Jacqueline J.

Jacqueline J.


Charleston, SC 29414

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$50 per hour.

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Success in Tutoring

I am an experienced tutor who believes in helping you reach your highest potential! I do have a great success rate with improving K-12 students' reading comprehension skills. I provide support to elementary, special needs, middle, high school, college, and adult students. My services are geared towards achieving success in academics. I possess a Master's in Child and Adolescent Development/Educational Psychology. I would be happy to be of service to you. Allow me to help you achieve success.... [more]




I have been trained in phonics techniques and reading comprehension skills for elementary school students. I got my training through the school district.


Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I have been tutoring in the school district for years in the k-12 arena. My services involve help with literacy, phonics, reading, arithmetic, english/language arts, earth science, and social studies.


I would like to be allowed to tutor phonics to students. I am a highly qualified educator. I, currently, teach reading and math recovery to elementary school students. I coach phonics and English language arts intervention. My intervention program is very successful.

Study Skills

I am, currently, pursuing a Master's degree in Instructional Psychology. Furthermore, I took a study skills course and a career development course in my undergraduate studies. I am familiar with study skills geared towards grade school, high school, and college students. I have structured and unstructured guidelines on study tools and tips. It depends on if the student is comfortable with step by step rules of instruction. Some students are comfortable with what works for them as an individual. An example of structure: Study in the same place or environment at the same time everyday (routine). Take a 15 minute break after each hour of studying. A reading comprehension tip for elementary students is that students are able to comprehend what they read better if it is something that they like or are already familiar with (background knowledge). For example, a male student who loves sports, but does not enjoy reading or feels that learning to read is too much of a challenge will begin to enjoy reading if some books pertaining to sports are implemented. I do have many other study skills that are grade or age specific. Thank you, Jacqueline