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Joni R.


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Academic Professor with tutoring expertise in many subjects

Hello, I am a former elementary school teacher who now teaches university students (undergradaute and graduate) and adult learners. My expertise includes editing, proofreading, reading, math, english language writing skills, grammar, test prep and many more. Please review my list of subjects and contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you and helping you become more successful academically. Dr. Roberts... [more]


I have a Master's in Elementary Education and have taught and tutored for over 5 years. I am currently completing my Doctoral Degree and am constantly writing papers. My vocabulary is quite extensive and I'd love to help you learn how to incorporate new words into your everyday life.


Microsoft Excel

General Computer

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint


I have taught elementary students for over 5 years. My greatest strength as a tutor and teacher is reading and comprehension. I have successfully increased students' reading levels by 1.5 grades.


I am a graduate faculty member who prepares students to write dissertations, master's thesis, proposal, and grant applications. I currently teach several courses on this subject matter and serve as a committee member and chair for these projects.



I love the study of the human body and enjoy teaching others about this complex system. I have never taught in this content area before but am very knowledgeable in the subject matter.


I have a PhD in Public Health and have worked in the field for over 10 years. I currently teach and advise graduate students where I serve as dissertation chair and committee member. I am familiar with APA formatting and have experience proofreading documents that adhere to that format or similar writing styles.


I am completing a doctoral degree with an emphasis in Biostatistics and use SPSS quite frequently to run analysis. I'm also a TA for SPSS application and have tutored doctoral students in the past during dissertation.


Elementary (K-6th)

I have taught elementary education from grades preschool to 1st grade and have tutored elementary students up to third grade. I have a Master's of Arts in Teaching - Elementary Education, however, I am not certified in the subject matter.


I have a Masters in Elementary Education and have taught elementary students for 5 years. I have specifically taught lower elementary grades (preschool - 1st grade). Out side of the classroom I have worked with previous tutoring companies providing 1:1 tutoring to kindergarten and pre-kidnergarten students to build phonemic awareness and improve overall fluency in reading and comprehension.

Study Skills

I have been trained as an Educational Coach with another tutoring company and have worked specifically with high school students in preparing for tests/exams along with the college application process. I have also worked with elementary students and currently work directly with college students.


I was introduced to the world of teaching through teaching ESL while an undergraduate student. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I was offered a job to teach ESL in Jelenia Gora, Poland. I taught at that school for eight months before returning back to the U.S.

Career Development

I have worked in higher education for over 5 years where I advise undergraduate and graduate students through their educational journey and prepare them for life after college. I have worked in various fields (teaching, ballet, political campaigns, and law) and have expertise in helping others transition or improve their career outlook.

College Counseling

As a professor at a state university one of my tasks include student advisement and counseling for higher education. In this role, I counsel students about essay writing, study skills, and provide guidance on best courses/path to take to attain the end result they desire. In addition, during my graduate studies for my PhD, I served as a graduate assistant where I advised students in the masters program on how to be successful throughout their program and in their career as a new young professional. Other counseling including preparing students to apply for terminal degrees. Furthermore, while as a graduate assistant I developed a coaching program designed to assist students excel in college and transition well into the professional world.


During my years of teaching in the elementary school system I have taught many children with learning disabilities. In fact I have tutored two families for three years with students who were diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.

Microsoft Outlook

I have used Microsoft Outlook for more than a decade as part of my professional job and personal use.


As a former elementary school teacher I am very familiar with the Praxis exam for early childhood and elementary education. While I chose not to become a certified teacher I am familiar with the exam and requirements for taking and passing.


As a former early childhood teacher, I had to teach children up to grade 3 handwriting. Anything from pre-k students learning to identify letters to 3rd graders learning cursive.


I am a former elementary school teacher with a Master's of Arts in Elementary Teaching. I taught in D.C. Public Schools for over 5 years. I worked as a nanny shortly after leaving the classroom, where I homeschooled and supplemented their traditional school learning.