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All Things Biology, SAT/ACT/GRE, College Apps with this Harvard Guy!

Hello there! Thank you for considering me for your tutoring needs! ----- A Bit About Me ----- I graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's in Neuroscience in 2011. I am now at Harvard pursuing a graduate degree in neuroscience, with a focus on neurodevelopment. In my non-working hours, I train for the occasional 10K or half marathon and aspire to stay connected with my friend/family network. ----- Teaching Experience ----- I have been an SAT/ACT/GRE and biology tutor ever since I graduated f... [more]

Algebra 1

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My undergrad major was in the life sciences at UCLA, and right now I am a PhD student in Harvard's neuroscience doctoral program. I have tutored students in general and AP Biology, and have also taught small after-school AP Biology classes through the AP Biology Hinton Scholars Program (Harvard Medical School). I have also served as a TA for three biology courses (2 undergraduate, 1 graduate) at Harvard.






Study Skills



SAT Math

I scored an 800 on the SAT Math section and on the SAT Math Level 2 Subject Test. I have tutored over 15 students in SAT Math in the Boston area just in the past 6 months. I work well with students both in-person and online. I specialize in teaching students how to break down each math problem into smaller chunks that can be solved more easily. At the end of each session, I work with the student to synthesize what we covered into a step-wise approach that can be applied to all other math problems of the same category (i.e. quadratics, circles, systems of equations).


I scored a 166 (92nd percentile) on the Quantitative Reasoning section, a 167 (97th percentile) on the Verbal Reasoning section, and a 5 (93rd percentile) on the Analytical Writing section of the GRE, for a total score of 333 out of 340. I was able to obtain these scores after less than a month of preparation. My approach to improving someone's GRE score has three parts. First, I use the student's performance on a diagnostic to identify the areas with the greatest potential for improvement. Second, we set up a study schedule so the student knows exactly how many hours of work a week is needed to reach the goal. Then, we dig into topic-specific drills so that the student master one category of GRE problems at a time. We will take GRE practice tests periodically in order to measure progress.



SAT Reading

I scored an 800 on my SAT Verbal section.

SAT Writing

I scored a 760 on the SAT Writing section. I have taught students in this topic at C2 Education in southern California. For my undergraduate honors thesis written at UCLA, I received the Highest Departmental Honors notation. In graduate school, I have written four research grants with my thesis advisor, who is a tenured professor at Harvard. I am well-trained in observing grammatical conventions, selecting appropriate diction, and streamlining sentence/paragraph structure, all of which are major topics in the SAT Writing section.



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College Counseling

I went to UCLA for my undergraduate work and am now at Harvard University for graduate school. In both cases, I navigated the entire application process on my own, so I can sympathize with all the parents and students out there who feel overwhelmed by this process! I am very familiar with the college application process and can advise clients on how to create an outstanding academic/extracurricular profile, how to assess whether a school is a "good fit," how to tell a coherent story with every part of the application, and common financial aid pitfalls. I have read over 70 application files (including personal statements, recommendation letters, standardized test scores, GPA, etc.) of students admitted to Harvard and know what admission officers at the most selective private American universities are looking for. In addition, I have been on the Board of Freshman Advisors at Harvard College for three years and have advised over 70 first-year students here on a variety of social and academic adjustment issues. I have seen first-hand what students struggle with when they transition from high school to college. I have also observed personally what attitudes the most successful, well-adjusted students at Harvard tend to have. This advising experience allows me to advise parents and students how best to prepare themselves for a smooth transition to college.


I have excelled in both undergraduate- and graduate-level genetics. I have used genetic tools extensively in my graduate research. I have also taught experimental designs to test gene function in a Harvard biology course.