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ESL and English: Writing, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, and ACT

Are you learning English as a new language? Are you a native-speaker of English? I can help you in all areas of English and ESL: writing, reading, grammar, conversation, pronunciation, and vocabulary development. Do you have to give presentations at school or work? I can help you to become more confident when you are giving a presentation or speaking in front of others. If you are working on increasing your vocabulary, I can help you understand academic and technical words. Grammar rules ... [more]


Vocabulary review means learning the definitions and uses of academic words in English. These words are found in high school and college textbooks and they are important for educated speakers of English to know. I approach vocabulary through books in the "Inside Reading" series (Oxford).


Basic verb tenses necessary for conversation are covered: present, present continuous, past, past continuous, future, and present perfect. English clause structure is covered including independent and dependent clauses, noun clauses and adjective clauses. High-frequency irregular verbs are presented (for example, leave, buy, bring). Use of active and passive voice is emphasized.


I now teach academic reading classes to college students. The students are fluent in speaking, but their reading skills can be at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level. My methods include teaching students 1) to recognize nouns and the pronouns that refer to them, 2) to make inferences about the content of a text, 3) to make predictions based on information in a reading, 4) to identify the main idea of a whole reading, and 5) to identify the main ideas of the paragraphs in a reading. I also stress the ways that grammar influences the meaning of a reading. For example, a clause that starts with "although" is going to present a contrast, as in "Although the Chinese left the area in the 16th century, Chinese influence continued for many years." Finally, for any student of reading--at any proficiency level--vocabulary is reviewed. I stress the review of words in the Academic Word List (developed by Averil Coxhead at Victoria University).




ACT English


I am now an English as a Second Language instructor at Jefferson Community and Technical College. I have taught at the University of Tennessee, the University of Louisville and schools in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. I like to teach all aspects of English--writing, grammar, reading, and vocabulary development. I also like to help students with specific areas of language. For example, a student who is interested in a nursing career may need help with the vocabulary and grammar of nursing expressions. I have also helped students in giving presentations. Students often need assistance in creating a clearly organized presentation, sometimes with a Powerpoint. I am a member of TESOL, which is the professional organization for ESL instructors. My Masters in Education (M. Ed.) is from the University of Louisville.