Rose T.

Rose T.


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Math, algebra, beginning accounting, ESL, GED

I have worked with math students for thirty years. I will always respect your feelings and not make you feel bad. Math is one of those subjects you have to pass to get where you want to go. We will work together to succeed. I also have a degree in accounting and English grammar. I currently teach algebra classes, GED, and ESL classes.... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

I currently work for a community college. This includes teaching Pre-algebra, Basic Alg., and Intermediate Alg (which is Alg II). I also tutor students who are taking College Algebra.










Elementary Math

Managerial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Study Skills

Most of my time is spent working with students entering college. Some of my students have been out of high school for many years and curriculum may have changed or the student may not remember or be well versed in "study skills." As a process for a new college student to start a successful college career, we review such things as taking notes, how to study for different types of tests, how to manage your time, when to ask for help, how to read for important details, review of grammar skills, typing skills, how to do research and set up an outline for a research paper, how to read textbooks, how to look for resources when you don't know where to go, etc. Students also bring their own topics and questions about how to do things or what should be expected from different classes. Sometimes what tutees ask me for is math skills or ged skills or writing skills. I take each request separately.


I have tutored/taught ESL classes for 15 years, 7 years in Luverne, Mn. for the Golden Plump plant. Classes were held as part of Community Education and paid for by Worthing Adult Education. I have also taught/tutored ESL classes for Southeast Technical Institute under the Adult Education division. Beginning ESL, like any beginning language, works on single common expressions, things in the home, common activities, welcome and farewells, any "noun or verb" which is a commonality. We also work on listening and reading to short phrases, working in groups or alone, and always with a lot of repetition. Once students can test out of K-2 English skills, more advanced subjects are added such as math and job vocabulary. This is an extremely fun group to work with.

Career Development

In the adult education program in which I work, we use TABE to determine a person's current level in reading, writing, and math. Then each teacher who is assigned to that student develops a plan to increase those levels of learning. The TABE is re-administered after a person does 40 hours of study. This program is directed by the local Department of Labor.

Linear Algebra

I teach linear algebra as part of both my Basic Algebra 100 class and Intermediate Algebra 101 classes. We discuss that equations that look like "2x + 3y = 12" is a linear equation which could be graphed and will look like a line. We learn to graph this line by 3 methods--selecting 3 points, using intercepts, and by using the slope/intercept method. We also learn to write the equation given certain information