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Susan H.


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HQT & Certified Elementary School Teacher

I am a patient, kind, and certified elementary teacher interested in making learning fun for your child. I am currently teaching 5th grade. I previously taught sixth grade for the past 16 years. For the past 10 summers, I have been a teacher for Camp Invention. Prior to working at Camp Invention, I was an assistant director at a day camp for six years. I am able to tutor in all subject areas, especially math, reading, and writing. I believe learning should be fun and hands on for all stude... [more]

Algebra 1

I am available to tutor in Algebra 1. I did very well in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 in high school. I am currently tutoring a student at Trinity High School in Manchester.

Algebra 2

I took Algebra 2 in high school and really enjoyed it.




I am a certified Elementary Teacher and love teaching math. I enjoyed Algebra in high school and in college. I look forward to working with you and your student.


I have a great deal of experience teaching Reading, as I am a Certified Elementary School Teacher, and have taught Reading/Reading Comprehension for 17 years. Since, I am a teacher, I have the resources available and also know how to obtain resources that I do not presently have.


I am an experienced teacher who has taught writing for 17 years. I have taught writing using a variety of resources: John Collins, Lucy Calkins, and the Write Source. I believe writing needs to be taught in a fun and engaging manner. Looking forward to working with you/and or your child and developing their writing skills so they can be successful.


I have taught Writing for many years... 5 paragraph essays, conventions (correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, word usage) outlining, webbing, and brainstorming, etc.


Hi- During the past year, I have worked with children and adults from Saudia Arabia, Cambodia, and Korea. Together we have worked on vocabulary, reading, math, and writing English. I am a Certified Elementary Teacher who has 17 years of experience and excellent references. Looking forward to working with you to improve your skills!



I've been a teacher for 21 years and have proofread a lot of assignments including my own.

Physical Science

I am an Elementary School teacher and have taught all areas of Science for the past 17 years. One of my favorite content areas was Physical Science. I have taught Weather, Forces and Motion, Heredity, and Genetics for a very long time. I scored a 91% on the WyzAnt subject test. Looking forward to hearing from you!


I am an Elementary Teacher who has experience teaching ESL to children and adults. I have worked with students from Cambodia, Korea, and Saudi Arabia. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. References Available.


Elementary Math

I have been a 5th and 6th grade Math teacher for the past 17 years- eleven of which have been using the Everyday Math program. I am currently teaching Envision Math. I absolutely love Math and am able to provide the services and tools needed to teach the concepts to your child so that s/he understands them. I will help your child break the problems down to help them better understand what the question/problem is asking and also enrich their learning if needed.

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I am a certified elementary school teacher and have taught for the past 17 years.


I have been an Elementary teacher for 17 years. I have taught reading for 17 years to children from first grade to sixth grade. I took an elementary reading class in college and worked alongside a reading specialist when I student taught in first grade.

Study Skills

I am a Certified Elementary Teacher who has taught for 17 years. Everyday, I taught my students how to be organized with their studies. Some students need to have a binder with labeled subject folders while other students might find that one folder for all of the papers works for them. They need to explore what is best. Cleaning out and purging old papers every week and keeping in touch with their teacher enables students to be successful learners. They need to write their homework in their agenda book everyday. Students need to learn what type of learner they are. How do they learn best? Do they learn best studying a few nights for a test? Do mnemonic devices help? I have also taught children how to study for tests and quizzes by creating their very own study guides. Organization and study skills are vital for success in school. I can teach your child how to be successful.


I have been an Elementary Teacher for the past 17 years and have taught children with ADD/ADHD. I am very aware of the diagnosis and have the tools to help keep the organized and work at the task at hand. Through the use of preferential seating, away from distractions, taking breaks when needed, and a reward system to time on task, I have had much success with students who are identified. I have also completed several rating skills during my tenure as a 5th and 6th grade teacher and worked with the school psychologist and parents to ensure that the student learns about how they learn and how to use the tools that are necessary to be successful in school and life.