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Hi! My name is Lisa! I'm a "veteran" tutor who taught three years of English and British-American History in Wuhan, China, at one of China's top ten universities. I passionately enjoy the teaching/learning process and am dedicated to students achieving their dreams and goals. We both work together for success! I have a very high success rate with working in remedial reading activities with young students because of my strong focus on phonics. Am known as warmhearted, energetic, and creat... [more]

American History

I taught college level American history and cultural teacher in China for over two years. I developed a number of Power Point presentations, quizzes, and tests for my students to use independently from the tutoring or classroom sessions with them.



I minored in English grammar in college and can teach any level from elementary to adult students. Lessons are fun, interactive, and I believe strongly in equipping my students to be come independent self-educators outside the tutoring session.

European History

Primarily, I taught college level British history for over two years in China to English speaking international students. My focus was an overview of the historical periods of British history with cultural activities students participated in for emphasis. Philosophically, I lean towards teaching the principles of tolerance between societies and the result of both tolerance and intolerance in world history applied to present day concerns.

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I have extensive experience working with children and adults in phonics, which I strongly believe are a necessary foundation for successful reading. Not only have I tutored in reading here in St. Augustine, but was a tutor for AmeriCorps as well.

Music Theory

Hello! My name is Lisa and I've played the piano for over 20 years. I am most proficient at music theory and have some excellent teaching tools for the foundation of music understanding for beginners of ANY instrument.


I am an English minor, and teach basic, structural English with a focus on proper usage of the language, punctuation, and spelling. I've always been a strong writer and been told my entire life there is a "book in me" when I have the time to slow down and do it!



I teach English grammar and show students interactive tools for fun while learning. I also teach basic writing skills for any age level, including adult. Additionally, I have taught conversational English for non-native English speakers with a number of created activities for exciting interaction and ultimately showing the student how to teach themselves independently from traditional classroom settings.

World History



SAT Reading

I am an excellent, experienced remedial reading and SAT reading tutor.


ACT Reading

I am an interactive remedial reading expert and also have taught college level American/British history and English. Feel confident I can help students reach their ACT goals by teaching a solid foundation!

ACT English

Elementary (K-6th)

I have extensive experience teaching remedial reading, phonics, English including grammar and sentence structure, history, and social studies. I can help your child "stay on track" with his/her school subject during the summer so that she / he is "up to speed" for the next school year!


I taught phonics for two Vietnamese/English students ages 7 and 9 while teaching at a a learning center in Wuhan, China. For two years I taught basic phonics to two eight year old Chinese students. Additionally, I taught phonics to a five-year old female Chinese student with a small measure of success in that we had some language barriers that made it quite difficult. I used flash cards and phonics activities from several on-line websites with a great deal of success. I am a HUGE believer in the power of learning phonics for advancement in the English language. In my mind, it is an absolute necessity to build on for one's mastery of the English language. If I had a student having difficulty with the English language, even adult students, I would take them back to these basics. If you can understand phonetic sounds and accents, you can read anything.


I teach basic piano theory, notes, and chords. I have played the piano for over 20 years. I do well teaching beginning children or adults with a focus on laying a strong ground in theory and note fundamentals. My grade levels taught start at beginners through intermediate.

Study Skills

While teaching in China, I taught college age students "how" to study their English subjects, in particular vocabulary and British and American History. I also offered interactive computer websites on subjects for students to use for studying enhancement.


I taught Oral English and British and American history (Culture) classes in Wuhan, China, for 2 years. My schedule included, but was not limited to 20 hours of class time, with the number of students per class 25-30 each. In addition, I assisted in extracurricular English contests, judging events, and so on. My last six months in China, I taught at a language learning center (40 hours / week) one-on-one and corporate teaching opportunities. My focus of instruction was on pronunciation and understanding the meaning of a variety of day-to-day used English vocabulary. I had an excellent relationship with my students and was devoted in helping them towards their individual goals. I have a deep understanding of the particular obstacles and pressures Chinese students face in their society. Letters of reference concerning the satisfaction of my students and recommendation from my peers is available on request.


I have been working as a substitute teacher in St. Johns County, Florida for the past year almost exclusively with special needs children, including ADD/ADHD. Additionally, I have successfully tutored two (2) ADD / ADHD children.


I currently have successfully tutored over six different children of various ages who have problems in school due to dyslexic tendencies. While I'm not formerly trained in testing for dyslexia, I have done enough research and gained hands-on experience in my tutoring to recognize the signs of dyslexia to recommend testing for dyslexia. I also have many resources for parents, families, and students to read or listen to in managing this learning challenge. All of my students who either were positively tested as dyslexic or show tendencies comparable to dyslexia, have moved towards better success in their studies in school and personal life.


Spelling was a major focus of my teaching style at Huazhong University of Science and Technology with my college students. Students were required not only to memorize the historical data in my British and American Culture class, but to also know how to spell, capitalize, and use the proper tense of the facts needed to fill in the blank on their tri-weekly tests. As a teacher in a learning center, I issued weekly spelling lists and tests to my two students aged 7 and 9. It is as important a skill in mastering the English language as any other portion of learning the English language properly.


All of my students I tutor in reading usually need some assistance with handwriting skills. I also am a substitute teacher in elementary education, and focus on handwriting skills with students having a problem with this area. I first do so by 'creating a need' in the students to "bother" with good handwriting, then I teach "top to bottom" phrasing as students practice the strokes necessary to give them a foundation in good handwriting techniques.


I have taught school, including university levels, of English grammar, literature, and History for almost six years now. While homeschooling is specialized in their curriculum and approach, I'm very adaptable to teaching styles to suit the students' needs.