James V.

James V.


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Computer, Math, Graphics Instructor

I have been tutoring Mathematics for many years. I tutored privately, at Pueblo Community College, Suffolk Community College in New York and I taught Calculus when I was a high school student. I taught computer science classes at Pueblo Community College. I have been in the computer field for over 30 years. Previously, I am an instructor at Pueblo Community College, where I taught computer science classes. I also taught adult education. I also taught labs classes for various multi-media appl... [more]

Algebra 1

I tutored many high school students in subject from algebra to calculus. I studied to be a theoretical mathematician and have a great deal of knowledge with mathematics and computers. In several of my jobs, I was a math modeling in several computer simulation projects. In high school and college, I was a straight A student in almost all of my classes including all of the math classes I took.

Algebra 2


Microsoft Excel

I been using Excel since it came out in the 1980s. I used it both for my business, as a student, and for commercial applications in several companies that I have worked at.

General Computer

I been working with computer since the days when there was only main frames. I worked with inputting information using paper tape, punch cards, and with keyboards when they were once available. I was there when PC where kits you built. There was no technical support, so you learned how to fix any and all problems. I have been working with computers for over 35 years and I am very familiar with hardware and software. I worked with 100s of software packages and with almost every different type of hardware that came into existence.


Microsoft Word

I have been using Word since the 1990s. I used Word for many years at many of the companies I had worked at and I am very familiar with it. I also taught Word when I was reaching at Pueblo Community College.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I have been using PowerPoint since it first came out. I used PowerPoint for many years at many of the companies I had worked at and I am very familiar with it. I also taught PowerPoint when I was reaching at Pueblo Community College.





I have been programming in Java for over 10 years, and I have tutored several students in Java programming language.


Web Design

I taught designing website using HTML, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, FrontPage, and other techniques at Pueblo Community College.

Adobe Photoshop

I taught Adobe Photograph in a photography/graphic lab at Pueblo Community college. I also use Adobe Photoshop.


I taught C++ at Pueblo Community College when I was an adjunct in the computer science department.


I have 25 years of programming experience in Fortran.

Microsoft Windows

I been using Microsoft Windows since Windows 3 came out. I have ever version and I have taught the basic to advance computer classes using many Microsoft products.


I programmed in Pascal for 6 years for simulators when I was working at defense companies.