference in kids' futures.

General Music

When I was hired as a choir teacher at a local junior high, it was also necessary for me to teach a 7th grade General Music course. I created, and implemented a successful full year curriculum which covered musical concepts, notation, listening skills and music history. I taught 4 classes a day for over two years. I have also been a substitute for General Music elementary classes.


As a licensed long-term teacher, as well as raising 5 sons, I have extensive experience working with phonics and teaching them to children. I have been a substitute teacher in the elementary classrooms on almost a daily basis for the past three years which has given me a good basis of familiarity with phonics. I am knowledgeable about strategies and techniques which help a student learn. I am confident with my ability to teach a student to improve the use of phonics in their school work.


My passion for music goes back to my early childhood. Piano lessons and singing began when I was 8 years old. Violin became a vivid part of my music background starting in 4th grade continuing until 8th grade. At that time, my parents offered me weekly private piano lessons from a prominent, excellent teacher. I studied music theory and piano at B.Y.U., later returning to graduate with a college B.S. degree in piano/vocal music education. As a result, I love teaching piano especially to young, beginning students. Throughout my four years of college, I taught weekly private lessons for about 25 students. Each child learned some basic theory, keyboard techniques, and practiced and performed a recital piece every fours months. Having raised five sons, I have plenty of patience, a very positive attitude and delight in a student's accomplishments. Added to this, I am a licensed teacher with over 16 years of teaching background. My desire is to enrich a student's potential as music can be pleasant, entertaining and education. It enhances study habits, encourages discipline and is rewarding. I hope to continue to develop these traits in as many students as possible which also enriches my life in return.

Study Skills

I have been an active tutor for a girl helping her with her school work and study skills for three years now. She has made excellent progress as well as keeping up with the school year curriculum. I am a licensed teacher having taught ages K-12 and young adults. As a result, I am familiar with the study skills required particularly in the elementary grades. With my friendly, patient, and pleasant personality, I work well with youth seeing positive results.

Voice (Music)

Singing is one of the easiest and most rewarding musical skills that nearly everyone can participate in. It isn't necessary to have the most beautiful voice, though with some extra training and practice, a person can certainly enhance their ability to sing better. I began singing at the young age of about 6 years old. My parents were both involved in music especially in church. By 4th grade, I was able to sight read music and sing easily on pitch. I sang in choirs throughout my jr. high, high school and college years. I have a B.S. degree in Music Education with piano/vocal emphasis. For my senior year in college, as a vocal major, I performed a beautiful, challenging, solo, hour concert. A fews years after graduating, I was hired as a choir teacher at a local jr. high school. I taught 4 choirs involving almost 200 students who presented concerts during the year for their parents. This was a great experience for them and for myself as their teacher and conductor. I really enjoy singing and love to teach music because it is so rewarding. It does take some practice, and a little extra talent helps, but again almost anyone can learn to sing. I feel confident with my years of professional background in music, pleasant personality, patience and passion, I have plenty to offer when it comes to teaching vocal music.


I love the violin and would be pleased to teach children the basics. It is a beautiful instrument which takes a good ear and practice. I played violin for many years and then concentrated on piano. I am a music major with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education. I taught piano lessons to children throughout my 4 years during college. I am confident I can teach violin as well since they both require the ability to read music, understand rhythm and a patient, kind person to work with the student. I thoroughly enjoy teaching children being an active part of their learning experience and progress.


I have been a tutor of a student since she was pre-school age and is now going to be in 3rd grade. I worked carefully with her on handwriting and saw great achievement by the end of kindergarten. I have been a substitute teacher for 4 years primarily teaching elementary children so as a result I am familiar with handwriting requirements, techniques and feel qualified to tutor in this subject area. I will make sure the student writes accurately with proper strokes, shapes and size of the letters to meet school teacher expectations.