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Diana K.


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Masters in Education, specializing in English for Academic Purposes

Learning English is, quite simply, the 'Golden Key' to opening the doors of opportunity here in the United States. And I will do everything in my power to help you reach your goals. I know, first-hand, how valuable learning the English language is, and learning about American culture is, to new-comers in this country. My parents came to this country from Europe and I saw the success they were able to achieve for our family. All four children graduated from the American school system, and went... [more]


A good vocabulary is a great asset and my experience as a journalist, a language instructor and a former graduate student have proven that to me in great measure. There is nothing more fascinating than looking up a new word, studying the etymology of that word, the nuances of its various definitions, and adopting that word into your own work and vocabulary.


Proper use of grammar has been essential for my work as a writer and an educator. My work as a newspaper reporter required quick turn-around of copy and a thorough working knowledge of the English language. My time as a graduate student also required a good command of the English language; and one of our courses entitled 'Pedagogical Grammar' only enhanced and deepened my knowledge and respect for this critical skill.


German heritage. Fluent speaker. BA in German Language and Literature. Taught German to students ranging from Kindergarten through University age students.


Reading has been central to all my work as a journalist, interviewer, and language instructor to students of all ages ranging from primary to university students. It is also a passion for me, because without reading and comprehending what you read, it would be difficult to understand the world around us.


Organization is the key to all good writing, and that holds true whether it's for a newspaper article, where answering the 5 W's in the first paragraph holds your piece together, or for a graduate research paper, where your title and a good solid lead paragraph give your paper direction and hold the rest of your work together. I've done both -- with many published newspaper articles to my name -- and also with a recent invitation to present my graduate research at the ACTFL conference in San Diego last year, where I presented my paper at their 2015 International Conference, a gathering of foreign language educators from around the world. -- Good writing is teachable, learnable and has its definite rewards.


I have a Masters degree in English Language Instruction and a B.A. in Journalism. I have also worked at several newspapers over the years on the East and West Coasts as a journalist.


Masters of Science -- English Language Instructor, Applied Linguistics. -- Most recently taught international students (PhD and Graduate students) at Yale University, and helped them improve necessary 'presentation skills' by working with them on their pronunciation and fluency in the English language.


As a newspaper reporter on the East and West coasts, I had to proofread my copy thoroughly before submitting it. That is where I learned the importance of that particular skill.