Ann M.

Ann M.


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Fluent Spanish speaker - conversation and grammar

I developed a love of the Spanish language and culture when I was in high school and traveled to Mexico for a short time. During college, I participated in the Academic Year Abroad program and lived with a family in Spain. My college roommate and I enjoyed living in Spain so much that we went back after college to teach English. It was there that I met and married my husband and lived for four years raising our two daughters and speaking only Spanish during that time. In the years since I... [more]



Microsoft Excel



I have a bachelor's degree in Spanish Education and spent four years living in Madrid, Spain. During that time, I taught English to Spanish students, and upon returning have taught and tutored in the Spanish language.




Spelling was one of my strongest subjects in school. I even won our school spelling bee in grade school and went on to compete in the regional bee. I use the dictionary extensively to make sure I have the correct spelling when in doubt, and I have worked for many years as editor and proofreader of various newsletters.

Elementary Math

I have tutored math from the youngest grades up through high school level math, and can simplify and explain in a way that will make sense to the student. I also like to teach concepts in several different ways to make sure the student grasps it completely.

Elementary (K-6th)

My college degree is in education, specifically K-12. I took courses specific to grade school teaching, and am qualified to teach all subjects through sixth grade. I'm especially patient with younger children, and make it a point to teach in a clear and simple manner. There's nothing more exciting than that "aha!" moment when something the student has been struggling with finally clicks.


I've always excelled in my English classes, and when I entered college, I tested out of the entire English track based on my knowledge of the subject, including phonics, spelling, and grammar. In addition, I have been teaching English as a second language for many years, and can explain clearly the phonemes, diphthongs, and other parts of basic phonics.


I began taking piano lessons when I was 10 for several years. Then during high school and college, I continued to take lessons while also giving recitals and playing on my own. I taught piano to children for one summer during college, and continue to play for my own enjoyment on that original piano I took my first lesson on.


My college degree is in Spanish Education. I excelled in English in High School such that I tested as exempt from taking any English courses in college. In my senior year and in the year following graduation, I lived in Spain teaching English. I had many students and was often recommended as a teacher to friends of these students. I have worked since then as a freelance tutor off and on, and continue to teach in the capacity of sub in several of the local school districts.

Adobe Photoshop

I have been using Adobe Photoshop regularly for close to 15 years as a digital photographer and graphic artist. I use it exclusively for all graphics that appear on websites I've designed as well as all high-quality images appearing in the four puzzle books I've authored. In addition to being completely familiar with all aspects of Photoshop, I also know keyboard commands, short cuts, and work-arounds for many aspects of image modification.

Hard of Hearing

I have been hearing impaired for most of my life, and have learned basic conversational ASL (American Sign Language). This also gives me a unique insight into hearing disability in others. I also lip read fairly fluently, and can understand basic speech using this method. I would be especially suited for a hearing impaired student with my clear diction.